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Top of the morning to all you peeps.Yes ive woken this morning all of a wobble is this a withdrawal?im assuming it must be,?Get the music on and im gonna shake rattle an roll !!!

Negative norman reared his ugly head quite alot last night but guess what???


Old Will Power and I are thick as thieves.i should be so happy,happy happy happy!....ooh no im going onkers bonkers.Best go

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Your body can shake as it fights off the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. However, if you are using the electronic cigarette it may be some kind of a reaction to that? You are doing so well. I feel very proud of you. xx


thankyou Toci yes i think your right ooops haha hand wobbled sorry.Ihavnt used e.cig as yet.Ahh how kind you are to say that bless.Janexx


FANTASTIC you should be feeling really proud of yourself. TAD xx


hello Tad iam shocked at myself but oh so pleased so far,.smiley faces all round.Janexx


Love your attitude you can't loose. Well done

polly xx


Hiya polly thankyou iam trying hard have had a great day ,had a couple of friends pop in they cant believe ,didnt think i would ever do it! That just makes me feel stronger and determined.Janexx


ha longlungs,i had the shakes but after 3weeks they went,bernice


Hello bernice aha this is good to know will just fill my cup half way for now coz havnt got enough energy to keep mopping the puddles up at the mo ahhh bless!watch this space i will dusting,ironing sweeping and hoovering just like roadrunner beepbeep!lolJanexx


Well don't longlungs you should be really proud of yourself :) kept up the good work xx


HEllo pamela thankyou so much how kind you are to think of me.Hows about yourself has that awful low feeling lifted any i do hopeso,How long isit for you now with the smoking hows it going? do you have danger zones my worst time are the evenings arnt the people great here a massive help i find definately making the difference to me take care pamela Janexx


Thank you Will Power for helping my friend longlungs in her hour of need. I think she is in love with you now !



HaHa let me tell you KOTC Will Power and I are like one now!Iam very happy about this old neg norman cant hold a candle to him.:) Thanx my friend. oh how we laughed.Janexx


Well done

Keep going my dear ..... every tough time beaten is one less tough time to face, and one step nearer beating the little horrors, and of course .... LIVING LONGER.

Never lose site of the long term, but one day at a time.

As they say

Mountains are climbed ... ...a ...time

All the best

beth xx


hello beth how are you today?mine has been lovely had friends round and the sun had its hat on lovely.Yes you are so right one day at a time.thanx for caring really helps me.Janexx


Hey Jane

Not a problem my dear

I just know how much happier I am, (no inside guilt about doing the wrong thing), how much better I feel than I did, how much easier I breath, how much less money I spend; how much nicer I smell, how much whiter my teeth are and wall paper is, how much nicer my food tastes .... I could go on .... and probably will again

all these good feelings CAN be yours and WILL be yours Im sure

Keep going strong (not wishing you 'luck' .... luck has nothing to do with it) .....

one day at a time....

Best wishes thinking about you

Keep going keep strong and keep us posted

Beth xx


Bless you Beth Janexx


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