Started course of steroids this week, have been awake most of the night thinking about bacon sandwiches ! Lol "/

Into my second week of chest infection, slightly better but not right, docs repeated my antibiotics & added a 5 day course of steroids, not normally a big breakfast kind of bloke, but I noticed a poster outside a carvery yesterday..all you can eat breakfast!...looked tasty!, think I may put a few pounds on this week! "/

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  • I have always been very suspicious of steroids. I have only just come off a course, and not sure what effect they have had. My breathing is as bad as it was and I get tired so quickly.

  • Sorry to hear this Annie, you do have a lot on you plate, no wonder you're tired. Be good to yourself. Hugs (ps I never told you, my lovely stepdaughter recently married a farmer near Royston. Can't be too far from you). xxx

  • That is interesting, peeg. Royston is a little market town in North Herts, surrounded by villages with quaint pubs, and wonderful views across farming land. Totally unspoilt by tourists and some parts in a time warp. Wonder where you s.daughter lives. .

  • Sorry to hear that Annieseed, not sure what they do either!, only 5day course, so we'll see. Dread mornings at the moment, chest is so bad I'll try anything!....

  • Stick with them mrbaz and hopefully you will feel better after the five days. If not, it's back to docs for you - and stay away from the carvery!!!

    Get well soon

  • I'll try peeg ... "/ thanks x

  • Ah the steroid hunger! Something I don't miss. That said my first course was amazing - I had virtually lost my appetite with being ill and then suddenly all I wanted was beef casserole and mashed potato. It was actually lovely having an appetite again and enjoying my food - until I realised I was going to be on them for 2 years!!

    Good luck - hopefully they will do the trick re the infection.


  • You made me laugh Marie with your experience of wanting to eat but realising your steroids were for a two year stint !!! I too have a ravenous appetite when taking steroids and it feels so yummy and good but that's the usual 8 day course. Maybe given time your appetite might diminish slightly but here's hoping they do their job ~ Regards, Lovelight x

  • Lovelight, my first course was only 8 days too! Was brilliant! And we were snowed in so lots and hearty stews. Yum yum. I finsihed them at the beginning of the year so its been a while since I felt that hungry! But alas I am now trying to lose the weight I put on...

    Marie x

  • My husband is on day four of his five day course but only took 20mg rather than 30mg - still increased appetite! Hope you are feeling a bit better today MrBaz - if you are not when you have finished this course - please go back to the doctor. Sometimes it takes three or four courses of antibiotics to clear up infections for my husband. Get well soon. TAD x

  • Thanks tad, I will, x

  • Lol Marie, yes it is nice to at least have an appetite!...not sure about the lack of sleep though!. Did have the 'munches' before I went to bed too!.. "/. Hopefully this course will see it off!?... Baz

  • Make sure you take them in the mornings. Less likely to affect your sleep patterns. Steroids helped me immensely alas the initial diagnosis went on to be something else. But ti was nice to feel 'well' again.


  • Hello MrBaz they are a necessary med they do their job well but they as you now know have side effects lol,when im on them i try and take them as early as i can in the morning hoping that might help at bed time having said that normally when im on them im not sleeping well anyway coz of infection.Like you i also get night time munches,i remember waking thinking ,mmm what food shall i have remembered i had some pear drops !! then couldnt get to them quick enough,i didnt bother with the light,ireached blindly to the packet fumbled for the opening grabbed two and rammed them in my mouth,there wasnt just pear drops in my mouth but something kinda furrey and powdery,iwas now a demented woman leaping round the kitchen thragh!thragh yukk,couldnt empty my mouth quick enough,our tongues are brilliant little investigators they know what shouldnt be there!The light now on ilooked to see amongst the pears drops was what would have been a rather large chunky monkey moth.istill have nighttime munches but always have the light on an my eyes open!Blimey that was long winded,sorry Baz.Janexx

  • Ewwwwww...a moth!! lol

  • Hi MrBaz, the steroids reduce the imflammation in your lungs and the antibiotics the infection, I have taken steroids for 20 years on and off, still get the munchies and the sleepless nights and the mood changes...but they work when I have an exacerbation.

    How about a call to the BLF helpline for advice, and back to the gp if you are no better.

    Best wishes

  • Hi knitter, I will, waiting for X-ray results too at the moment, only diagnosed last week!, so not even sure at what level I maybe etc?!.. Had the function test a few months ago, but was too busy at work to get back, now I'm paying for it!.... "/. ..Baz

  • Take the steroids early in the day with food and that should help with your not being able to sleep, steroids do give you an appetite I am taking them for that reason to try and gain some weight.

  • Join the club.....3 1/2 stone in 9 months (but I did stop smoking as well)

  • Good on the stop smoking


  • Thanks KC

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