hi started taking panic attacks more recently dont want to bother my doctor with this its more a for a specialist i think ,i have oxygen 17 hours a day but recently more like 24 hours i have small cannisters i can fill so i try to get around beetween re/fill but got caught out today ,and really pannicked my neibour seen me in the street and wanted to help wich he did once i recovered i am taking steroids at the moment and doxycycaline i usually can hanndle how to control these attacks but these seem more scary has any body else had this thanks billy

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  • Panic attacks are awful, I know you dont want to bother your doctor, but I think it would be a good idea to make an appointment. In the meantime ring the BLF helpline.

    Anxiety can be a side effect of some medications too. Its no wonder you panicked when you had problems with your oxygen though.

    There is a website called "no panic" and the pursed lips breathing helps. But I would go to the gp.

    All the best

  • i will look at that site thanks

  • I suffer with anxiety and when I am gasping for breath with emphysema thinking could it be panic attacks as well how do you tell the difference.

  • gets scary feel so helpless when it happens cant move till it clears a bit but feels like hours till passes

  • Many people with breathing difficulties have panic attacks. Your GP should be able to refer you on to someone who can help by suggesting strategies to use when they occur.

  • i will go and see my gp thanks

  • if you are getting panic attacts you should consult doc because you can have meds or even councilling because i have suffered 30 years now its ruind my life really but with c o p d pannicing would mk you a lot worse do your breathing excercises im sure someone has shown you excercises look after yourself hope this helps in some way but i know how horrid they can be and also treat yourself to relaxation cds they are cheap on ebay it def helps

  • good idea thanks

  • I would go to the Dr too billy. After months of trial and error, I have finally been given an anti - depressant/anxiety med that has got my horrendous panic attack under control. The panic attacks made me very breathless, which I wasn't, unless I do something energetic. It made me feel I was going down hill rapidly. They are terrifying and exhausting. You need help to get them stopped.

    Casper. x

  • Hi

    I have suffered with terrible panic attacks,(blue lights and sirens ride) until the local hospital sent an expert to explain it all to me, and how to break the circle. Like the dreaded phrase 'Just breath Slowly' not so easy. The panic she explained starts before we do something, so if walking up two particular steps that had resulted in breathlessness in the past then each time you see them or think about them the brain goes into panic mode, produces more adrenalin and spirals out of control.

    In desperation I tried hypnosis, which worked well for me. Basically it just gives my mind something else to think about when panic thoughts started

    Hypnosis is not cheap, but there are some good cds or downloads to control panic available, don't listen once and think this is no good, play it several times and when you get that feeling of an attack starting think about what you heard.

    Final thought, my life has changed dramatically since the hypnosis, I used to panic when leaving the house, going back in the house, needing to pee, needing the toilet, getting dressed or undressed and lots and lots of other things now I can control it the feeling is there but never developes into full attacks.

  • your symptoms seem similar to mine and i will give hypnosis a try your right leaving house come back in have to go to toilet to pee or would wet myself slightest rushing of any kind sets it off pluss hope my gp can sugest somthing

    thanks billy

  • If you really get desperate there are pills available to help (diazepam).

    The need to pee was my worst problem, it's cause was explained to me by a real expert in the subject, (panic not peeing) If I have got this right, as soon as our minds recognise something that is going to put us into danger it starts to go into 'protection mode' and it produces adrenalin and tries to get rid of anything that might slow down the ability to fight or run. The heart rate climbs and things start to get out of control.

    The hypnosis taught me to calm before it hits, it does not get rid of it all, but it is now controllable, each time I get home it is a little easier, so my brain is now learning to relax bit by bit now the attacks are easing as my brain no longer recognises the steps up to the door as a danger. Another trick is to find things that relieve the stress, I have a hospital type pee bottle hidden just inside the door, just in case. If you know its there you may never need it but the thought that it is there reduces the stress. I looked at each trigger as a sort of challenge, the hypnotist talked me through each one and most have disappeared, life is so much easier.

    Good luck I hope it works for you.


  • Hi, good descriptions Maurice. The brain is trainable. I live in London so use the tube withnit's endless escalators. When confronted with one that's not moving it's really realy hard to go down it. The brain is so used to your body getting on& off a moving escalator it cant seem to cope with a still one. It really throws you mentally, I now sort of squint so I cant see the tracks before I venture on it & try not to look down :)

  • hi billy they are so scarey it takes a while for my breathing to kickin in the mornings if i had an appt thats early i wouldnt sleep worrying then panic the fear was just awful.getting up and needing that first wee i'd think i cant get there and might not which just makes thinks so much worse but as i said to moneal who discribed them brilliantly spot on my doc gave me citalopram im happy to say they have worked for me. there are little moments but i tell myself they cant happen now and carryon immediately dont allow that discussion in my head, our brains are a very powerful organ that we control. goodluck billy iam sure your doc will be able to help you try and be posiyive keep that breathing slow but get to the docs asap to stop these horrid things.Janexx

  • hi moneal snap me too they are so scarey ,you explained them really well thats exactly me .My doc prescribed me citalopram then my smokey nurse recomended them as her daughter was a very severe sufferer and had tried everything out there apparently.I told myself they would work for me and im glad to say they have.:) Janexx

  • I think it's possibly high stress kicking in Stitch. Designed to carry you through a crisis.

    It must be so difficult having the poor memory. You obvs try to order your life so you leave things sorted before you forget them. Then you dont trust that you've already organised it.

    I've been thinking of putting up a question about this myself. The last few weeks I seem to be living in a slight panic.This seems to be because I can no longer cope with the stressful things that happen outside of the norm. I dont know if it's the medication or if something has happened to change me (age for example).I used to be the worlds calmest person. Nothing, & I mean nothing would phase me.Now it's the opposite and it's ruining my life - a bit. :(

  • The attacks you are experiencing sound extreme especially when happening out in the street, I wouldn't wait, check in with your GP, I am sure your doctor will want to clarify a few things with you and send you for some tests. Also it will be good to go to the consultant with the results already available.

    Take good care


  • what happend i can feel them coming on once the reason has hit my brain i get no time to react just have to wait till it passes but that is the hard bit it happend in the street because my spare oxygen was in a car only 10 yards still could not move to get it eventuly got it then slowley breathing calmed down going to see if gp can put me in touch with a group that deals with this

    thanks for your concern

  • Good thinking billy regarding seeing the GP and getting in touch with a group, there are techniques you can learn to help you manage the attacks. As well as the off line group you may want to check out the health unlocked anxiety support groups (click Communities in the green band above, select 'Find Community'.

    Hope you get lots of help with this through your doctor.

    Best wishes BC

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