Just saying hi from Lincoln

Howdy folks

Just joined to say hi as my wife has been reading the forums on and off now for the past two years lurking after I was diagnosed with COPD some 2 years ago now.

I have been home about a week after sort of self discharging myself from Lincoln County Hospital after 2 months as an inpatient there and at Notts and Leicester Hospitals with a collapsed lung so thought it was a good time after hearing about the community on here to say hello and felt perhaps it was a good time to finally join in with a bit of lurking on these boards as well as saying hello and contributing from time to time.

Please accept my apologies for any repetitions in my posts language/English but sadly I am on some pretty heavy meds which make me repeat things so until I can wean off them over the coming weeks/months I may repeat myself or seem a little confused at times.

The name is Keith btw and I am a 46 year old father with a 6 year old daughter and wife so look forward to meeting folks on the boards and getting to know members as I learn my way around.

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  • Hi glad you joined and shared your story ... Is always interesting and can be informative.

    Yep you are in best place really to chat and share story's get info and help.

    Some can be not so mice but i suppose thats life BUT we can only live the life we are delt

    Hope you start feeling better look forward to reading more of you post

    Cheers all the best :)

  • Hi Keith,& a big welcome to you& your wife.

    Do hope you are feeling a bit better now.It is a bummer,when things not going so well,but hopefully you'll be back to your old self soon.

    There are some lovely folks here,whom will only be to happy to answer any questions etc,that you may have,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Hi and welcome Keith. :)

  • Welcome Keith. Plenty of support on here.

  • Welcome to the site, lots of friends on here, always someone to talk to. Best wishes.

  • Hi Keith

    Hope your on the mend, take care, long stay at hospital !! Am Maxine 45, three kids 4 grandsons, and 2 step daughters wôrk full time and have mild emphesema

  • Hi Keith

    i am new too site aswell.

    My condition is kinda rare from the posts i've read lots of help and advice for COPD so good luck and welcome .

  • Big welcome, Keith, feel welcome to join in everything. But Ihave a bone to pick with you!! That BIG hill in Lincon - endless. Love Annie xx

  • Welcome I am also fairly new joined a few weeks ago. Have not posted much yet been feeling my feet. Everyone seems very welcoming.

  • Hi keith welcome to what I call my extended family. We are here to help each other whether the problem is big or small. Welcome to you and your family.


  • Hello and welcome from me too Keith. This is a good site where you will get information and support from most people.

    Lynne xx

  • Morning Keith, pleased you joined, all such helpful people here, bet you will pick up each day now that you are home, Take care, Heather.x

  • Welcome Keith always good to get new people on here.

    polly xx

  • Thanks for welcomes folks and I hope to become a valuable member. Saying that if anyone has a choice on what Hospital to get to for respiratory related things for an admission I would advise heading towards Leicester Glenfields as in my experience you won't find a better place to end up being treated.

    @annieseed sadly that big hill in Lincoln had nothing to do with me but it's certainly easy to see why the Normas built their important buildings like the castle etc at the top as any attackers would have been knackered by the time they reached there and that's centuries b4 Sir Walter Raleigh arrived here with his excellent potato and not quite so excellent tobacco cargoes.

    My Mrs has told me a few of peoples stories on here ans although she has been doing most of the lurking I have picked up a few things from the forums unbeknown to members here some of whom my wife has pointed out to me are minds of knowledge.

    I will let you all know a bit more about what I do and my story as I get to know peeps and will also see about getting my Mrs to join up to as we are not newbies to forums as run our own about TV and related things to.

  • Hi Mr.Flicks, welcome to the forum, I'm sure you will learn a lot here and, from reading your posts, looks like we'll be learning a lot from you too! Sadie xx

  • A warm welcome to you Keith wishing you a speedy recovery after your long hospital stay.

  • Hello and welcome Keith, I am from Lincoln but I now live in Portsmouth, I have just come back from visiting my brother there, he too has copd as I do, you will gets lots of good advice here, its good you have joined as people here are so helpful, hope you're feeling better soon.

    Take care

    Best Wishes Jude

  • Just saying hello and welcome to the site.

  • Welcome Keith. Glad you are back home after long stay in hospital. Take care xx

  • warm welcome,always heaps of advice just ask,bernice

  • Hi Keith,

    Welcome from another Lincolnite; at one time I worked in the Bail area & used to walk up & down that hill to get my shopping done in the lunch hour. I don't think I would manage the first 5 yards now. Sorry to hear you have been so unwell but I hope its all uphill now! There is good support locally, PR, a COPD exercise group & the local Breathe Easy group.


  • Hello and welcome Keith hope you continue to improve, this is a really good site I'm sure you will enjoy using it.

  • Hello Keith welcome to both you and your wife.So sorry to hear how proper poorly you have been.Here's hoping you have a speedy recovery.I have definitely improved since i have been with this forum,very friendly group with so much experience and knowledge and loads of support you cant go wrong.Hoping to hear from you very soon. Janexx

  • Hello Keith, Sorry to hear you have been poorly. I know Lincoln and Lincolnshire

    quite well. My wife is from Sleaford and we used to take her mum shopping to Lincoln.

    I am from London, where we both now live.

    I used to walk up Steep Hill years ago, but could never attempt it now. It is these

    things I miss. We used to have lunch in the nice hotel at the top, White Hart I think.

    Best wishes Adrian

  • WOW I don't think I have ever come across a forum so welcoming b4.Thanks for all the warmth folks. As for "Steep Hill" here i Lincoln just thinking about it let alone looking at it or contemplating anything about it is quite a daunting thought tbh.

    Funnily enough the area around steep hill is covered in Businesses I would like to connect with and speak to the owners of to give them a leaflet and explain to them how I can perhaps get them page 1 ranks on Google for search phrases they deserve being ranked for (though I am a bit of a cherry picker in that regard) but quite how I am going to tackle this is something I am a long way off from doing.

    I can't even imagine my mobility scooter would be able to cope with such a terrain and thinking about it I wouldn't trust the range nor the strain it would put on the poor machine as it really is a "Steep Hill" -

    @scorpiolass it will be nice to hear what you know about local support as I am only just begining to get that now.

    Am moving into a new flat over the coming week on Newark Rd Lincoln where we will have a wetroom/walk in shower which I must say will be a god send as I can't handle baths for various reasons presently.

    I had got used to having multiple windows open no matter how cold it got the past two years with my COPD but am now experiening a whole new thing since my lung collapse as if we leave even one bedroom window open just a little too far I awake around six AM shivering and have to put a thinsulate hat on to warm me quickly to stop my breathing being too quick and shallow, so am learning a whole new way of things since coming out of hospital. But then the hospital was always warm feeling to me.

    A little too warm many a times IMHO but what do I know, they clearly have their reasons for such warmth on the wards, I just used fans to deal with things in that case but now I have a reverse scenario going on so a very weird adjustment going on presently.

  • Hi MrFlicks welcome lol x

  • Hello Mr Flicks, a big welcome, I am new to this site, but have found everyone so friendly and lots of advice from people in the same situation, sorry you have been so unwell, but hoping things are going the right way for you now, take care, Gilliann x

  • Hi Keith, a warm welcome to you and your wife to the site. Im sure as time goes on you will find it very supportive, and plenty of interesting things to talk about, sorry to hear about you long stay in hospital, but Im sure you will feel much better now your back at home again . Malk7

  • hello keith hope you feel well soon and nice to meet you

  • Don't forget your daily humour tonic Keith


    Your daily humour tonic

  • Hello Keith and welcome.

    Don't lurk in the background anymore come and join us, I think we're all pretty friendly.


  • Hi Keith, come on in, pull up a chair and jaw a while. You can offload, tell a joke, ask a question or be informative. Hope the move goes smoothly and your health continues to improve. Good luck. :-) :-) Alison

  • Hello and welcome hope you enjoy the site as much as i have

  • Hi Keith,

    I hope the information below is helpful:

    Pulmonary rehabilitation can be accessed via a referral from your Consultant, GP or Respiratory nurses. I understand there is quite a waiting list at the moment but Professionals can prioritise you. For your area PR takes place in Bracebridge Community Centre

    There is a COPD exercise group, the class is held at 10.00AM on a Thursday Morning at The Moorland Centre. Usually people who have been very unwell attend PR first before being referred on to the exercise group.

    BLF: Breathe Easy Groups for people with a lung condition & their carers

    MeetingOnce a month on a Tuesday, from 1.30-3.30pm

    The Social Club,

    Corner of St Anne’s Road,

    Lincoln, LN2 5QY

    ContactMidlands Regional Office, 0116 2495780, midlands@blf-uk.org

    Meeting Dates for 2013

    Tuesday 29 October

    Tuesday 26 November

    Tuesday 17 December

    Good luck with the move this weekend.

    Best Wishes, Margaret

  • Welcome Keith to you and your wife, I have been only a very short time, I have learnt soooooo much and its been a tonic for me as I have an exacebation at min, but hey ho its on its way out now lol, I know for sure you will get so much info and even some fun here, ............Joan x

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