Thanks to all my friend Berwick

My I say from the bottom of my heart a well deserved thank you for your support and good wishes that you sent to me yesterday. I was astonished that there was a few names which I had not come across and I thank them truelly.

I am not making any promises when the daily laughter will start, bare with me and one day you will get a supprise.

Thank you once again , we are a family and you have all proven thank you.

Best wishes and

God Bless you all

Breath easy my friends.

Berwick xxxx

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  • Welcome home, Berwick. Don't go rushing or pushing yourself. We will be here to read your posts when you are ready. x

  • Glad your back, but like Toci said do not go pushing yourself. We will all be here when your ready x

  • Lovely to see you back, berwick. Just take your time, see you. :-) :-) Alison

  • Hi Berwick. You said new names. Since the revival the membership has grown beyond belief. I average welcoming 6 new members a day!


  • ha Berwick,i,m new,read your story ,keep on going ye,bernice

  • Hi Berwick I'm so glad your back take it easy. Matt

  • When you are ready, Berwick. Must say lots of lovely newbies - good for the forum. xx

  • Hi Berwick, so nice to hear from you again. We have all missed your contributions to this site. All the best, Larry.

  • Take care Berwick and will hear from you soon I am sure. Lots of love, Carole xx

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