On a hole am quite disgusted at the discrimanation i have recived not being a member of the professional classes

I might not be a lung specilist .. But i know my onians from my superoxide anion.

But between my onions and collegon induced consoladation asbestosis am just being ripped off by abuses of due process.

Like really we have my heart problems that GP Lung Specialist don't want to talk about but looking back at my crx must be cor pularate.

Then we have experts Atos who don't need any of your medical history and dont need to look at CRX but can work miracals and cure people.

PRICLESS and thats experts HM Courts and Tribunral Service use like relly talk about bias medical panel like really is that 21 century justice or is that best medical profession can offer.

Or is it home to those know one in a sain mind would touch Or is it professional classes looking out for each other.

Well am looking out for my self and my diease is coming with me on my quest for transparency honestly accountability and a cure.

Lucky have my onions cor pulmanate / collagen / consoladation / coughed up scar tissue / alveolar macrophages having a frenzy not on asbestos fibers o no but on my lung tissue .

Anyway dont worry this is a foot note for my appeal am not losing my mined yet but i will be asking my lung specilist about new heart pills to help fight against asbestosis and consoladation of the lung a

calcium channel blocker


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  • Oh dear Daz,sounds as though you are not in a good place at the moment! Do hope it all gets sorted for you eventually,keep up the good fight mate! xxx

  • Do you know, Daz, I read two of your posts. It seems you have been hurt, disappointed and pissed off by the professionals. I cant help you with your problems, but I want you to get the best of the people you meet.

    Trying hard to know the right thing to say but try not to have a chip on your shoulder. This wont help. I think what you should believe in yourself, and know that you are as good as the next bloke. Be positive in life, know your problems but dont get bitter.

    Do you know someone in a similar position to yourself? It is such a shame that Gordon57 isn't around. He was good. I miss him.

  • Hi Annieseed do get pissed of had my GP inaction try and kill me had atos dwp take the piss and when i try and get redress is like a closed shop.

    Is hard doing stuff on ya own tho

    Anyway cheers all the best

  • Good advice from Annie Daz. Have you used the helpline for suggestions of what to ask of whom? I really do wish you well. xx

  • Hi Toci nar would not be able to help .. Its good solicitor i need

  • Daz As you know I was working with this vile product many years ago, I was told it safe! With no masks or filters and using a circular saw to cut it. You need to speak to someone that has the right way to answer their questions. I have been though the ATOS assessment and the Tribunal Appeal for my ESA it was not easy, it seems you have to find a way that they do not have an answer for to win.

    You need to get hard medical facts from your doctor/specialist with regards your conditions and it has to mention Asbestos and Asbestosis. They use "could" because it is so ambiguous so keep away from that word when ever possible.

    Good Luck with your fight.

  • Hi offcuts you are spot on there but will say lung specialist is coming round esp as he as seen material i have been coughing up.

    Asked me where did i get it Like really but have shown him picture and asked what is it sticking out He said nothing but asked if i had worked in dusty environment.

    But he knows i doing my GP so that might be incentive he needs not to get it wrong

  • Hi Daz, this must be so distressing for you and so frustrating too. Its so difficult when we are unwell to keep on trying to get our overall health care consolidated where one party is communicating with the other. But from my own experience, I don't think a lung specialist is interested in talking about anything other than his/her own area of expertise. That is to say lung docs don't discuss cardiac and cardiac specialists don't discuss lung even though we all know the two are so much connected.

    I think as far as it goes, lung consultants do send their patients early in the diagnosis to get cardiac checks done because breathing difficulty can be the result of cardiac issues as well as lung damage. I think the cardiac check is routine (once a lung diagnosis is made) to be sure the breathing issue is not the result of a cardiac problem. Of course some patients do have both problems.

    I have known a group of specialists get together to discuss the best course of treatment for their patient, but alas I don't think its a common occurrence. But you keep pushing for it Daz, anything that can help preserve your life and health is what you want to achieve, we understand that, you keep saying that to the professionals.

    I am wishing you every success in all your efforts and dealings, resulting in the very best of care and treatment for you.

    Wishing you the very best


  • Hi blakeyC is frustrating esp when i have to suffer delys becouse atos could not do there job proper even GPs no nothing about asbestosis thay need to catch up with research because there idea is dated

  • Well BC

    I am a long term Atrial Fibrillation sufferer with lung problems I have had a heart attack, angina, lung failure Paralysed diaphragm, Pulmonary fibrosis, Pleurisy, Asthma.

    My latest cardiologist has been a great help with my breathing problems. He showed real concerns over my breathing when flat at my last Ablation a couple of months ago. He does not think it just my heart but when it is throwing a wobble it sure does not help.

    My Lung specialist discharged me and his words were " The good news is I can do nothing more to help you now. The bad news is I will see you again because I cannot see you improving" That part he has been so right about. Until I lost my job I was working as best I could but spent all my spare time recovering for the next day.

  • Hi Offcut, so glad you are getting good support from your cardiac doctor. That is not good about the lung specialists comments toward you. I feel you should have had ongoing lung checks and hope you are now. If not check with the helpline for further advice on this. I have always had annual checks with consultant and the respiratory nurse at the GP surgergy. Initially I was seeing the consultant every 3 months for over a year when my condition was not stable. If you are getting repeated lung infections, I feel you should be monitored more closely.

    Take good care.

  • when I went to docs to mention how poor my breathing is when flat and what my cardiologist said, he put an oxymeter on my finger while sitting up and to be fair it was the highest I have seen for ages. he said "it is okay now" I said again "It is when I am flat?" Okay speak to your cardiologist then? I was not impressed.

  • oh Daz what a nightmare for you!!!!Dont let the b......s get you down so.You are as good as the next person as are we all ,dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise,There has to be some prof help for you somewhere?Go to the papers it is a great humanity story ,might just nudge the pious bunch into listening a little more carefully,We are all behind you,wish there was more i could do.Janexx

  • You want to tell your story to the Daily Mail. They are good at highlighting people's problems. Just visit their website or buy a copy.

  • Avoid papers that are making a big thing about so called scroungers

  • Hi Daz, I'm so sorry the establishment is doing its best to grind you down. Sadly we just don't know enough to get them to listen to us. I wish i knew how you could get a decent solicitor to help you. Legal aid has been shot to pieces. Wish i could help. Best of luck Daz. :-) :-) Alison

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