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For those giving up the ciggys , both present and future, an idea ..... BLF could you look too

Hi all

There are (at least) two of our number giving the cigs a big NO!! at the moment, and there are loads of supportive comments on their posts

It occurred to me that it could be very useful for, especially for new members if there was a 'Quitting' or 'words to that effect' on the posts and questions sections.

This would keep these posts quite visible, otherwise, due to the quite high activity on this wonderful site, posts about not smoking might not always be easy to find. Since not smoking is such a key factor in dealing with lung conditions it would mean that existing and new members could easily find those to share experience, read supporting comments/advice etc

Anyway ... seems a good idea to me..... tho it might be that creating new tabs is a big difficult thing to do (no idea re IT)

Your thoughts welcome

Beth xx

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I totally agree with the above, so come on BLF!! I haven't smoked since 1997. I know how hard it can be and do my best to help people giving up. Annie x

Sounds like a really good idea that Beth the advise I have had from the people in this,site as helped me much xx

Agreed Beth. x

If the site is kept as it is, quitters will get the support of everyone.


I agrre KOTC, what I meant was that if there have been no recent posting about quitting then it is difficult for someone who is looking for support to find those posts as they will not be in a separate category and would disappear into the past post section, whether under COPD or 'other' quite quickly.

Hope that makes sense... not suggesting that quitters not supported here ... obviously are .... just that it would make it easier for those wishing to quit to find supportive posts


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