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I posted a couple days ago as I was very breathless with normal coloured sputum. I was advised to see my COPD nurse, which I did this morning. I have been put on amoxicillin and prednisalone as I do have a lung infection. She has also has booked me in to have blood tests and an ECG, as my brother died last month of ischaemic heart disease, which she said could be inherited. My poor breathing could possibly be connected to heart disease as well. I would like to thank all of you who persuaded me to get help. Vivxxx

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Hi Viv so glad you have seen the doc and the doc is checking out other areas for you also. So sorry to hear about your brother. You must be feeling very upset still, my thoughts are with you and all those close to your brother.

Hope you find the amoxicillin and pred course does the trick and you will soon be breathing easier.

Keeping fingers crossed for your blood test results and ECG.

All good wishes BC x

Hi ...sending best wishes to you , hope you feel better soon :)sue

Hello Viv

So glad your getting it sorted and your feeling better very soon.

Kim xxx

Hello Viv, Pleased to hear that you are getting some help. So sad to hear about your brother. Look after yourself and hope you are feeling much better very soon. Take care TAD xx

So glad you it checked out. I did a first aid course a good number of years ago now and the one thing I learned from it was "if in doubt check it out". Hope your feeling better soon.

glad you went to doc ... so you could tackle the bug :)

Thinking of you Viv, hope you are beginning to feel a little better.

BC x

So glad you went to the doc. Hope you feel better soon. :-) :-) Alison

Good to find out whats wrong! take care and get better soon x

Get well soon Viv, keep smiling


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