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Today I went to an information meeting about the forming of a new Breathe Easy Group in Nottingham City .

The meeting attracted 15 people to Beechdale Community Centre and were all given a friendly BE type welcome.

It was supported by the British Lung Foundation and Nottingham City Care Integrated Respiratory Service.

All the fundamentals of starting a group were discussed and it was decided that the new group should have it's first meeting on Nov 5th .

It was nice to be able to put forward my points of view on the start up and I gave a promise to go back in the future if they would like any further information on what the club can do and achieve.


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They are a lucky group to have you in tow to help and guide them on their way KOTC.This must lift your spirits enormously to help in this way.So much energy you have,could you send a little over here please.Janexx

It is nice to be in a position to help others. Energy ? I'm knackered Jane

Me too! I'd like some of that energy!

With you there to help King,it's bound to be a roaring success xxx

We have just formed a group in Exmouth, the initial meeting attracted 44 people from three different surgeries, although we can't use the Breath Easy group 'banner' we will be following their fine example.

More information at exmoutheasy.co.uk

We have been running a group for six years, our biggest problem is getting people to attend even after they have officially joined. We have some great speakers but apathy seems to prevail. Still we will carry on!

I was very lucky with my previous group because I had secretary who had unlimited minutes on her phone. She phoned every member every month just before meetings and it worked in increasing the attendance, We had 51 members and finished with an attendance of around 40,prior to this it used to be 8-12 Tomcat98.

Hi Tomcat I agree we have the same problem at our group, always try and make people welcome and wonder why some never come back after that first meeting when they have said they really enjoyed it. I know it is difficult with this illness to guarantee you will be able to attend but I have spoken to many committee members from other groups and they all seem to have the same problem. We have 80+ members but are lucky to get between 20 and 25 at any meeting, except probably today when we have our local and very popular consultant speaking so think the numbers will be quite high.

KOTC what a great ambassador you are for B.E.

polly xx

Hi polly.BE Nottingham averages about 60-80 ,sounds good but the membership is at least double that.

Hi, KOC...congratulations on setting up a new group...like other people here the numbers in our Breathe Easy group are going down...we have had some very good speakers too and excellent refreshments and we are very friendly! The committee raised a lot of money for the BLF and the local hospital last year.

Trouble is we have had a change of time and venue, I have been putting up some notices around the town, and we advertise in the local paper. Any other ideas welcome please.

Hi knitter I went along to lend a helping hand and came away with the feeling that everyone there genuinely wants this new BE group. I am therefore prepared to give them any help that I can

Yes KOC.That will be great for you ,had it been a bit nearer then I would have called in , wishing you every success. Heather.

Hi Heather, there are some more new groups in the pipeline in the East Midlands. I am eagerly awaiting details.

Phoning everyone each month sounds a good idea but could be very time consuming. Will give it a try for next meeting.

My secretary was virtually housebound, oxygen 24/7.Although she had to give up going to Breathe Easy she still carried on doing her 'tasks' for the group. She had plenty of time to make calls and keep in touch with members at other times and welcomed their return calls. She would always inform me if someone was not feeling to well so that I could go and visit them. God bless her

What a lovely caring group you had, and having you turn up to visit would be a tonic in its self, Wonderful, X

Had is the operative way. I had to leave because I had no backing from the rest of the committee. They didn't want to move forward and didn't like the way the group was progressing.Shame.

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