Did I tell you about my marriage...........SO SAD.........KOTC

..................................My Marriage

I am a typical macho man and I married a good-looking girl.

After the wedding I laid down the following rules (start as I meant to go on)

''I'll be home when I want, if I want and at what ever time I want------

and I don't expect any hassle from you.

I expect a great dinner to be on the table unless I tell you I won't be home for dinner.

I'll go hunting, fishing, boozing and card playing with my old mates, and don't you give me a hard time about it.

Those are my rules. Any comments?''

Well! You could have knocked me down with a feather, do you know what she said ?

''No ,That's fine with me.

Just understand that there will be sex

here at seven o'clock every night...

wether you are here or not.''




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Why 7 pm? The BBC One Show is on then. But enjoyed this joke.

For you annieseed it will be 8pm

Excuse me - The Archers is on just after 7 !!!!!!

You can do the same with sex as with the Archers....save it up to Sunday morning and have an omnibus.

Ah, but will you be home Cornish Brian?

Sorry but the Archers is located in England, not Cornwall. Borcetshire, I believe.

thought the archers were in London under the bridges,

Might be but I always thought they were filled with "ferty fousand fevers on a french frushes froat".

hope the missus is still sane

8 pm OK for you gidge as well

Hang on a minute - both of us at 8???What a man !

Different nights! Gidge

Oh - only once a week then ?

You better ask my wife, she knows it all

Aha ! I knew we'd get to the truth of this eventually.........

What a great lady :) shes got your number!, oh how we laughed.Janexx

Great Lady !Huh. I'll let you know some more about her one day Jane

Very reasonable terms. Think yourself lucky king. :-) :-) Alison

Luck doesn't enter into it. Someday I'm going to write the !!!!!!! Alison

what a woman! Give her a gold medal.

Give her a shovel more like mustcarryon !

She's got your card marked! Lol

No chance of that Mocary

What is sex?????????

Before seven berwick

Berwick -I have always wondered what sex was. Husband is away this weekend having a break, so feel free to explain.

tough question that,whats the prize

I'll give the prize. No one on this site will have the correct type of mind to be able to give the correct answer carrotts

I always thought it was for putting coal or tatties in. he he

No ,wrong. It is for doing what you do when lying on what you put the coal or tatties in.



Not openly annieseed ,maybe in a PM. We don't want to go leading the nice ladies astray

AND what do you think I am not one of the naaaice ladies.

Not at all annieseed. I do not want for you to lose being a nice lady. But having reread the question it would appear that neither Berwick or yourself knows the answer to it anyway


it depends on which part of the country you come from in scotland you always put you tatties in the sack. What we lie on is a bed he he he

We get into the sack for ?????????



Met your match King? Hehe! xxx

Do you really think so Wendells ?

Lets check, Wendells, shall we, with King.

And the answer is?annieseed

hat gave me a laugh heheheh :) good on her :)

Good on her, that's not what I would say nanaber

great 1 kotc

The truth is always great bubbles37.But in this case ,I beg to differ

aw well nice 2 c a woman getting her own back wish I was that clever.

I only ever see her back!

that's a good thing, glad I don't have that problem (only with cats & parrot)

No problem for me, I prefer to look at her back!!!!!

Good for her, you,ll be to knackered after 7PM, so make no plans


Ah well, eases the workload, and boy is she hard work jan

This has been hilarious to read. Thank you everyone. BRILLIANT! :-) :-) Alison

Thank you Alison. Isn't it nice that we can all be happy together.

so it is,

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