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COPD and under active thyroid

My husband has been to the oxygen assessment clinic today. His sats are on the low side and she suggested putting the oxygen up to 6L. he is on oxygen 24/7 lately he has been very sleepy which was put down to low oxygen sats.

Tonight I got a phone call from the doctor about my husbands latest blood test. He said that he has an under active thyroid and will need a low dose of thyroxine. He said that this could be the cause of his tiredness and other symptoms.

Anyway else had this problem? It is a bit of a shock and also means yet another type of medication to take. But let's hope this makes him feel better. Will let you know. Jean

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My mother in law had this and to be honest once she had the thyroxine she was fine - took

A little time to get the right dose but it changed her life so I hope your husband responds as well to the treatment! TAD x x


I have had thyroxine for many years quite successfully, you have to get your blood checked every now and then to check the levels.

Once on it I believe you stay on it for life, also if you are on it you don't have to pay for prescriptions.

polly xx


My husband was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about 16 -17 years go & been on Thyroxine ever since with no problems . Our only problem now is that he was diagnosed two years ago with a very rare lung condition , but this has absolutely nothing to do with the thyroid problem .


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