l went to see my gp today he gave me a full examination my blood pressure was 86/67 which he said was low and l told him about the choking

he said it was my body oxygen dropping through the night he then asked me if l was on oxygen yet l said no he never said anything just that my c.o.p.d was getting worse and been a diabetic isant helping he gave me my emergency meds and that was it so just plod a long and see where l go from here

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  • couldn't make thez stories up there a shambles .you look after yourself,any probs go hoz,bernice

  • Hi minkymoo, I would be a bit unsatisfied, sorry to hear that your cold getting worse. But I would get another opinion if your not feeling fair treated , I would be a bit upset about this kind of treatment. If you not happy and bit trust him, change the go. Also phone the blf there will not let you down and support you :) your are bit alone here:) get better soon bug hug:)

  • It would be worth asking your GP if he will refer you for a sleep study Minkymoo, as oxygen dropping during the night, choking + diabetes are all signs of sleep apnoea (all this information is on the BLF's website). Just in June this year there was a public announcement by the Amercian Academy of Sleep Medicine advising that people with diabetes should be checked for this eurekalert.org/pub_releases...

    There are also studies taking place in people who have both COPD and Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and one such study was recently released suggesting the CPAP therapy for Sleep Apnoea also improved COPD symptoms ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/237...

    Hope this helps :)

  • l don't think he can do much more to be honest but lm going to have a word with my c.o.p.d nurse and see what she can come up with too but thankyou everyone for the replye

  • You need an oxygen assessment. Don't be put off. :)

  • Hi minkymoo, try to see the Respiratory nurse and she will assess you properly and sorry change your GP. If the gp said that your blood pressure was that low your GP should have sent you to hospital.. Good luck

    Berwick xxxx

  • Have you seen a consultant ... they know and will deal with copd related problems. X

  • Yes, Julie is correct....go to your consultant and ask for a lung function test and a 6 minute walk test. If you don't have a consultant ask your GP to refer you to one. Also, buy yourself an oximeter from amazon about 20 quid, well worth the money as you can check your own oxygen levels....make a note of when they are below 90...x

  • ha juliekay,how have you felt on elkira,bernicex

  • much better. more energy, mostly less breathless, now normal ankles again :)

  • am glad it worked for you ,breathe well jk,bernicexx

  • yes l was going to see my consultant at hospital every 3mths and he asked me if l would like to see a respiratory nuse instead every 8wks she comes out and give me a full examination

  • I have had similar from my Doctor was not prepared to look at it further. They do not have the gasping in the night and it is not nice. I have not slept well for the last 5 years and having something else interfere with it is making me so tired all of the time.

  • Minkymoo your doctors treatment of you was appalling. arrangements should have been made for you to have an oxygen assessment immediately. I developed Bronchietasis 2 years ago, but apparently had, had it for at least 6 years, as I wasn't getting enough oxygen from my lungs to major organs, I had a heart attack, so now how cor pumale (right side heart failure) extensive scarring on my lungs, pulmonary hypertension (I could have a stroke, if I don't take my meds) and flare ups time after time, my GP is brilliant go me into hospital straight away, saw my consultant, I was put on oxygen 2litres for 16 hours a day, since treatment and help from physio and other wonderful medics, I now only use oxygen when walking, vacuuming, making beds etc. don't need to use it at night, but oxygen doesn't just help us breath, it provides life giving help to all our major organs, please go and see your own doctor or another and insist on an oxygen test. Good luck to you pet, and stand up for yourself, don't forget, docs, consultants are people the same as us - who specialise in what they do, but ask them them to plumb in a bathroom wonder how many could, as I said they are just people, no better than you, we are all equal and you deserve proper care, Janie xxxxxx

  • hi Janice thankyou for the replie my doctor did put the oxygen meter on my finger but cos l had nail varnish on it never took it so realy that was my fault but l got a oxygen meter l pop onto my finger so lm a bit at ease now with that and l bought my own bp monitor so l can keep my eye on it myself so lm gonna see where l get to in a few days and take it from there l will let you know how l get on xxx

  • That's brilliant Minkymoo, its really uplifting when you are able to help yourself. I am a former nurse, but naturally, I know less than I know, u know what I mean. an o2 reading below 88 is not good, 93 or over is ok. But please don't think I am being a 'bossy know I all' you do need to see a doctor who will recommend that you have tests for o2 levels in your body, they change as you know constantly,you may only need o2 at night, or when I go out now, I get a small cylinder on prescription from my GP - usually for 2 or 3 cylinders a week, so say I go shopping, I throw a cylinder in my trolley, put on the attached nasal specs, set o2 at 2l and I can comfortably shop for 2 or 3 hours, after being housebound for over a year its wonderful to have some independence back, oh I also drive myself into 'town' now, or to docs, dentist, hospital appointments, I have had to work hard to get to his stage, usually waking about 7am, nebulise. do some of the exercise I remember from pulmonary re hab. Then I slowly walk, building up speed and go around the garden about 3 times, do a clearance, as gunk is ready to come and see me lol. clean up myself,wash an put all equipment after being washed thoroughly an left to air dry an then eat and carry on with my day, doing 2 more nebs and clearances befre I go to bed properly (I go to bed about 8 ish, but am on laptop, or reading, have a Kindle, children bought me for Christmas love it. Its hard work at times and sometimes I don't want to do it, but make myself. when first diagnosed my FEV1 was 23% it is now 55% and when not having a flare up, I lead a normal life, people look at me wearing the nasal specs, I just smile and say hi, and chat about anything, within minutes, we are buddies and nasal specs, don't exist and sometimes, things, get too much for me. I cry, feel sorry for myself, ignore my family an friends, so am being treated for depression, or rather how to cope with it wwhen I am unwell, have been on a course not for 3 months and signs are its working. I truly hope please, please, you go back and tell your GP you want a 2nd opinion please, or contact your respitory nurse, head member and insist you have your o2 levels checked, most are lovely, kind and only too happy to help, there is lots of help out there, you have to fight tho at times for yourself, the nurses on the phone lines here, can help point you in the right direction, good luck and please let me know how you get on, love and healing wishes to you Janie xxxxxxx

  • hi Janie lm going to ask my respitory nurse on Monday if l can have my o2 checked again to see what it is l will let you know what she says xxx

  • That's a wonderful idea, but you need an aterial blood gas test, where blood is taken from artery in wrist, bit sore and a 6ft walk without oxygen and with it, plus blowing into themachine to see what your FEV1 is and ask them to explain it to you, I don't know what will happen, they may admit you for a sleep test, for sleep apnoea which means you stop breathing sometimes when you sleep, so it may not be lack of oxygen, but they WILL SORT IT OUT FOR YOU AND I PROMISE, ONCE YOU GET THE HELP REQUIRED YOU WILL FEEL SO MUCH BETTER, GO TO PULMONARY REHAB TO IF YOU HAVENT, ITS BRILLIANT, THEY TAILOR GENTLE EXERCISE RELEVANT TO YOUR CONDITION, FIGHT AN FIGHT FOR IT, YOU WILL ATLEAST GET A LOT OF YOUR LIFE AND INDEPENDANCE BACK, LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU AN IF RESP. NURSE SAYS THEY CANT SEE YOU, INSIST YOU WANT TO BE SEEN , OR YOU ARE GOING TO A& E OR YOU CAN PHONE YOUR CONSULTANT SECRETARY, SHE HAS A DUTY TO REPLY TO YOU AND STATE U REQUIRE AN URGENT APPOINTMEN WITH YOUR CONSULTANT, IF SHE SAYS, OH WELL 2 MONTHS, TELL HER NO, ITS URGENT AND YOU NEED TO SEE SOMEONE THIS WEEK. GOOD LUCK, LOVE JANIE XXXXX

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