Has anyone reacted badly to this years flu jab?

My mum had her flu jab on Tuesday and has been really struggling since. She had just finished a course of co amoxiclav and started on levofloxacin on the Monday, as we thought she had an infection that wasn't responding.

She has been showing all signs of an increasing infection but once again sputum results came back negative.

She is just having palliative care now, and is adamant that she is not going into hospital again.

She has end stage COPD.

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  • Hi Polly. I have not had my jab yet but I seem to remember being told that it would not be given if there was, or had been a recent, infection? I am unsure whether this is because of the infection or the antibiotics?

  • I was going to say the same as Toci. Flu jabs should be delayed if there is, or has recently been an infection or even a cold. This might be why she has had problems.

    Lynne xx

  • Thanks, it was her own GP who gave her the flu jab, she must have known she had an infection. I suppose catching her when she is 'well' is almost nigh on impossible and maybe catching the flu may be more harmful than the jab. If she dies from this, I will never know if it was infection or flu jab. :-(

    Val xxx

  • I am allergic to the flu jab. Came out in hives all over after 2 days of having my 1st one. Red skin rash,breathing problems and facial swellings are other signs of allergic reactions., any of these need urgent medical attention. Joyce

  • Not had my jab yet. It's booked for a week tomorrow. (I'm not sure whether to put a smiley or a sad face!).

  • Having mine on Tuesday - definitely :)

  • I have never had a flu jab got one for pnomonia last year only because I had been in hospital . but my husband gets them and a couple of year ago he had one and was taken into hospital 2 days later ended up in icu unit we were told that the jab had noth ing to do with him being poorly hope your mam gets better soon .x

  • Sorry to hear about your mum but I take my hat off to her for her decision to stay at home. Good on her (but hard on you). I hope you have some good support around you. All the best. Peeg

  • hello poppins oh dear poor you, all very difficult and draining for you i also agree withToci. all you can do is be there keeping in contact with nurses and docs to help your mum through this.Thinking of you, sound off here as and when you might need it helps to share, takecare now fingers crossed for good outcome. Janexx

  • It must be very difficult watching someone you love being so ill. Only advice I can give is keep her gp informed of how she's doing I do hope she gets over this infection. I got the flu jab last year but I mush already have been coming down with flu because the next morning I had it full on. Last Monday I was with my gp but because I wasn't feeling great we both decided to postpone the jab until next week.

  • Had my flu jab yesterday. Was asked it I was on any antibiotics. So I guess there must be some contradiction in having flu jab with antibiotics.

    Now to persuade hubby to get his done!

  • Having my flue jab today keep my fingers crossed.

  • Having my first one ever on monday so know what your thinking, I have heard tales abouthow flu jabs give you mild flu but nothing else.

    hope all goes well.

  • Thank you for all your replies.

    She's had the jab before and is always fine. I'm just not sure if the jab as had such a negative effect because of the actual jab, or the fact she wasn't too well beforehand.

    She's still coughing up all sorts of yellow mucus, but apparently has no bacteria in there!!! Not sure what the hell is going on :-(

  • Hi, I have a flu jab every year and have never had a problem. I believe the 'jab' is different each year designed to combat the particular virus that is expected. [I may be wrong on that, so don't quote me!!].

    Anyway, I take antibiotics - azythromycin 500mg - 3 times a week and have never been told I can't have the jab.

    It is VERY important for anyone with a lung condition to be immunised each year. I don't think there is anything to worry about 'catching' flu from the jab. A very mild reaction possibly, but much better than full-blown flu which can, literally, kill you :)

    Please don't worry!

  • Hi poppin, haven't had my flu jab yet as I have been on holiday. But I recall one year I had just had an infection and had my flu jab as the nurse advised but was quite ill ending up in bed on antibiotics and steroids later, this is the only time I have had an adverse reaction to spite having the injection for at least fifteen years. So maybe this is the cause of your mothers reaction, the prior infection.

  • Sorry to hear about your dear mum and hope that she does rally from this latest set back. It must be so hard for you, mum and the rest of the family. The flu jab affects people differently but maybe your mum should have been left alone under such circumstances, I don't know. Pete and I have ours booked for 12th October and are taking his mum for hers (she has dementia) on 5th October. Take care, Carole xxxx

  • Maybe a coincidence(?) but I have developed a chest infection ( and one time Pneumonia) on more than one occasion after having the Flu Jab.

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