felt really good after stopping smoking but after 3 weeks of feeling a lot better, I woke up 2 days ago feeling awful. I have a pain in my upper back, my chest feels tight, I feel really tired and I feel more breathless! What's happening? should I ho and see the doc on Monday or is it an exasibation! I have no idea what and when I should worry. I keep trying to read about copd but it's very confusing and worrying!!!

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cc ,don't worry,it makes it worse,relax breathe in and out,ring out of hours dc up.if you are really worried get to a an e,they will help you.have you used inhalers.could be your muscles acting up,be on safe side ring dc or a an e,bernicexx

cc hears number for blf,ring them Monday morning,03000 030 555,you will get good advice,bernicex

Hello it is very confusing especially when you are feeling bad. It could be that you are starting with an infection which may explain your worsening breathing , it could be the weather it's so changeable at the moment.

When my husband gave up smoking he was furious he did not feel better!

I would suggest if you don't feel better tomorrow call the doctor you may need antibiotics. But if you feel much worse tonight don't hesitate to call for help ring 111 or. 999.

I do believe that Copd is a very personal illness and with time you will learn what makes you worse and what various symptoms mean. Please don't panic take your meds try to get a good nights sleep and hopefully you will feel better Tom.

Fantastic job giving up smoking!

Take good care lots of love TAD x

If your current distress is related to smoking cessation and the consequent sudden decrease in dopamine and serotonin levels, then an MAO-B inhibitor such as deprenyl (selegiline) might help . . .

[Quote] Previous studies have found that constituents in tobacco inhibit both forms of the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO-A and MAO-B). This enzyme is important in the breakdown of the amine neurotransmitters, including dopamine . . .

. . . MAO-B activity significantly increased by approximately 100% at 4 weeks after quitting smoking. However, little or no recovery occurred within the first week of abstinence, suggesting that the constituents in tobacco responsible for MAO inhibition may have half-lives of several days. Thus, if relapse to smoking is due in part to withdrawal from the MAO-inhibiting effects of tobacco, this effect likely occurs more than 1 week after quitting . . . [/quote]

Hello,I was very much like you when I first quit smoking, felt great for a while and then all of a sudden, rubbish, I put it down to the lungs beginning to release all the rubbish enhaled through smoking and can sometimes make you feel worse but it will get easier,I have been stopped for 6 years now and feel so much better but still get infections and breathless occasionally but that is how it is with COPD I'm afraid, it helped me alot doing a PR coarse, lots of exercise is good if you can when you feel better, take care and keep up the good work with the ciggies.

Kind regards Jude

Hello Jude, thank you for your reply. I have started taking my little dog for an hours woalk everyday but I don't know any other excercises that I can do. Maybe me not feeling well is because I have been out in this changeable weather?! Anyway, hopefully when I will get a Doctors appointment next week and will get some answers.

Hi Carol, walking your little dog is great everday but ask your GP about being refered to PR coarse,they are run by physiotherapists trained in lung conditions,brilliant and they don't push you to do more than you feel you can,I feel so much better for it and I also do little exercises every day, I am at severe stage copd but am still quite active, I can enjoy walking and playing with my grandchildren in the park,.

Hope you feel better soon.

Kind regards Jude

Well done quitting smoking that's the best thing you could do!

Well done for quitting smoking. Take things easily over the weekend use your inhalers and do pursed lip breathing. See the doctor on Monday but ring the emergency number if you feel worse. There are so many facets to copd I don't think anyone experiences the same symptoms.

Thanks for everyone who has replied to my silly question. Its really appreciated.

cc no question is ever silly,never think that,anytime anything doesn't feel right come on and tell the forum,no matter how small,even your finger nail,how are you now,bernicexx

Hi still don't feel brilliant. Couldn't even face a walk today and really have had a sit around day. If this is how it's going to be then I really am scared!!!! I have always been active and a party girl but now I just feel old. Hopefully the doc will give me medicine that will help and I won't feel like this again!

cc take blakey cs advice,,and don't be scared,we are with you,anythng on your mind ask,please,bernicexx

Hi carolcolley, welcome, so sorry you are feeling under the weather, it is best to rest up when you are feeling this way.

Hope you are soon feeling better

Best wishes BC

PS save you having to surf to far afield, just check out BLF pages, there is lots of information for you to read, click red balloon top right and click link to their website.

Along the dark blue bar at the top of the BLF website home page hover over "Lung Health" you will see a drop down index list, just select one of those.

PPS Congratulations on stopping smoking it is a very good thing you do for yourself.

Hi and congratulations I gave up about 10 years ago using champex for moths I was coughing it takes ages to get rid of all the rubbish that builds up on your chest. Some days I felt so poorly I also put on weight but take one day at a time and deal with the weight gain if any at a later date.

Thank you. To be honest, fir a couple of days I felt horrible but then I felt really good so well I fact that I thought the doctor was wrong in his thinking I might have copd but three weeks later I feel like this wand that'd what's concerning me. It's do able, and I can cope with it but I do have a high threshold for endurance but as I am not on any meds yet due to the incompetence of the doctors admin, am casing more damage to my lungs!

cc when you see gp say ,hello you remember me,i pay your dam wages now sort me out,stay calm and well,bernicexx

While researching the subject I came across this . . .

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