IDS and H.M Courts and Trubunral Service IIDB and DLA appeals

IDS and H.M Courts and Trubunral Service IIDB and DLA appeals

A other tory farse well those who throw stones cant complane when there windows get broke.

Anyone who is going to tributal or appeling needs to know this good bit of information ... and need to get intouch with there MP obv not a tory one unless you want it covering up.

Under human rights law anyone appealing DWP a H.M courts and tribunal decision needs to ask the courts was the medical person from a Atos source

As under Human Rights Law Article 6 and EU Charter of Fundamental Rights Article 47... Courts or DWP DM should not use doctors sourced from Atos as that is a breach of your human rights and those shy MP's should be doing somthing about it .

Contact Amnesty International UK and tell them how ashamed you are.

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  • hi Dazisnotsogood thankyou so much for that bit of information,im still waiting to hear from the blighters,hoping not to have to appeal?cheers Janexx

  • longlungs ,hows it going with dirty sticks,surprise me ,bernicex

  • Hi longlungs cheers hope al go's well for you :)

  • hi bernice well..........dirty sticks....0 doing it oh yer im still doing it oh yer 9days and alls good in the hood.Thankyou for asking.hows about you hows your little old lungies.takecare :) Janexx

  • I don't smoke thank you lol bernicex

  • good in the hood,i,ll buy that,bronx is it ,got go lifts hear for work,lol bernicex

  • I attended a tribunal last year the Doctor did not know what a spinal block was or radio frequency and would not consider I had COPD and the judge was real nasty like a rotviller,

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