Session 2 of PR

went to my 2nd session of PR today, managed to increase the amount on each exercise in the circuit slightly and on the treadmill and cycle. Feel shattered but happy to be achieving something. After the exercise session a Pulmonary Nurse spoke to us with some very useful information and answered any questions we had. I'm glad that I'm on the PR course and feel that it will help me alot more than I thought it would!

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  • Very pleased to have your report, hertsguy. I am SO looking forward to Friday. I have been feeling tired all day, so perhaps the PR will help. Did you get the guy with some sort of headgear? Love annieseed (hertsbiddy) !!

  • If you mean the man wearing the turban, he's now left!

  • London marathon next year hertsguy ??


    Your daily tonic

  • You know what KOTC, I may watch it this year !!!

  • That is really positive hertsguy. Hope it continues for you. Keep us informed. :-) :-) Alison

  • Really pleased you are finding it helpful. I thing PR is the one of best thing you can do to help you manage & live with COPD. Keep up the good work. :-)

    Best wishes


  • Hertsguy

    They had sixteen goes at killing me off but they didn't quite make. So now they have put me on a sixteen week extension course. (Just once a week on this one instead of twice) I have to admit that I feel very much better for it. Good luck with your course.


  • hello Hertsguy sounds bloody great i cant wait too start cant till new year waiting list,so glad its helping you builds your confidence i bet.icant imagine myself on a running machine.good stuff eh.Jane

  • Hi Jane, actually it's just walking on the treadmill, but if you feel like running, go for it!!!

  • Hi Hertsguy oouu no walking sounds good think my running days are a past memory.haha.You enjoy great stuff.Janexx

  • Great news - thanks for posting - My husband finds the PR fantastic. Glad to hear you are enjoying it too. It isn't easy but well worth the effort. Take care TAD xx

  • Thanks for all the encouragment everyone!!

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