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Welcome Prince Harry!

What a beautiful day Sydney put on for him!

Sydney harbor,looked magnificence,& the sights of all those ships,etc.on the water wonderful.Congrats Australia on your 100 years anniversary of the Navy.

The sight of so many people there,really made me wonder how we are supposed to be wanting to become independent,as so many newspapers want us to believe!

At the moment it is almost 10 pm here,& we are watching an awesome fireworks display from there.

I believe he's off to Perth next.

Oh well being an ex pat, I did enjoy it all!

Breathe easy everyone,

Goodnight Wendells xxx

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Glad you had a nice time Wendells! Prince Harry is a good man, a charming Prince! sweet dreams! xxxxxxx


\wendells, i saw Prince Harry's arrival, and was deeply interested, such a spectacle. He had a good reception. Love to see the fireworks, wonder where i can see more. Thought of your Harry when I was looking.


If you want more try You Tube Annie, just type in Prince Harry and Sydney and you should have a few to choose from.


Thanks, Toci, will do!!


Glad you had a great day Wendells and so did Harry no doubt :) I'll bet Sydney harbour looked great.


I have seen it on TV. What a spectacular event.



saw the fireworks on TV Wendells and thought of you! Was magnificent. Well done Sydney I say. :D


I saw some of the visit on t.v. Wendells and Sydney did look amazing. Glad you had a good day. Stay well and take care. Love, Carole xxx


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