On Monday I had a home visit from one of the respiratory nurses. (my posts are like buses, you don't see many then 2 come along at once)

On Monday I had a home visit from one of the respiratory nurses.  (my posts are like buses, you don't see many then 2 come along at once)

They have never come to my home before and I usually only see them at the hospital. She was checking on how I was getting on with my newly acquired liquid oxygen and also asked if there was anything else they could do to help me be more active.

I told her that there were some advantages with the liquid oxy but there was also some disadvantages. My main problem with the smaller more compact liquid oxygen was it only had a single strap to carry it and as it was slightly heavier than my cylinders, this made it hard to carry for any length of time. Also it has to be kept upright at all times or it would throw a paddy and start howling and smoking like it is about to explode or something. Whats that all about? This stuff is very volatile but great fun if you want to alarm a few people in the pub or at the supermarket.

Of course its main advantage is you can fill it at home as and when, I also find its less bulky than my cylinders with a very easy to adjust oxygen flow switch which I can turn up or down according to what I'm doing at the time.

I told her I wouldn't swap it for my cylinders but if possible I would like both, one for short trips to the shops etc and the other for longer walks and days out.

Her answer was, because I was very active and was using the oxygen to maximize and improve my life I could have both types. In these days of cut backs I was surprised and very happy with this :) , I now have the best of both worlds and look forward to lower sats and an even more active lifestyle.

A big thanks to my respiratory team and the NHS for this amazing free service as I know it makes my life so much better. :)


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The NHS is amazing Tony.


I'm with you on this one King. :) absolutely amazing!!!

hey now your just being plain greedy :) how good is that restores your faith in the human race and the nhs goodgame goodgame,Janexx

There are so many good people working for the brilliant NHS and this is why I just had to wright this post

Your right it is a very good game their playing, Tony xx

Stop typing and start exercising! No more slacking young man! ;)

Your right Toci, I've got fit to breathe exercise class tomorrow morning at 10 so I best get some sleep. I've got to get up the stairs yet so that will do for tonight. Goodnight and I promise there will be know slacking tomorrow. :)

Sleep well. x

Wow! That is your reward for working so hard. Well done you. :-) :-) Alison

Good to see a positive post about the NHS - we are very lucky to have the NHS. xx

Good news! M

Hi Tony, I am on liquid oxygen for ambulatory purposes, my provider is Air Liquide who I find are very good, I agree with you it is so much easier to fill up from home, I have a Helios Marathon cylinder, which looks smaller than yours, you can either carry it by hand, or over one shoulder, or as a backpack, which is much easier as it leaves two hands free, I am 4ft ~ 9ins and quite thin but find I can manage this backpack very easily, I don't have the problems of it smoking or making a noise, so perhaps the different cylinders and makes operate differently, Best wishes an Good luck with yours Gilliann x

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