I went to the doctors 3 weeks ago with a continuous mucus cough

, shortage of breath and general tiredness. He said it was COPD

I gave up smoking straight away and al the symptoms have gone. So do I have COPD? I am due to have a spirometry test but the doctors are very busy so have had to wait. I am really worried and would love some advice from those who know about this. Many thanks

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  • Welcome to the site Carol C.O.P.D. is an umbrella term used to cover different lung conditions, I have emphysema but you have done the best possible thing giving up smoking well done, you will get a lot of good advice on here and you can ring the B.L.F. helpline by clicking on the red balloon top of page.

  • Welcome Carol and well done you for becoming a non smoker.

    It's the single best thing you can do so please, don't ever have 'just the one'! The second is to exercise - oh and the third, keep coming here to read others questions/answers and posts to gain knowledge to help yourself

    All I can say is be patient, keep pressing for lung tests. I think if I had my time over I would have borrowed the cash to get a private CT scan done instead of being in the dark. I'm no expert but I think getting the correct diagnosis is important so you can get the right meds (for you personally, we're all different) to manage whatever condition you turn out to have.

    Wishing you all the best and please let us know how you get on. peeg

  • Hello Carol . Such a scary time for you. I wrote a post a few days ago; The fear of diagnosis which may allay a few fears.

    Do not worry about these tests - it is quite straightforward blowing into a tube three times to get an average reading which will or will not confirm Copd.

    Take good care -COPD is a nuisance but can be managed. Take good care with best wishes. TAD x

  • You have stopped smoking and lost all your symptoms in 3 weeks? Oh, well done! ;)

  • Hi Carolcolley. Well done for stopping smoking so quickly. I'm a bit of a Copd novice myself, so I won't try to advise but, I agree with Tadaw, the tests are nothing to fear and then you will find out if you have it or not. Until then, try not to worry too much. (I know it's easier said than done.)

    Angie x

  • Hi Carol,

    Yes, I agree that spirometry is nothing to worry about, and it will confirm or otherwise if you have COPD. Peeg mentions a CT scan which naively i thought you could get on the NHS, which I did about 7 years ago. If you do have COPD, or if they are not sure what you have, a CT scan will show very precisely exactly what changes there are in your lungs so if there is any lack of clarity in your diagnosis then do press to get one.

    But wow, what determination, to just stop smoking like that. You're a heroine, this is the best thing you can do for COPD or any other lung condition. Big congratulations and good luck, jean

  • Hi to all. well if this what I can expect from the nhs than I need to be worried! It took me a week to see the doctor, 2 weeks to get an appointment with the nurse for a spirometry test and apparently the form requesting a ct scan has been mislaid. Not a good start but add that to the fact that I have been twice already to the Doctors about my breathing and nothing was done! Oh well, I suppose like everything else, I will have to become an expert of COPD and treat myself! lol As for the smoking, well I had a bad day a couple of days ago and had a couple of cigarettes but I am not going to beat myself up about it..I screwed the packet up and threw the rest away! I like to read how up beat everyone seems on here. I wish I felt as upbeat. I moved house and feel very isolated and now with all this, I feel even more lonely. Maybe its time to get some happy pills from the Docs.

  • welcome,cc,moving can make you isolated,but your in the right place hear,wait for spimetry test 1st,dont beat urself up with cig relapse,we all been there,yes learn as much as you can about copd,we all have,stay clear of infections,peeps spits and splutters,wash hands regular,winter time is extra careful now,scarf over mouth helps,gloves to,read what others have said,about precautions,dont worry,bernicex

  • Hi Carrotts, I was hoping that moving to a lovely little village would give me a quality of life which I yearned for after years of moving all over the country, running my own business, divorce and 3 children. I remarried 4 years ago and we both hoped that my retiring would be wonderful, taking all the stress away but it didn't happen. What I realised was that my work and my kids were my life. But my work went and my kids grew up and now do there own thing. Oh dear, I do sound sorry for myself. Well I am taking the advice from you all and appreciate a ear. How are you?

  • ha cc, im good,i have no young 1s,am 50,on my own but that's ok,got work and few close friends,life never goes as planned,but make the most of what we have,what we are dealed in cards,you will have memories they wont go,enjoy now what you have,day at a time,get out in the village say hi to peeps/u be surprised how many say hi back,start now live,any remarks about copd,tough you have it not them,but you mite find there others have it or other lung disease ,don't shy away from it,grab it and deal with it,and live,bernicexx

  • Went to the doctors today and I have an infection. So much for giving up smoking. Got an inhaler antibiotics so hopefully will feel better soon. Still waiting for the full results of the spirometry test as it. Obviously really hard for the full results to be taken from one room to another at the doctors surgery! So I am still no further forward in finding out about my copd. Don't know what stage I am at just given an inhaler reliever and told to come back next week!

  • cc that's not on,when you have spimetry you don't have 1 with an infection,or have you had test before hand,if so why the wait,are they dcs or quaks,what abs they give you,real hard work walkin from 1 to another,how they think we go on with lung disease ,mind boggles,bernicexx

  • That never occurred to me Bernice. I had the test Wednesday and began to feel unwell Thursday and got progressively worse over the weekend hence me going to the doctors today. So, yrs, you have a point, the test may well be confused!

  • cc am not an expert but any infection the test is a no no,can make you worse,and should have at the most told u the resultsee ur resp nurse,after abs done,even ur plem can be clear and you mite still have slght infection left,you cheked ur plem for colour,as seyre says,keep drinking lots water to loosen it,bernicexx

  • Hi, I have severe copd but have had good advise and care. Our local respiratory team have been really good. Perhaps it may be worth asking to see the respiratory nurse at your surgery, they seem to have more knowledge than the doctors. Good luck and well done for giving up smoking. Susie Q

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