Four religious ladies...........................Hee HEE

Four religious ladies ladies are having coffee together. The first one tells her friends,

''My son is a priest, When he walks in the room everyone calls him 'father' ''

The second religious woman chirp, ''My son is a bishop. Whenever he walks into a room people say

''Your Grace''

The third religious woman says smugly, ''My son is a Cardinal, ''When e3ver he walks into a room people say your 'Eminence' .''

The fourth religious woman sips her coffee in silence.

The first three woman give her a subtle. ''Well....?''

She replies,'' My son is a gorgeous,6'2'',hard bodied stripper.

When he walks into a room, people say,

'OH my God.....'.''

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  • haha,made me smle - did you pick that up at church today KOTC?

  • Now,now. I have a snorter of a cold so have not been to church today. Mind you I went to church coffee morning yesterday You would be surprised at some of the jokes they email me, I couldn't possibly put them on here! peeg

  • I thought so K :D sorry to hear about the cold, take care of yourself xx

  • roll em out kotc

  • Roll out the barrel ,we'll have a barrel of fun carrotts

  • was thinking of rodeo shows,lol

  • Ride 'em cowboy

  • Good one, King! x

  • Appropriate for a Sunday Eh? annieseed

  • hahahahah loved it, Joan x

  • Oh my G.. I am pleased about that mahunamoon

  • OMG everyone is a happy bunny today just how i like it ,nice one KOTC.Sorry to hear you have the dreaded snuffles hope its stays that way and goes.Janexx

  • Don't we all like to be happy chappies Jane

  • Thank you for the laugh king. Hope you kick the snuffles into touch very quickly. :-) :-) Alison

  • Still kicking Alison

  • Love it. Thank you for making me laugh

  • That's what I like to do mustcarryon

  • You brighten my day KOTC!


  • Am I a proper little ray of sunshine for you Tamara70

  • loved it. Susie Qxx

  • Oh my Susie darling, I love the things you say

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