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Thanks to all my friend Berwick

My I say from the bottom of my heart a well deserved thank you for your support and good wishes that you sent to me yesterday. I was astonished that there was a few names which I had not come across and I thank them truelly.

I am not making any promises when the daily laughter will start, bare with me and one day you will get a supprise.

Thank you once again , we are a family and you have all proven thank you.

Best wishes and

God Bless you all

Breath easy my friends.

Berwick xxxx

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Welcome home, Berwick. Don't go rushing or pushing yourself. We will be here to read your posts when you are ready. x


Glad your back, but like Toci said do not go pushing yourself. We will all be here when your ready x

Lovely to see you back, berwick. Just take your time, see you. :-) :-) Alison

Hi Berwick. You said new names. Since the revival the membership has grown beyond belief. I average welcoming 6 new members a day!


ha Berwick,i,m new,read your story ,keep on going ye,bernice

Hi Berwick I'm so glad your back take it easy. Matt

When you are ready, Berwick. Must say lots of lovely newbies - good for the forum. xx

Hi Berwick, so nice to hear from you again. We have all missed your contributions to this site. All the best, Larry.

Take care Berwick and will hear from you soon I am sure. Lots of love, Carole xx

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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