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Loyal Pets

I was wondering, who has got pets that have done something which you are proud of.

I myself have two Standard Poodles , twins, great nature and fantastic company.

About a month ago I opened my front door to get my morning paper at 0700 as usual.

The next thing I can remember is I was lying face down in the middle of my garden with my oxygen bottle some feet away.

I managed to gather my thoughts felt my right arm which I thought at the time I had broken it. Both of ny knees were painful as well. I turned my head towards the door and I noticed that it was not closed.

I crawled on my stomach managed to get to the door, I shouted to my two dogs Meghan and Tegan and they came to the door. I told them go and get your mum (my wife) and they did return with my wife.

To cut a long story short I had a mini stroke and badly cut my forearm.

My dogs know when I am not well and sit in front facing me and will not move until my wife comes in and asks me what is wrong.

Had the girld not went for their mum I could have been there for a long time till I was discovered, however I have got two faithful and loyal dogs which I am proud of

what about your own faithful pet?

Breath Easy my friends

Berwick xxxx

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Do hope you are feeling better ,i have my daughters chocolate labrador whilst she is at work if i start wheezing he pushes my inhaler which is always next to me towards me he follows me every where i go when i am using the nebuliser he sits by me until i am finished .I had an angina attack dropped on the bed when i came round he was on the bed with me .lovely caring dog take care


Great stuff one loyal faithful dog


That's a heart-warming account Berwick and I can understand you feeling proud of your two smart dogs. Hope that your health has now improved.

Have had various pets in the past, sadly not able to anymore, but have lots of lovely memories. Animals - domestic or our wildlife - never cease to amaze me, there's always something new to see and to learn.

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oh how true Lovelight. we have always had standard poodles all our married life. The two girls are no 3 and no.4 Loyal and faithful to the end.


When I am bad, my dog sits on my lap, shes not a lap dog though.... but it gets confusing because she sits on my lap when shes not well, lol shes a yorkie nearly 13 nearly as old as me lol, now my neighbour comes out the back where we all have our own patios, but the lawn is communial, he comes and gets rosie so she can go on the grass, he picks up her mess, anyhow twice today when he called her she would not go, she looked at me both times and waited until I told her to go lol, she always just rushes out there, makes him laugh because she wizzes past him no waggy good morning tail or anything lol she knows every word I say mind you Its been me and her for 13 years, its got to the point where when I am speaking to anyone we have to spell it out, like we used to when the kids were little hahahahah shes my savior though, gives me a reason to get out of bed in morning ect, now im tired again lol take care Joan x


If I am not very well Badger will fetch the wife and then he returns and will not leave my side. We have had 16 dogs and I have found them all to be much alike.



I also knew that you was not all that bad KOTC.


Wow,what lovely stories,they are so precious aren't they? We always had Labradors,up till now,but on putting our Jazz down,some months ago,decided we were not up to all the walking etc.anymore.However we enjoy sharing Hudson,our sons dog,in the picture,& he has the most gentle nature,& very caring,if not well,will just cuddle into you,seems to understand what's


Reading these stories makes me feel I am missing something by not having a pet but I am really not well enough to care for one so I will enjoy them through your stories.

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My dear Fred lets me know when something's burning on the cooker. He made a great din for some time alerting the neighbours when I was unconscious with dehydration and when my husband was poorly Fred - who's normally an over excited galumphing oaf - would quietly reverse, lie as close to the bed as possible and then wriggle back a bit more so Bob could just reach down to nuzzle him. (ooo, brings tears to my eyes to recall this). Bob had secondary cancer to prostate in all his bones bless his soul. Fred brought him a lot of joy in his last years.

Nice post Berwick :)


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