............................KOTC A patient at Queens Medical Centre

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A Patient

Today I have been to the Queens Medical Centre to be a volunteer patient for the students who are studying to be our future Doctors.

Fifteen students examined me today and they all got their diagnosis correct.

Good for them as they take their finals in approximately three weeks after five years of hard graft

I did get a cup of coffee, but no chocolate biscuits.

As we were about to leave the hospital the fire alarms sounded, you are not allowed to move from where you are

and in fact all the fire doors close to prevent you from moving anywhere. Quite frightening for myself who is claustrophobic. It seemed like ages before we were let loose.



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That was a good thing being a patient for training doctors, i used to do that when I was younger.

Sorry to hear the fire alarm went off, not fun at all

I did not like being where I could not escape from all the young nurses ooooooh chellshock

Oh what are you like. Bet they would have taken very good care of you

Chellshock,I had every right to feel the way I did, please don't forget I know some ex-nurses on this site, enough said Eh?

Im sorry didnt mean anything by it

I was trying to be funny chellshock,no need for you to aplogies

Oops think its me not reading things the way they are meant to read

I am an ex young nurse. BIG sigh xx

I met a young nurse from a Hospital in Brighton many moons ago, when she was on holiday in Torquay. Romance blossomed. I went all the way to Brighton to see her a couple of weeks after her return on a surprise visit. Yep, you got it, she already had a boyfriend. I spent the whole day waiting for my friend to pick me up to pick me up at 10pm to go back to Torquay. Never did hear from her again !!!!

That is so sad!! But your wife gained, didn't she?

Interesting stuff, King. Thanks for sharing it.

It is always very interesting and I learn something new every time. Today I was told I had a blue mouth with blue lips and that was a sign of COPD ! annieseed

Im very happy they diagnosed you correctly KOTC always encouraging:) i dont like to even think about being locked in,with a fire alarm sounding oooer.In my younger days i belonged to the red cross and every now and again mock disasters were organised which were great fun to be apart of.You are certainly a very busy goodun! Ithink.? hahahahahahahaha.ahh bless loves yer really.:) Janexx

I have been going long enough now to even see students return as Doctors to the Queens Medical Centre Jane

Glad they all got it right Your Majesty. I am a bit confused though by the locking people into a burning building philosophy?

The hospital is the largest on one site in Europe. It is colossal and it is easier for them to define what area of the building is on fire and evacuate that part.

Thought Addenbrookes (Cambridge university) was the largest in Europe but I ain't competing.

Thanks for explaining Your Majesty, but I would still want out!

I think that's wonderful .....good to know they diagnosed you correctly ... 15 more drs that's great news :)sue

I'm always warey that one of students is going to find something else wrong with me barnsleysue.

Good for you Joyce

At least it gets me away from you know who. It gives my ears a rest Joyce.

Don't believe that you would be lost without her. Joyce

I know I would be lost without her, She is the sweetest lady on earth. So she says Joyce

morning all, sorry to hear you got locked in, but also nice to know about the young docs getting it right and good on for helping KOTC, bless yur, Joan x

This time they did all get it right Joan, but that is not always the case, even after five years of training

Nice to see that you are giving the baby doctors a taste of whats to come. Well done and thank you for giving up your time to help and increase the little knowledge.Are you going to leave your body to medical science ??????

Yes .I am leaving my body to medical science . I arranged that a long time ago. I have also given the young doctors YOUR name Berwick just in case they meet you. Hee HEE

Hi KOTC. I also act as a volunteer patient at my local Medical school in Aberdeen. It is mainly 1st year medical students that examine me so they have no experience of fibromyalgia, but hopefully they will remember me in their future careers and it makes me feel useful that I am contributing to their training. We get tea and sandwiches afterwards and I get my travel expenses paid for.

Hopefully the "fire alarm" incident has not put you off volunteering.

Take care xx

Hi phlebo123. I am pleased you are a patient, doesn't it give a lot of satisfaction in being able to help the future generation. I will continue doing it for as long as they want me.

Very frightening I'm afraid I would have panicked I am terrified of fire. I pray it was not serious an no-one got hurt

Caused by builders, no harm done silversurfer. I was panicky

Have been asked to be a volunteer patient at my local hospital. First time in November.Quite looking forward to hearing what they come up with. Must remember not to tell them!

I have been in and out of hospital on iv abs several times in the past few years twiddling my thumbs for 14 days.The students/ assessors always found me to practice on. I think the nurses sent them to me because I was the only patient who was awake!

I'm told I can have a taxi to and from, tea and biccies plus lunch if appropriate and a £10 gift token ( for Boots?!!)

Good on you happyfeet. I get a taxi supplied and refreshments similar to yours

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