Well have had a good week saw my doc today as i walked in she stood up and shook my hand and put her arm round congratulating me re the non smoking ,bless to think we didnt hit it off when we first met.She took my blood pressure saying she was concerned it was so very high!Shocked 130/78 how good is that icant believe what im seeing you should be dead in theory jane after that last episode here!! GET IN! ROCK ON TOMMY! then added livers not too happy,and your a little diabetic.AM I BOVVERED !!! STILL ON THE PATCHES AM PLEASED TO SAY SOME NIGHTMARES SOME A LITTLE NAUGHTY BUT NICE OOOER!should i dare to tell what do you think i wonder?

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you look after yourself longlungs yeh,bernicexx

Hi bernice thankyou me darling im all good Janexx

glad your ok,ducky,lol,dont do to much yeh,bernicexx

Jane well done, keep up the great work. Be awesome xx Jacky x

hi sorry Jacky didnt see you hiding there thank-you very much,onwards and upwards has to be.:) Janexx

Haha thankyou so much flibberti,she did seem made up. Janexx

Well done longlungs keep going. Pleased to hear that you have made friends with the nurse. I am putting my arms around you as well.


Me too longlungs, well done you. 2 weeks!!! :D

Hi peeg i really cant believe it myself ,iam ahappy little bunny though.Thanx. Janexx

Hello KOTC yes isnt it strange when i met her 10 years ago she had zero bedside manor and i said as much to her reminding her i was a human being!From that moment on we have been firm friends so to speak,i woudnt see any other doc in the practice now.Thanks for the hugs.Janexx

Well done Jane! to stop smoking takes a strong will , determination, and courage.What an achievement! You have a lot to be proud of. Love and hugs to you. Holly. x

Hello Hollyhockhattie thankyou have struggled a little this week on occasions as my mood has been up and down,but onwards and upwards. Janexx

Respect, Jane! I send a (((hug)))) too. x

Ahh bless so much appreciated Toci, damn habit.Janexx

Hey well done you. It can be really hard to give up the old weed. Keep on giving up you have all our support. Brilliant.

Lots of hugs

Bev x

Your not wrong there hypercat ,there are times iwould like a quick 10 -100.Icant though im liking this new non smoking person im becoming.Thankyou so much for your support Bev .Janexx

You wouldn't dare! :)

You are welcome my love. You are doing so well - I know how hard it can be,

Bev x

You are welcome my love. You are doing so well - I know how hard it can be,

Bev x

How wonderful Jane,congrats to you,& see how the blood pressure has so improved,just goes to show eh?

Glad the Doc.has proved to be Better than first thought!

Now about those dreams???.........

Hugs Wendells xxx

Hi Wendells yes my doc is a star and very patient it must be so frustrating for them watching us smoke knowing how ill its making us.I have always felt guilty but never guilty enough eh? until now she was so very happy, which made me happy :) Mmmm my dreams might share one not the naughty one,might be considered alittle much ifancy !Mutual hugs enjoy your weekend . and a big thanx to you .Janexx

Keep going well done long lungs xx Berwick

Yes i will berwick ,how long to the cravings last ? thankyou for you support. Janexx

They will annoy you for a while, but the good news is the urge to smoke will weaken, the temptations will be less strong and not as often, until they gradually fade away. I smoked up to 60 a day for 40 odd years. I could not face one now if someone was paying me and telling me how good it was for me. I never fancy one and haven't done for ages. But, as we keep saying, we are all different and that is just my story. You are now a non-smoker though, so you have your own. ;)

This is very good to hear Toci ithink my wandering thoughts might be to a couple of visitors who smoke and i found my now elephants nose stretching to their smoke almost trying to inhale it,After a little while ifound myself not liking it and was opening doors and taking them in the garden showing off about my strawberries ha what a bore they must of thought,having said that my strawberries are particular hugh at the mo.lol Janexx

Why are you allowing them to smoke in your home? My house is non-smoking, and has been since the day I decided to quit. My husband and son still smoke but go down to the bottom of the garden to do so (in the greenhouse when it is raining) and never smoke in the car. Set some rules! x

I hear what your saying Toci my family dont my sons go outside or out of the bedroom window..It was the boys father that had come round which gave me the miseries anyway when the moment was right i disappeared and didnt surface until he had left,it was best to be quiet believe me.Otherwise this is a smoke free zone.:) Janexx

Well done you - keep it up


Hi Jim much appreciated thankyou so much.Janexx

Brilliant Longlungs. Fantastic! Keep going. So proud of you. :-) :-) Alison

Hello Alison hows you doing?Bless your heart it does mean so much everyone supporting it really does make a big difference. Many thanks Janexx

Well done you should be proud of yourself, keep it up :-)

polly xx

Hi polly its all good stuff iam surprised i have actually done aswell as i have so there is no way ican give in now.So thanken you very much.Janexx

Well done to you,..... about the dreams, I used to get them when on patches lol cant repeat them here, he he he

Joan x

Hi Joan arnt they vivid a tad bizzare though strange brains eh?thanx for you support Joan love your doggy.Janexx

Yes they are, reminds me of the 60s shhhhh lol Joan x

A big Hi 5 to you longlungs you can do it ! You should be so proud of yourself - I know I am 2 weeks today for me :) I remember the weird dreams I used to get with the patches but unfortunately for me none of them were pleasant :( Maybe if they were I'd of managed last time round lol .. Wow Just shows the benefits of stopping smoking by your blood pressure alone . I know I've certainly got my sense of smell and taste back now . How's the other ex smokers getting on do you know ? <3 Angie <3

Congrats Angie. xx

Hello Angie good to hear from you. How well are you doing excellentez yes you started a couple of days before me my two weeks is tomorow i do hope your feeling proud of yourself too coz you should..Your right the dreams are something else eh!Im hoping medow is still hanging in there were coming to their danger zone of thee weeks!! yes my nose feels like an elephants trunk.Blood pressure is excellent very good especially for my heart :) Keep doing it Alison keep the faith haha.:) Janexx

ll all tel my dreams if you do,mine will get censored,lol.bernice

haha just submitted nightmare one,my otherone is good with only a couple of paragraphs of what iconsider nicely put naughties,but they are naughty.Janexx

Excellent longlungs stopping smoking and to everyone else who as stopped as well.

Thank-you so much rick this means so much to me.:) Janexx

Good for you Long lungs! take care xxxxxxxx

Well done to all you stoppers keep going it is soooo important. In 3 days time it will be a year since I smoked a COPD stick and can't quite believe it. Still chewing gum by the shed load but its taken this long for the cravings to disappear. Only very occasionally do I feel like smoking but that feelings lasts for a nano - second. So stick at it everyone - cleaning your teeth helps if you feel like smoking and chewing airwaves helped and drinking loads of water. Those are my tips for staying stopped.

Hello lizziec 1 wow how well have you done brilliant ! you must feel very proud of yourself great stuff.I have my inhalator hanging out of mouth constantly all good though,take care now smiley faces all round,happy days :) Janexx

Happy anniversary-in-three-days Lizzie. :)

Thank you so much for your kind wishes

Well done longlungs you should be really proud of yourself :) sending hugs ((((((hugs)]))) xxx

Hi pamela thank-you so much iam very pleased it is a good thing :) Janexx

i always think is best to tell the truth they can only advise you to give up but if you dont you will get very ill im speaking from experince nearly died two yrs ago phnemonia set in horrid .i had patches for few weeks but then went on to vapour thing that you puff on from time to time brilliant

I agree but i have to admit to stretching that truth in the past and saying im only smoking 10 but still smoking 30-40,hurting only me how naive Not now though i do get stronger by the day which is aswell coz the craving not good sometimes its the mental argument i have with myself,mad addiction.but im still doing it and thats whats important.Janexx

Have you worked out how much you've saved Jane? xx

well done Jane, told you you could do it , inshort while you wont even think about then horrid F*GS. love Malk.

Hello malk yes you did im not counting those chickens just yet but am quietly confident,getting stronger by the day,i hope your right that it will only be a short while and i wont give them a second thought.thanx for you continuing to support it really does help me.:) Janexx

Hi Toci, Thats what I keep telling ( Jane ) Longlungs, lt will get to the stage where she will wonder why it has taken her so long to give them up. (fags) I was a sixty a day man. cant stand being near a lit cig now, can smell somone smoking from a long way off, even walking down the street I look to see who is smoking, its a horrid smell, ( never thought I would hear myself saying that ) Take care Malk.

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