Pay Back Loyalty Time

I wrote this week about how loyal my dogs were when I took ill with a black out.

At 01.15 this morning it was my turn to show my friendship and loyalty to my little Teghan.

Teghan is an epileptic and as a result my wife sleeps downstairs to keep an eye on her. My wife phoned me and I knew then that Teghan was fitting.

I went down stairs and my wife had already covered her totally in a blanket. My job I sit or lie beside her cuddling her, stroking her and talking to her all the time.

When she fits her claws go rigid and unfortunately she sometimes loses control of her bodily functions.

After about half an hour feeling her claws to see if she is coming out of the fit, her claws were back to normal, she sat up but immediately went down again.

A short while later she sat up I took off her blanket still giving her my love till she was ready to stand up.

When she stood up and came around properly,I gave her a drink of cold water from the fridge to get her temp down and her favorite treat will tell me how she is (ps dont tell anyone her favorite treat is a custard cream)

May I say that during the time of her fitting her sister Megan was sitting beside her all the time.

When she has had her treat and cold water, it is I want to play dad, I was in that dark place again and now I am hyper.

So it is play time for a short while and once I was happy that she was ok I went back to bed.

Try sleeping after that. At 0500 something woke me up so I went downstairs to check only to be greeted by Teghan as happy as Larry. Oh no not another treat.

Today will be let me sleep all day today for her maybe me also. . Although she has been an epileptic for a number of years she is on no medication as as only fits about once or twice a month, we carry out this procedure give to us by the vet and it works.

It is horrible to see her fitting knowing the only thing that you can give her is your love and affection

It's a lesson about giving and taking and pay back time. They gave me their friendship, loyalty and affection now it was my turn to show her my friendship and loyalty after all she is daddies girl

Berwick xx.

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  • Poor Teghan, she must get so frightened. Thank heavens she has owners who love her so much and that she is now settled again.

    My 12 year old toy poodle Mickey has little fits from time to time, His little legs go all stiff and it's clear he is not aware where he is. My husband gets down on the floor with him and gently massages his legs until he settles. He is not on any meds either the vet said the fits would have to get much worse before he would go down that road as they can have bad side effects. M

  • Thanks M, If there are any good points in this she does not remember a thing. As we tell she has been in that black place again. The look on her face when she come out of the blanket says all. Dad why have I had a blanket over me. then it's hyper time. it is 0830 whilst having my breakfast she came through the kitchen for her pat so she is good. Thank goodness.

    Berwick x

  • That was a very moving story. You are fortunate to have such caring doggy mates, making a friendship very special. I dont have such wonderful doggy mates, but just a noisy cat that follows around, talking at the top of her voice.

  • Thanks Annie apart from my two lovely dogs we also have three cats, the elder is 18 years old and is sometimes daddies lap cat depending on her mood. He he he.

    Berwick xx

  • Your home sounds very happy and good to be in despite all your problems. Your GSOH must make a difference, and important that is.

  • yes I need a GSOH, I never told you before , but I am in a house full of females with me being the only male, what chance have I got Annie. he he he xx

  • Well, Berwick and everybody have a good weekend. Today is quiet, but son and family are spending the day tomorrow. Sadly for them, there are odd jobs for them which their father cant do, awaiting them. Blasting the patio - what excitement.

  • Awe bless that was moving indeed Berwick. What a loving, caring household you have.

    Love and good health to you and your furry babies.


  • Thank you cofdrop, They are my babies. he he. Berwick xxx

  • Aw Berwick,

    Such devotion on both sides, it brings back memories of my "boys" and the happy times we had. Hope Teghan is well and you both get your sleep:-)

    Karen x

  • Thanks Karen xxx

  • Awwwwwwwwww brings tears to me eyes, this is unconditional love,..... just simply beautifull, (not the fits),

    bles yurs all Joan x

  • PS I just love people who really love and care for the animals.

  • Thank you mahunmoon, We have always had Standard Poodles Teghan and Meghan are number 3 and 4, but this is the first time in nearly 35+ years that any one of our dogs have had epilepsy. But as you know they are part of the family you would do the same to the 2 legged as well as the 4 legged one. They give you their love and we also give our love.. Regards Graeme/Berwick xx

  • Oh yes for sure awwwwwwwwww

  • What a worrying time, Berwick. I am glad it turned out okay. Love to you - and the animals. Get some rest today, won't you? xx

  • Thank you Toci, yes it is a worrying time as she is what I call her my little princess, but you get used to it , know exactly what to do and as I have said get her cuddles , talk to her until she comes out of it. regards Graeme/Berwick xx

  • Oh Berwick,that was a lovely story,although sorry for poor Teagen.Its lovely,you can both rely on each other,what a great wife too,sleeping downstairs for her dog,what a good Mum!

    Bless you all,Wendells xxx

  • Thank you Wendells, my wife says that but I am sure she cannot stand the heat or noise from my oxygen compressor and snoring. No I have some strange stories like if teghan takes a fit and my wife has not heard her go down, her sister Meghan will wake my wife up to tell things are not right with Teghan. This totally amazes me. Also when Teghan comes out of the fit she wants to play, it is not the first time I have been in the garden at zero oclock in the morning in my PJ freezing my bits off. Do I mind not at all as long as I can get her back on the road to recovery. Thanks again. love Graeme/Berwick xxx

  • Hello Berwick I'm so glad Teghan is alright! These epeletic fits are frightening, my dog had a few and it was terrible.

    Hope you catch up with your sleep, have a good weekend! huff xxx

  • Hello Hufferpuffer, Tegan is sleeping soundly which she will do most of the day. I will stay up now and hopefully catch up tonite. Have a great weekend yourself. Graeme/Berwick xx

  • What a lovely relationship to have. You and your lovely dogs and your wife there too to keep you all in line. I hope that Teghan can carry on with love and affection to keep her going. The rewards of our pets are enormous. Take care Berwick. Love to all, Carole xxx

  • Thanks Carol, we are so fortunate to have such lovely dogs which brings us lots of fun together. We will do anything for them and they are spoiled rotten. He he Love Graeme/Berwick

  • I remember the time I nursed my four much loved cats through cat flu, they were very poorly but made it through in the end. Love and respect to you and your animal companions, Lovelight x

  • Thank you love light. The animals are our family. My son is married lives in London , my daughter is married and lives in Penzance and my wife and the animals live in South Wales so we are all spread about. My only regret is I can no longer take the dogs out because of the COPD and othe aliments. However we have quite a big garden and I sit on my bench and play with the dogs with my oxygen attached as well. xx

  • Badger is our family berwick. It's all about give and take


  • I know how you feel about your lovely dogs. We are the same with our animals. I cried at the vets' when one of our chicks died. Many years ago I had to take holiday from work to nurse my much loved cat back to health when she had cat flu. We were on our own so we had to fight it together. The vet thought she didn't stand a chance but i stayed with her day and night feeding her cooked rice 1 grain at a time and 1 flake of cooked Coley at a time. The vet said love was the only thing that could possibly have pulled her through. She never did like my kid's father and would sit between us glaring at him. She was wonderful with my babies and would sit on my feet and meow when they cried and would present her boobs at feeding time. She died in my arms after our last struggle together when she was 21. Her son also died in my arms when he was 21. Each of our pets has left their footprint on my heart but Pud's is the deepest. You are doing a great job with Teghan. Long may it continue. :-) :-) Alison

  • Thanks Alison. As they say animals are just a bad as kids, but you adore them both. xxx

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