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On the spot fines for Spitting?

On the spot fines for Spitting?

On BBC News this morning there was some jumped up little posh boy who was backing the idea that some local councils are going to fine people who were caught spitting on the street. Ha I thought, you had better not follow me on one of my record breaking walks to the stop of my estate. I do cough up quite a bit of sputum, I wish I didn't but I do. I do try to cough it up when there is nobody around but this isn't always possible.

Maybe this posh boy should try a little COPD for a while and then we'll see if he changes his tune.

This idiot can only drive the likes of us into our own homes, too afraid to walk the streets as it may cost us a fortune in fines.

It won't stop me from doing the right thing and keeping my lungs clear but there are some more vulnerable who may be put off exercising and more inclined to stay within their 4 walls.

What do you think?


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ha,dallas 5,read that about the fine,what next walk a straight line,get loads in then with drinkers,tories suck,bernice

All politics suck, carotts


ha annieseed,hope your ok,ye sucks but spitting is gross,the men are the worse,bernice


I agree with this, if you having a chest infection brewing. Sorry I cant get my mind around any politics. I dont want to waste my vote but who.

Well, stitch, no idea! Since politics aren't my thing - disappear.

I thought that was already a fineable offense !!

I agree people should learn better hygiene.

So I would vote yes ban it.

Get ready for a fine if you should think of fouling in public places. I would think any one knowing or unknowlingly wouldn't want to walk through someone elses secretions !!

Policing may be a problem so I would also vote for bringing back law enforcers in the community.


I think spitting in the street is disgusting & also spreads germs causing us with COPD even further problems. Yes I do cough up sputum when out but I do not spit on the ground I always carry plenty of tissue ( kitchen roll ) & put use ones in a plastic bag to dispose of at home. No need to spit on the pavements etc.

I also thought it was an offense. I would support on the spot fines & people should be made to clean it up.



Cannot imagine the police where I live enforcing the no spitting and what about the kids that spit chewing gum on the footpaths haven't heard of any one being fined for that.

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They should be. It costs millions to clear up! Alison


You are not allowed to lay a finger on children in schools these days!

BBC news article for anyone interested in reading:


I thought it was already an offence as it should be. I put dog poo in a doggy bag and mucous in a kitchen roll or doggy bag. Spitting has never been acceptable in our culture. That is why we have men's hankies and men's tissues which can be disposed of appropriately at home. I do not expect others to walk in my dog poo or my mucous. We have a responsibility to stop spreading germs. Coughing should also be done into your hand or tissue followed by handwashing asap. My toddlers did not pee or poo in the street - potty and bags or drain. My husband blames disgusting footballers for teaching young lads it is OK to gob everywhere. It is not acceptable. We should not encourage germ spreading especially as we are the ones mst likely to be harmed. Sorrydall05. I feel very strongly about this. Like throwing litter around. Put it in your pocket and deal with it at home. Alison


Good rant Alison :D. I totally agree with you. Xx

I thought it had been banned years ago - 60's? It was health related as I remember.


hi dall05 you've hit on a sticky wicket here i too have to agree with everybody else.take tissues with you hun,i have to say i dont have a very good gag reflex and when i see peoples chest infections displayed for us all to see makes me heave.Janexx


Hi, in 1953 I, as a 4 year old child in Southampton, contracted TB Meningitis. This resulted in my being hospitalized four 2 years. A number of times my parents were rushed to the hospital as I was given only hours to live. On one occasion a priest even gave last rites. .Eventually I was treated with a very raw version of Streptomicin. The treatment worked but there were severe side effects. I was in bed so long I had to be taught to walk again. My lungs have horrific scarring from this illness and I have severe breathing difficulties. I have had numerous chest related severe illnesses every year of my life. These infections are finally getting the better of me and I can no longer work. My breathing difficulties have caused heart problems further disabling me. COPD is getting worse. These are but a few of my health complaints. Every winter my family are expecting me to die of my illness. I will not give up. All this was caused by playing in the dirty streets, as so many of us did in those days. There is no reason why a person cannot contain there coughing in a paper hankie and then in a plastic bag to dispose of later. This is just a suggestion so as to help prevent some other poor child from contracting a fatal illness from someone elses discarded germs. Thanks, Larry.


watch any football match, or most sportsmen and women, then make a distinction, there is spitting and spitting, we all know it is not to be done unnecessarily, as kids do while walking down the street, bravado kicking against authority or to shock, but it is something that has gone on in dirty environments mines factories and farms etc but not all over the place, it is in some situations necessary, [ or the easiest way] if you have nothing to use, for me I have two problems when short of breath and needing to clear sputum I also suffer stress urinary incontinence, so I am in a bit of a mess spit worry and feel anxious, wet my self, if you see what I mean, and in this day and age toilets are few and far between, there are town visits for me unless it is well planed ?

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Carry a sputum sample pot with you


Spitting in the street is totally disgusting you should use a tissue and put it in a plastic bag. You should be ashamed to admit to doing it. I like a lot of others on here have copd and would never dream of doing such a thing.

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There was something banning spitting helping reduce the spread of TB. I remember nursing people with TB in their spines

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