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I have emphysema chronic bronchitis & pulmonary fibrosis severe stage I had an appointment to see my consultant early October at the vic in Kirkcaldy.i have had a further 3 appointments cancelled I now have an appointment for 2nd December if it does not get cancelled. is anybody having same problems with the vic I would have thought being severe I should not be getting messed around like this

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  • Sorry can't answer the question about you local hospital but do think it's ridiculous that you have had so many appointments cancelled. I would get in contact with your consutlants secretary and tell her of your concerns. let them know you are feeling too poorly to wait until december abd you don't want any further damage to your lungs whilst you wait unnecessarily. M

  • I agree with Mocarey - I would ring the consultants' secretary and explain how poorly you are - that strategy has helped me before. Good Luck TAD xx

  • I had the same problem with my local hospital a couple of years ago. I complained via PALS when I had six cancelled in a row. It tuned out they were setting the appointments too early, then having to cancel if there was anyone on leave, sick, etc. They changed the system and now only book a month ahead and I haven't had one cancelled since. Sometimes it pays to complain. x

  • Oh that would be so disappointing & frustrating! Sounds like some good advice above,would definitely follow it up.Good luck! xx

  • thank you all will phone his secretery

  • Having to wait until 30th December to see a specialist have chronic bronchitis and emphysema am phoning to see if there are any cancelations but as soon as any come up they are taken by the next appointment at royal Blackburn hospital.

  • this isnt on Teaky. Push with all your might for better help. peeg

  • I'm not surprised but don't wait to be messed around anymore. Phone the secretary and tell her you are very worried about these delays. You are entitled to be upset! It is your health. Also contact your GP if you get no satisfaction. He may not know what is going on. I had to wait five months to see a consultant after a serious illness due to cancellations. The consultant was furious as I should have been on special medications. I never did recover properly!

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