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A short animation on Third-hand Smoke. Any feedback would be helpful!

Hello fellow fragile breathers! I am an MA Animation and Design student. For my project I have created a short animation to bring an awareness to Third-hand smoke. would love to hear any feedbacks and you can share it too if you like!

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Can't really comment on that because I've been a smoker all my life and never on this earth thought I'd give it up. I thought I'd go to my grave with a fag in my mouth but last year I plucked up courage to go to non smoking at the hospital. I am proud to say this month makes it a year and a half since I stopped and I am chuffed to bits. Xx


Well done Poppymichael7 same here Joan x


Well I thought that was quite powerful roysaty. Like a horror story about the nictotine ghost from hell affecting everything within reach and taking the life out of those who are in the vicinity. I am wondering if some ghost like smouldering going on in curtains at the window and eminating from the couch as well.

Wishing you all the very best with the animation and design project/s.

Best wishes BC


I know the problem because my father smoked and me in it for 19 years of my life. Bronchiectasis invaded me when I was 48. At the Brompton Hospital, they straight away asked me if I had ever smoked. No, but i did a lot of passive smoking. I'm sure that it destroyed my lungs.


Excellently put together and the imagery is very thought provoking. Well done.


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