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Berwick is back on line

Hello friends,

Oh how I have missed my computer. Since I last spoke to you I have a lot of downs and not many ups.

3 weeks ago, I was going to get my morning paper, I open the front door to go out and came too in the middle of my garden with wi oxygen bottle by may side. I was utterly confused and after I felt my aches and pains I managed to get back to the front door shout for my dogs to get my wife. Brilliant dogs they done just that. Taking into consideration that I am 16 stone + and my wife as my son say she is 2 stone when she is wet. My wife came to the door finding me flat on my face. After getting me sat down in the kitchen and took my jumper off only to find my forearam had been ripped open.

A trip to A&E 12 steri stipes later and the Doc said you are going to ward 6 I said why , he replied I think that you have taken a mini stroke.

Cut a very long story short 4 hours in the ward no one came near me to see if I had enough oxygen, not even a cup of tea. Consultant came said stop you BP pills and go home.

Nice one

My wounds have now healed my GP said I did have a mini stoke and I am now awaiting to see my heart consultant.

I am as yet not 100% right so please bare with me and once I get my head around things as the man said , I will be back with some laughter.

Hope that you are all well

Speak to you all soon

Love to all

Berwick xxx

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Hello berwick, so sorry to hear you have not been too well hope you feel better soon x

Gosh Berwick that sounds awful and very frightening. I hope you are starting to feel better and can get some answers from the heart consultant. Take good care. TAD xx

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hey,that sounds scarey , Berwick ,so sorry re your hospital experience, that was not good.enough at all..

I hope you are feeling better, and continue to heal, but most important,that you get a really good heart consultant,and soon.......take good care, Maruth xx

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Hi pleased you are back hopefully things will be on the up now

Take care xxxx

Oh my Graeme that's a hell of a bad do! I'm pleased you are home and on the road to recovery and laughter again.....I'm praying you don't have any more strokes and your consultant is A1 and will prevent any more happening....your experience in hospital reminds me why I have a 'phobia' about hospitals, nightmare! fancy leaving you without oxygen! Your dogs are wonderful,like Guardian Angels! Take it easy and get well, you're in my positive thoughts and prayers, love huff xxxxx

What an awful time! Get well soon and good luck with the consultant.

Lynne xx

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Sorry to hear about that nasty scare Berwick and hope that things improve for you very soon. You take care and get well. Love, Carole xxxx

Hi Graeme. I have missed you so it is lovely to hear from you, even if your news is not good. I hope things are now improving for you. xx

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sorry to hear of your troubles get well soon xx

Gosh what a shocker for you and your wife, glad you have healed well and hope you get sorted soon.

polly xx

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Hang out the flags, Berwick. So pleased to see you back with us. You have been missed. Quite peaceful in these parts, so make yourself comfortable.

It sounds as if you have had a rough time in hospital. Which hosp. would that be? No I aint going to blast it, just put it on my black list of " places not to visit"!!

Anyway, take care, and in your time, those jokes, a few as you like at first and then "go for it". Take care, Love Anniexx

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Wow ... poor you!

I think meds are very good for these mini strokes these days, a friend had one ages ago, I think they took something, or had other medication changed (i think they were on Warfarin at the time, and had this changed) they've had no problems since.

Lovely to see you back

Im sure you feel more like yourself very soon, once the scare and 'taste' of hospital has left you

All the best

Beth xx

Sorry to hear of your troubles .But nice to know you have those two special best friends looking out for you.

Hope to hear from you soon


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Very scary, berwick hpe you are on the mend. My lovely husband had a mini stroke about 8 years ago. He is fine but i am quite vigilant. Good luck. :-) :-) Alison

So sorry to hear this Berwick, I have had a couple of similar experiences and they wanted to put me on warfarin but my chest consultant was dead against it as I have had heavy bleeds from my lungs in the past so I am literally left to get on with it. I do hope that this is a one and only event for you and that your soon feeling as well as possible. M

Hi all have been reading all of your inputs since been diagnosed with copd 2years ago.Did not want to recognise that this was happening to me.Now terrified because I need surgery for very painful shoulder injury.I did smoke for 50 years so I am aware that aneasthic may be a problem.Can anyone help?Keep going all of you.Anne

anabag try not to worry. You would do better to post this separately, as a post or question as few will see it here. x

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