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Hi all. I haven't written previously but I wondered if I have just discovered something or if you all knew anyway! I have IPF and have been coughing worse than ever for a few weeks. Last friday night there was no way I could get to sleep. Even propping myself up didn't help.

The cough then became chesty and after three particularly bad nights I decided to look on the internet for advice. Someone had written about rubbing Vick's vapour rub into the soles of babies feet and then putting socks on. It seems that really did work. Well I had nothing to lose so I tried it. Did it work for me? Yes!! It wasn't quite a perfect cure but I hardly coughed that night and, continuing with the treatment, I've hardly coughed at night since. Amazing!

Good health to you all.

PS wasn't the webinar great. I thought I was well informed for a patient but I found it really interesting, if sobering at times.

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Hi cressie, glad you found something that works. I have to be careful with Vicks as it burns my skin so I use Obas Oil - just a couple of drops on the PJ top and 1 on the pillow. I used Vick on my kids if they were coughing or blocked up but i used vaseline as a layer in the chest first. Then I put Vick over the top. It worked for us. My mother used it on us but i always had a red, sore chest after using it. Anther good thing is Vick is cheap! :-) :-) Alison


Hi Cressie, I heard of this a few years ago on my other favourite site but unfortunately it didn't have the desired effect on me. So glad it helped you. M


How funny - my husband came back from his PR class last week with the same suggestion - good to know it works. Going to put a note on the vicks to remind me! Glad the cough has subsided. Thanks for post. Take care TAD x


Interesting about applying vick on your feet.


Just bought some Vick at my local Tesco Express...it was on special too. I will let you know if it stops my wheezy cough tonight. Thanks


So very pleased it worked and you had some better sleep! Will make a note for next time my cough is very troublesome. Thank you for posting.


Have put a reminder on my vick box just in case, thanks Cressiie. Malk

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Thanks for the tip I will try it tonight


I will give this a try


I'm going to get some in for when I start coughing. Welcome to the site, i'm new myself and I have to say the support you will find on this site is second to none.


I am new to this site or any site come to that, thanks for all the info.

Hav'nt used vic for years, but will try it.


Felt a bit of a wally putting Vick on my feet, but when I woke in the night wheezing I thought "you are ok ...don't cough you have Vick on your feet ...and went back to sleep until 6.00!"

Mind over matter or did the Vick do my lungs good, I will try again tonight. Thanks for the tip.


good idea I have used vick before but alas it burns my skin, however I remembered my mum using camphorated oil you get from the chemist she used to rub it on our chests and back at night to help us breath, not sure if I spelt it right anyway it does work and its not expensive, I used iolbas as its all natural ingredients but that burnt my skin aswell lol sooooo sensitive lol hope this helps somebody .(I am new to site aswell)


Vick? That takes me back a bit cressie


Your daily tonic


Many thanks for all your replies. I feel like one of the family now!


warm welcome to your largest family ever,we deliver 1 at a time,saves on fertility treatment ,as we are expensive,not in gifts,but in friendship,that is priceless but free,any info write it and others will advice to there best,always be someone hear day or night,bernicex


Morning all.

I am fairly new to this site and learning a lot about how to manage my COPD, my previous Doctors have been no help at all just giving me tablets and inhalers, no mention of breathing techniques to help myself.

I have now registered with a new surgery and have had the 'new patient' visit with one of the Doctor's. He was disturbed by the fact that the file on my medical history was incorrect, after discussion with me. For example, my file said 'never smoked', I smoked all my adult life and stopped 2 years ago! plus other errors.

I am due another visit in 2 weeks to have a Spiro test,I have never been given my readings previously, would it help me to know what they are?

He also agreed to stop the use of Simvastatin as I am convinced they are causing me to gain weight rapidly when my diet has in fact changed for the better.

There are so many question I have about COPD and self help, what do I need to be asking him?

Thanks to all who read and reply, you are a great bunch of people so glad I found you.x



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To get back to coughing. Sorry I invaded the original thread.

I cough on a regular basis, 3 weeks on 3 weeks off throughout the year, not only coughing but eyes and nose runs at the same time as does my bladder,so badly that I can rarely venture out during these 3 weeks and am getting very depressed, not like me at all.

One Doctor a few years ago told me nothing could be done to help me as the Aveoli? has been damaged and cannot repair itself.

I have tried all sorts, Vick on my chest has given some relief at night and have been inhaling Vic with my nasal steamer.

Sorry I cannot help further.x


Hi Memah,

I'm so sorry you too have this terrible cough problem. I know just what you mean about the eyes, nose and bladder. I'm on oxygen and when your nose runs you have to blow or wipe it, just when you need the oxygen most!

memah, I'm so sorry to to hear of your diagnosis and GP problems. perhaps you would want to put your previous post that starts "morning all" on again but under the blue heading "posts" at the top of the page. This one you are on is practically out of date now and I don't know if many people will see it. I'm afraid I'm a Pulmonary Fibrosis sufferer and it's very different to COPD and I'm not able to offer you any pertinent advice. Also, if you do put it on again under Posts, then you will get the whole membership able to see it and comment on it and you'll get all the benefit of this lovely warm, helpful community. I do hope you'll do this and I'm sure you will then get plenty of excellent advice. I do wish you all the best and hope you can sort out the GP problem.

Sorry I can,t help further. xx



Hi Cressie, I too have IPF abd had a really nasty chest infection 3 weeks ago which is reluctant to clear. I do have a lot of phlegm but find it hard to shift it. Have had 3 courses of antibiotics but no joy. I have been rubbing Vicks on my chest at night but tonight will give the feet/socks a try - will report back tomorrow. Must say am really fed up with getting so little sleep. I do cough during the day but at night it just goes on and on and on !!



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