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Speedy meds

Went to the GP yesterday for an X-ray result. It showed some possible excess fluid on the lungs and a possible enlargement of my heart. I've also been putting on weight faster than a sumo wrestler and my ankles and feet have been swelling too.

He immediately arranged a blood test with a follow-up appointment in two weeks (to see if the med I describe below was beginning to work) with an ECG taken fifteen minutes earlier so he would have the results. He will refer me for an echocardiogram if it seems necessary.

When I compare this with other people's experiences of their GPs as posted on the site I reckon I am very fortunate. Mind you, everyone should get the same or similar.

I'm currently on my emergency pack for a flare-up, something else which he provides without any fuss.

That's not the main reason for posting, though.

He prescribed Furosemide as a diuretic to get rid of some of the excess water.

This has to be the fastest-acting thing I've ever taken. First dose two and a half hours ago and been six times already! I'm wearing a groove in the carpet from my window seat to the WC. If a pint of pure water weighs a pound and a quarter I must have lost about half a stone already!

If it goes on at this rate I'll have to get incontinence pads before going to the shops.

I was just wondering whether anyone else had similar experiences of this "express action".


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My hubby has taken that for a few years now and yes it is quick acting that stair lift must go up and down a hundred times a day and if we have an appointment somewhere he has to leave the tablet off, but he sure makes up for it the next day.

polly xx

Hi John oh dear never had awater tablet in my life so not very helpful sorry.You did bring a little smile though your discription of this growing sumo person running back and fourth made me see you quickly shrinking into this prune like skinny sumo now :) bless !All joking aside isnt it clever how our meds that we take go to the right part of us and do their thing hopefully in the correct fashion.Janexx

Hi ! My husband (78, diabetic, pulmonary fibrosis and heart failure, on oxygen 24/7) takes Furosemide. When he started on it he had a lot of problems with many little 'surprises' - in fact he was reluctant to go out. Our plan of action now is that I give him his first one (40mgs) when he wakes up- usually around 5:30 - 6am. He has a cuppa then, but nothing to eat for at least an hour. In that time he gets rid of about 2 pints - but then he is safe to go out at least until lunch time. The second 40mgs pill is at tea-time, with food, and that doesn't have the same effect thank goodness. Because of the heart failure we have to weigh him each morning, to make sure there is no sudden unexplained weght increase, which could be fluid, in which case I have to increase the Furosemide to 2 pills. I know what you mean about the effect - I took his by accident a couple of weeks ago (confused it at 6am with my thyroxine), and I have to say I was unimpressed. Strangely, he thought it was funny............

I have to take a diuretic. I try to make a point of omitting it when I go on a long motorway journey. Once i forgot and that was a nightmare. M3 then the M25 plus two traffic holdups. My best nightmare. Especially if you have female related conditions. Oh dear!

I don't require water tablets just the exact reverse


Pete has had Furosemide but it affects his kidneys so he is not on any water tablet at the moment. Make sure you get a blood test to show your kidney function is ok. I hope everything goes well for you John and yes, the water pills do work quickly! Pete has also had an echochardiogram which showed an enlarged heart. You are getting good treatment which is wonderful. Take care, Carole

Thanks to all. The GP said the blood test he has organised is to check kidney function among other things.

Half an hour since the pill. Must rush! ;)

I need to take furosemide for a short while after a long high round of steroids for another illness. I found it excellent only thing was I became low in potassium and the drug was stopped. Everyone is different and the illness I had may have contributed to the low potassium level. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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