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Hi everyone,

Just to let you know how I got on, well after 10 days of IV antibods 3 times a day in hospital was out 3 days and caught another chest infection. After sending a sputum test in I have now got a different type of chest infection and back on antibiotics yet again. What are you supposed to do lock yourself away and go into hibernation all year round. Hoping they can come up with a solution Thanks Tony

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  • ha tony57,glad your ok,seems like we hibernate,way I see it yeh,go out wrap up,go to a spot you like were not lot folk are,but stay like few feet back from them,get out is a must,as to much coddling can lower the immune system more.scarf at all times over mouth,gloves on,keep moving walking is the best for us,were all in a catch 22,when your out remember ,your not on your own,we are hear for all,keep that in your mind,now go,bernicex

  • Hi Tonyc57,sorry to hear of your troubles,it's a bit of a catch 22 isn't it? Probably time in hospital,cured one infection,& gave you another!

    Do look after yourself,hope all better soon,

    Love Wendells xx

  • HI Tonyc57. I had this happen to me a couple of years ago. I had a pseudomonas infection, into hospital 14days iv, thought great! set up for winter now!.... 3 weeks later, bang! another infection, different bug, more antibiotics but luckily could be treated with tabs. Dr said that sometimes you can have several bugs co-existing in your lungs in a minor fashion. One flares up, is treated and killed off - and this makes space for the next one to grow bigger and cause trouble. Once that one was 'seen off' I had no trouble for some time. Hang in there!

  • Oh it's bummer Tony. It does happen unfortunately and one of my concerns raised recently in discussions with a couple of consultants is that when we go through a & e we are moved about from ward to ward - a great concern re cross contamination. It happens all too often.

    Hope this course of abs does the trick for you and you feel much better very soon hun.

    love cx

  • Thanks everyone Keeping fingers crossed dont end up in hospital again

  • all the thousands of us,fingers crossed,bernicex

  • Lost confidence with my chest infections. I cant swear that I am ever free of bugs. On and off antibs. With someone else in the house that suffers from low immunity to infection .....

  • Hello tonyc57 hope you get better soon Joan x

  • Don't forget to take your dose of daily humour tonic


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  • Hi Tony, good advice from the king. We enjoy our laughs especially when feeling a bit bleak. We are hoping to strengthen our lungs by laughing loads. Hope you feel better soon. Alison :-) :-)

  • I have bronchiectasis and am antibiotics permanently. How many depends on how bad my infection is! Waiting for the latest sputum results - some take several weeks to come back!


  • Hi I have same but the antibiotics make me so yuk I'm on Azithromycin 500mg one daily been on them 9days as bad chest infection at the moment any ideas to help lots of the old green coming up


  • Got to agree Daily tonic of Humour best thing on the earth. Judith cant understand why your sputum tests take so long mine take 2-3 days at the most. Thanks to everyone for some great advice and what a GREAT lot of Friends you are.

  • Hi Tony c57

    I do hope you will be feeling better soon.


  • Hi Tony c57,

    I was in the same position as you and not to bore you to death I will get right down to it. My GP referred me to an immunologist and he done his work and it was discovered that my blood was not making antibodies anymore hence no immune system and infection after infection. I now attend hospital every 3 weeks for life to get what is called Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy in other words a transfusion of antibodies. Albeit I have only completed my 5th transfusion it will take between 9 and 12 months to see a difference. Plus I am on long term antibiotics.and on oxygen 24 x 7

    It is something you may consider but you do pick up slowly.

    Best of luck My friend


  • Thanks Berwick I will enquire about this when I see my respiratory nurse on Wednesday this week

  • That sound miserable tony I am sorry for you. It can happen to my husband one infection clears and another one appears! Wishing you a speedy recovery best wishes TAD xx

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