looking for advice

looking for advice

I am struggling to know what to do. I have had asthma since I was 2 years old, diagnosed with copd at 27 and have worked from the age of 16 full time until the last 5 years. now at 53 I work 4 days a week but I am off sick or not on top form for nearly 50% of the time. It is all becoming too much of an effort to keep going. I cant keep up with the house work, work and looking after myself. I would give up work but financially i am not sure what that would mean. Any helpful suggestions or where I could get some advice.

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  • ha hopetorun,go to the redballoon,blf will help and advice you,and peeps on hear will offer assistance,whats your lung function if I may ask,bernice

  • many thanks - I have about thirty percent lung function with peak flow varing from 120 to 180 most of the time i am positive but each year gets harder. this year alone I have had 5 chest infections which can take up to 6 weeks for full recovery . I have innumerable drugs and use a nebuliser twice a day which some days i also use at work. I have got a blue badge which is a god send other wise i would find it difficult to go out. I go to rehab each week when I am well enough and the hospital every three months for a check up. I will take your advice and again many thanks

  • What you should NOT do is just give up your job. Depending on how long you have been working you should have a works pension. When I finished work I left under early retirement on the grounds I was not fit enough to work again. This meant all of my pension contributions up to retirement age were credited as being paid and I was paid my pension in full from the day I stopped work. You must get advice. You were diagnosed with COPD at a very young age. I am not an expert by any means and would suggest you speak to the benefits advisor at the BLF helpline (details in the red balloon). Otherwise I can only say try CAB.

  • thank you for your suggestion it was running through my mind. When I get infections I get so down in the dumps. I know in a few weeks i will be feeling a bit better, I dont want to carry on working and dying on the job! a bit dramatic I know. I will try the help line and many thanks

  • That's what we do isn't it? We feel that we are somehow letting someone down, that we are 'failing', if we can't do it all. The helpline staff are good. They understand where we are coming from. Think of you for a while. x

  • I have taken the advice from everyone andrang this week to talk through everything they were very approachable and I am waiting now for the outcome of their research.

    I think at present it will be a bit like falling between two stools. I am off sick alot which upsets my employer but i keep managing to go back before they do anything but I struggle until the next infection comes along and i am off again.

    But I doubt very much that I will qualify for any financial help yet.

    I find it realy difficult to ask for help but it may be that i have to pay someone to help me at home a bit.

    thanks for your kind thoughts.


  • Hi hopetorun, I think you need some good advice from the BLF helpline as has already been recommended, their office hours are normal working week days 10am to 5pm telephone 03000 030 555.

    It sounds like you need to stop work or reduced your work days by half again or half the hours you are already working. Its difficult adjusting financially but adjust we do and you may be able to get income top up or full benefit. The helpline have benefits advisers who will be able to guide you on this matter.

    Take good care

    Best wishes BC

  • Man ythanks I will give them a ring next week when I hope to put a more positive spin on things as at the moment I will be all doom and Gloom but other people showing an interest who have some understanding is good to hear. many thanks

  • Yes your health comes first and get all the advice you can from B.L.F. you deserve it.

  • Cheers you are right thanks

  • Wish you well. Dont feel guilty about feeling so tired. We all have to learn to pace ourselves. Joyce

  • Hi Hopetorun goodness me 27 to be told you have copd wow!everybody above has advised you to get on that phone to the blf and they are so right,i called them a couple of weeks back and a nurse rang me back with so much info it was about a med i was taking and was concerned having read some posts on here,she was so helpful and advised me to go to docs asap to get this changed,she gave me time and listened .how great is that she then followed it up with paperwork sent in the post.they will defo point you in all the right directions.so good luck you have come to the best place ever,people are so warm and friendly and a wealth of information and light hearted fun we got it all here.Janexx

  • Hi hopetorun, we all feel rough and run down a lot of the time so don't be so hard on yourself. Housework, what's that? I would be working if i could but can't. Some really good advice above. Join us for a bit of fun and serious discussions. Good luck, :-) :-) Alison

  • I posted something similar recently and know where you're coming from. I've asked HR if I can work from home two days a week (awaiting meeting to discuss but it seemed well received). Might something similar be possible, or a compromise for you?

  • Hi hopetorun i am in exactly the same boat as you too ill to work but at 55 too young to retire ! I think i need some advice aswell.

  • hi many thanks for your support, worked full time until about 6 years ago I think but now just four days so I was considering dropping another day, but when I feel a little better I realy enjoy my job a get great satisfaction from it much more than Ironing!

  • Will let you know what happens

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