New here, saying hi

Found the site whilst looking for advice on copd Have been diagnosed for a year and a few months. Will be good to chat to others who understand. Also am trying to find out if I am entitled to any financial help. Have put off finding out as I didn't think I was bad enough to qualify and hate asking for help but financial situation has changed and now need to try. Any advice on where to go for help would be greatly appreciated

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  • ha others on hear will help and advice you,wont be long,i have none as I work,bernice

  • hi welcome hope you enjoy our company xx

  • Hi slih, don't have copd myself but many on here do so they can help with their experience of different treatments. For information on benefits and lung health ring the blf help line. Tap the red balloon above to find the number and ring between 9 and 5. Good luck. :-) :-) Alison

  • Hi flibberti, sorry to butt in, I just wanted to thank you again for your recommendation of 'Doublebase Gel', Got the £10 deal from Amazon and it worked fine from the first application ! Cheers, Brian.

  • Yep! Now hands that do dishes, CAN be soft as your face !

  • hello slih welcome you have landed at the right place already people are pointing you in the right direction there is so much info and experience from the friendly bunch here you cant go wrong,any problems shout out and im sure someone will know the answer or where to get it,relax and enjoy its pretty great actually in my opinion of :) Janexx

  • Hello and welcome.

  • A warm welcome to you I'm looking forward to getting to know in the long winter months ahead.

  • Hi slih,I'm new too,so here goes ,I have COPD ,stopped smoking 3 years ago and don't feel to bad most of the time ,I'm on good medication and our local doctors are really good,I travel a lot and met a lot of people with COPD ,coming back from Bulgaria today I met a woman who said she was given 2 years to live 10 years ago and at 79 she said she has a great time,I was very impressed as I thought it was a 5year death sentence,who knows,anyway all the best to you Anne

  • Hello Bertshep. The 5 year thing is an ill informed myth, even though so called health professionals have been known to say it. It might be more relevant to people who still smoke after diagnosis.

    There are many people on this site who were diagnosed 20+ years ago and are still going strong. Keeping fit with exercise and not smoking are the key things as well as eating healthily and avoiding infections.

    Welcome to the site.

    Lynne xx

  • Thanks for that Lynne,I met a lady of 79 years who had been suffering for 19 years ,she was funny and happy and cheered me up no end,she also travels back and forth to Bulgaria.Anne.

  • Hello and welcome

    Your definitely in the right place everyone helps on here, with fantastic advice or picking you up when your feeling low. I've just been awarded DLA or PIP as its called now, I can't walk very far without stopping and I use oxygen but I still work part time.


  • welcome

  • Hi Slih welcome lol x

  • Make yourself at home!

  • Hello from me too. I have COPD (moderate) and it doesn't stop me at all. I can't advise on benefits as I still work, but others have given good advice.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi and welcome Silh. I have very severe emphysema. I still work and do most of the normal things people do. I just have to take more time. I seem fitter than some on here but I think that may be because I don't have bronchitis or any other ailments.

  • Welcome Slih I have had diagnosed COPD for 20+ years and probably for many years before that I am 67 now and have just gone on oxygen have to use it when moving around to help my body out a bit, so the 5 year thing is rubbish.

    polly xx

  • Welcome, I'm still quite new but found everyone very friendly and helpful. I get Attendance Allowance because I am a certain age and I've also got a blue badge which is very useful as I can't walk far. The AA comes in very useful because I have to have someone to help with the housework and gardening. I also have a massage once a month which is very good because it keeps the blood circulating when you aren't very active. I also have to have someone to cut my toe nails as I can't bend down to do that either. Ring the BLF Helpline and they will be able to help with any queries. Good luck and take care. Regards Skinnylizzy.

  • Hello Slih, welcome to the site. Lots of friends on here and you won't be short of advice.

  • Hi Slih, nice to meet you. You've come to the best place for good advice, support and laughs. xx

    Casper. x

  • fill in the on-line form it will give you an idea of what you can claim. Take in the bad days not the good ones. Hope it helps

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