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I started my first PR Course today. I have to say again that if it wasn't for you wonderful people on BLF, I would never have known about it. When I was diagnosed in July this year, I came home and after being scared and ignoring American sites, I found BLF. 2 lovely nurses running the course and had my assessment. Did 6 minute walk and SATS went down to 94 and only had wee rest twice. People on course are lovely - 16 of us - and I am the baby of the group. A 59 year old baby * smiles *.

Its once a week for 8 weeks and they offer follow up afterwards. I love being proactive and can see now why so many of you rave about PR. Thank you so much. You are the best xx

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  • Hi Twinks. I am so glad you liked it. That is the thing with PR, not only does it do you good physically, not only does it educate you about your condition, it is actually very enjoyable too! :)

  • To be honest Toci, it has done me good mentally. Speaking to the nurses and telling them what vitamins etc I take- makes me feel good. Affirmation? oh yes

  • Another plus is the people you meet, even if they are all a lot older than you. I still email with two lovely gentlemen in their 80s.

  • Yes, I have been to PR today. Being hesitant on my feet, it was hard work which I enjoyed, but I am not pretending that it could make me more active, just breathe better.

  • I was exhausted afterwards Annie. I looked at the others who where striding along and much older

    than me. How the hell did I let this happen?

  • Annie, it will strengthen all of your muscles so you'll soon be jumping through hoops as well as breathing better. Try and continue the follow up exercises as it all takes time and being a hard worker, this time next year who knows. :)

  • This, I cant imagine, dall05. I must do the exercises -- I MUST

  • one rollator up for sale, one very careful lady owner. :)

  • Yes Annie, who knows. This time next year you could be running marathons and you could be a millionaire! Good luck with the breathing! :-) :-) Alison

  • I know the feeling, twinks, I have a rollator and just cant move as fast. But keep trying. I need to be more dedicated to doing the exercises.

  • Any little bit you manage Annie will be good for you. Well done for trying. x

  • What is a rolllator?

  • Keep at it Twinks195


  • Hi Twinks 1954, I'm 54 years old and did my first PR session 2 1/2 years ago, I covered around 250 meters off oxygen in 6 mins. I am now capable of 495 meters in 6 mins but my sats do drop to 69 so stick with it and the only way is up up up!!! :).

    Oh yeh' and when you do the sit to stands for 2 minutes don't hold back. I made that silly mistake when I realised I was the youngest in the class I thought I'll take it steady as I don't want to show everyone up. Well at the end of the 2 minutes we all had to shout out how many we had done, most were a lot fitter than me even though they were a lot older so they easily beat my 23. I now average around 40.


  • Thank you Dall. Truly you are an inspiration.

  • A rollator is a walking aid with either 4 wheels(+seat) or three wheeler which can go on the back of the buggy. Useful, because I am no good with a walking stick.

  • Thank you Annie I will look it up

  • awe bless you King. This is what is doing my head in................. I have never exercised!! Now that I need to.......... well I am falling flat. Do it? You bet I will. Awe King you are the best

  • Don't say he is the best..his crown won't fit!!

  • I have my last PR session next week :( I have loved the course and do feel stronger and I`m able to breathe a lot better. I have meet a lady and we are going to meet up after the course to go for walks which it great because I do like walking but of course cannot keep up with able bodied people so it will be good to have a friend who walks at my pace and understands when I need to stop for a rest.

  • Hi susiQs ...I try t walk a couple of times a week , some weeks the going is ok , other weeks I take it hard lol but I enjoy ...where r u from ?:sue

  • Hi Sue, I live in Grimsby. If we lived nearer we could go walking together.

  • Yes we would make a good team ., I like to walk it blows cobwebs away , even on bad days you just gotta push through the discomfort , lungs eventually open up , good for circulation 2

  • Hi SusieQ & Barnsleysue, Wished I lived nearer, then perhaps I could join you, But Shropshires a little to far. X

  • Sounds really good Twinks and so pleased you're enjoying it. I've got my annual check with the nurse next month and I will ask her to refer me. Enjoy! xxx

  • Yes, it will be one of the best things you have ever done :)

  • So great to hear such positive posts - keep exercising ! Well done to you all! X x

  • Brilliant to hear all the positive people enjoying PR :-) Well done! At the end of your course it is really important to keep the exercising.

    Best wishes


  • Great news Twinks. My 6 weeks went far too quickly but it was so good for me too.

    I need to get back into doing the exercises though. Had a set back with new grand baby helping and then someone pulled out without looking and drove into the side of my car. Fright of my life then spun my head round to see what the hell and still suffering a bit 4 weeks later grrrr. Waiting for physio.

    Never mind, I know I can do it and I still do the breathing they taught me to do when puffed out, it's a brilliant help. I also force myself to put a spurt on when walking the dog & breath through it. Lungs feel so much better afterwards.

    Same here re BLF . I knew nothing when I joined back in spring after being ill for best part of 3 years. There are still people out there floundering in the dark like I was. The people on my pr hadn't heard of the BLF and I think I bored them going on about it.

    How are you doing now? Mine was twice per week and at the end they assess you again, I'd improved on everything even the emotional questionnaire, there is light at the end of the tunnel when you understand more.

    Perhaps I'm just lucky that I'm mild all the best xxx

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