Provide nebulisers free to NHS patients when advised by a GP / Hospital etc


Just received this through the facebook group Bronchiectasis Battlers- Live to Breathe that I'm a member of. It's about time this was brought about as thousands of us patients living with a "lung condition" would benefit greatly from having our OWN nebulisers rather than having to struggle and wait for GP/nurse or even a LONG wait in an extremely BUSY A&E dept.

Please take the time to look and sign it's worth it :-)

Take care


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  • ha stitch,you well,were do I sign ,bernicexx

  • done it stitch xx

  • i have signed the petition but it states that it only has 10 signatures, how sad.

    breathe well all


  • I noticed only 10,well 12 now,

  • I just made it 13. x

  • I already have my nebuliser free on the NHS


    Your daily humour tonic

  • I'm lucky that I don't need one but I really feel for those that do and are deprived of one unless they can buy their own. You are fortunate to have one provided Your Majesty as many areas do not provide them. :)

  • I have signed it even though we have one - surely everyone should get one if needed TAD x

  • I have signed it to, it makes you think when we are having to buy things from Amazon and Lidle to help us manage our lung conditions.

  • Done... thanks what a good idea, have you heard of website called care2, you can add your own petions there its a very big site it benefits people. animals, global warming, and sooooooooo many other causes. I sign petitions every day, and also do free clicks, then their sponsers donate, they even tell you every day how you have helped and what impact has been made, even sending a free e-card from the site they gain. sorry to go on a bit, Joan x

  • Signed it x

  • Signed

  • Signed :-) :-) Alison

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