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.................................Living Legends ,,,,,, any memories

Petula Clark is appearing in Nottingham soon at the age of 80 years young and it made me think about living legends(KOTC can think you know)

Who are your living legends, pop, football, boxing, racing , acting whatever?



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  • Take a look in the mirror King. A legend in your own living room!!.

  • Here, here.

  • WOW,I'm lost for words warwickstag

  • Great reply WS, thats a cracker!!! Your right though the king is a living lege'

  • KOTC - living leg end ;)

  • I like it Toci

  • Better name some others,you're making the King blush!

    Off the top of my head......

    Peter O tools,Sean Connery,Sophia Loren,Judi Dench,Maradonna,Pele,Muhamed Ali,& Dusty Springfield,Steve Irwin.

    Bit of a mix,past & present!

  • Have you any specific likes or memories of them Wendells ?

  • Jim Clark F1 motor racing driver , world champion, sadly killed driving F1 in Germany. He lived 5 miles from me.

    A true gentleman


  • Jim Clark was first class berwick

  • As a young man I worked as a mechanic at 'The Chequered Flag', we regularly raced with Jim Clark all around the country. He drove a Lotus Elite 'ESH 700' and ours was 'LOV 1' driven by Graham Warner. He was a great man and a true legend of motor-sport !

  • A couple of years back my daughter took me by surprise to a do at a theatre in Leicestershire, to see Elkie Brooks the singer,.... not everyones cup of tea I know, my fav song of hers is lilac wine, cant think why lol

    Joan x

  • What a good daughter you have mahnamoon to take you to see an all time great nperformer

  • yep she is I didnt know I was goingto see Elkie, when we arrived I looked around and saw the poster, I said noooooooooo its not, then tears rolled down my cheeks he he he .

    PS: pleased I am not the only one who remembers her, or likes her, lol Joan x

  • I saw Elkie in Stevenage donkeys years ago. Unfortunately I was feeling really unwell so was unable to enjoy the evening to the full. alison

  • Living Legends is an alternative hip hop group from California

  • Well I learn something new all the time siversurfer

  • My family have tickets for an upcoming Black Sabbath concert - not everyone's cup of tea but from my era. x

  • Is that head banging music, sounds painfull think it mabe my era to Joan x

  • Bang,bang, throb, throb you are right Joan

  • Not really Joan - if I want real head-banging I listen to Metallica or Iron Maiden. ;)

  • Oh right thanks Toci so I been led up the garden by the king eh lol Joan x

  • That's a concert not to be missed Toci

  • Pey Clarke was one of my Crushes when I was a lot younger....then she ruin things between us by getting married. As if that wasn't bad enough but to a Frenchman....

    My other favourites were Pat Boone, Ruby Murray and sports starts probably Geoff Capes, Gary Linekar and more in the limelight Mr Beckham.

  • Dear Ruby lived in Torquay during her final years .A trouper she carried on performing almost to the end

  • Joan Armatrading, I saw her in Llandudno some years ago, she is amazing! xxx

  • I haven't heard of Joan for a very long time

  • Oh Pat Boone yes indeed, love letters in the sand swooooooons lol

  • Did he make you feel all weak and faint mahunamoon

  • yea not half lol

  • Old film star Bet Davies..of 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane' and loads of other films. And our greatest king - ELVIS....soz King, a gal can't help her feelings! The Hollies (saw them live at The Derngate Theatre, Northampton) and they were excellent. These are just some favourites BUT also each of us here because we also inspire one another...warm hugs ~ Lovelight x

  • Elvis still lives on Lovelight

  • I still love Paul McCartney and Robert Redford - sorry King. :-) :-) Alison

  • I have no qualms about that Alison

  • Oh yes Elivis the king, there is a country singer cant remember his name lol I know there was many lol wow got it, ............its Jim Reeves wooo hooo

  • I hear the sounds of !!!!

  • Silence

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