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Hi Everyone!!!!!.........Thankyou all who replied to my post yesterday and for you advice and concern...the appointment was better than expected..........doc was in a good mood......he said that my blood tests were showing signs of infection so hhas given me antibiotics to clear that and also another inhaler be taken in between my Symbicort, and is also arranging with the practice nurse to do a spirometry test and wants to see me in a month again. He said that my blood tests didn't indicate anything wrong with my heart or any reason that i should lose balance and had a brief look at my swollen ankles. He also said that he was treating me for copd and a gastro thing but neede the spirometry results to confirm his diagnosis. He has been unable to do so this far because of my cough. I don't know, but things seem to moving on a wee bit, but i would dearly like some relief from this as i get so despondent at times and was a lifelong depression sufferer before this happened and have taken regular meds for it for years..Perhaps after the spirometry test i might be referred to a consultant should it show signs of significant damage. Thanks once more for your replies.............i don't feel alone with this now. Gav.

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ha gav,you are not alone,come on anytime always peeps on who will give advice and point you in right direction,bernice.

Glad it all went well and your infection is being should feel better soon.

Hi Gav U are not alone at all I have been dealing with copd and gastro problems for years I wear 02 24/7 for 8 years and I have learned a lot through support groups. You can ask any questions u have and if I don't know will try to find out or maybe someone else here will have the right answer. I am kinda new to this support grp but been on other for long time. Welcome.

Glad he's on your side Gav and is being proactive :)

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