MEDITATION and boosting immunity

Just reading Good Housekeeping magazine for November, and there is an article there about some USA scientific research which says that regular meditation and walking may boost winter health.

I find walking any distance difficult as when I get short of breath I panic, so I am digging out my old meditation CD and giving it a try. You tube have meditation videos too.

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I say a lot for meditation, given peaceful surroundings and quiet. Just to clea the mind and drift. Can do much this morning, as a mouse has got in for the second time, and is prowling around. A dopey cat is watching but doesn't seem to be able to handle the situation. Catcher is coming tomorrow am to sort mouse out.

Hi anie hope your well today hows the exercising going? my problem with mice is my cat bringing them into play with!then just leaving me little half mice,!enjoy the rest of your day.Janexx

Well, late morning, Betsy the cat is still hiding in the corner. Minnie the mouse, well she could pop up at any moment. Not really bothered. As long as her little friends dont invade.

No what you mean they do have rather large families !Janexx

I used to practice yoga before my emphysema stopped me doing it and I did meditation at the end of my yoga which was very beneficial .

top of the morning to you rick.This is something i have never tried,will have a little nosey around can you learn on your own or do you need to go to a class?..have a good day.Janexx

longlungs,yoga and med you can do on your own,relaxes you ,keep your mind clear,focus on a colour or object,sit on the floor crossed legs,and let your body hang loose,now meditate,no thinking of sticks allowed,lol,bernice

hi bernice thanx for that i will give that ago nx question can you do that before bed would it also help for sleeping as it must relax you me tinking?Janexx

ha do it anytime,but on empty stomach is better,plenty water with you,it will relax you,clear your mind 1st,think of a colour,or object,focus with eyes shut,relax breath in deep exhale and begin, stay loose,quiet room is best,soft music if you like low noise,you will feel like your ills are going from you,enjoy it,bernicexx

thanx bernice i will be trying that tonight.Janexx

longlungs ,empty yur mind,hope it does good,focus is the key,bernicexx

llungs,iuse this book,50best yoga positions ,was down from 6pound to 1,49,ad it a while now,chest opening exersice for breath is good,bernicex

Try You Tube for yoga, there are lots of videos and 'how to's. .

Yes, also practised yoga in the past. Now find that gentle stretching and being aware of posture can be good. I'm with you knitter - get very breathless on walking though always enjoyed doing this. Except I don't think I'm breathless due to panic, just feel it's down to the physical state of my lungs and my limbs not getting enough oxygen to power things along. Lovelight x

Meditate, now there's a thought. I try to have ten minutes quiet to myself in bed at night.


Why not try some chair exercises before your meditation. Any form of movement or exercise will introduce more oxygen to the muscles and tone them up. I don't exactly meditate but me family know what I mean when I say that I am going to have "Me" time. I incorperate breathing control into my relaxation routine and just generally have time to myself.

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