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Hospital appointment

Don't know who rattled the doctors cage, but boy was she in a foul humour.

I told her all the recent symptoms, the fact that when i get back from shopping i'm gasping like a stranded fish, the terrible night cramp i've been getting since being on the fostair..the bruised feeling ribs every morning.

She made out i'm a malingerer... said i'm overreacting to my symptoms and panicking over breathlessness. (i've never panicked over anything).

She said fostair doesn't cause cramp (even though its listed as a side effect)

and she now says i'm not allergic to mould.. even though it was her who first told i was.

All this, then she changed me from fostair to symbicort.. then sent me for blood tests to see if all the joint pain is connected to the breathlessness. Talk about contradictory.

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Think she must have had a row with her husband !!!xx


Sounds like a fool in a cylinder trying to find the corner. Can you see another doctor? Is it not bad enough being ill without being thought a malingerer? :(


If only the papers were not always full of stories of people that were malingerers the ill ones would not have the need for proving how ill they are to their doctors. Working with a doctor is easier than fighting against one I have known mine for over 15 years (a lot of trust built up) chopping and changing doctors because you do not like what they tell you will not build any kind of working relationship.

Stick with it and work it out for a positive outcome.

Your dr sounds terrible ,next time see another dr ....hope u start t feel better soon :) sue

Pack this person up and report to PALS (look up) This is not the way to treat a patient. I would retaliate - not on at all. I have been fortunate with most that I have seen, both at the surgery and at Addenbrooke's. xx

Agree absolutely. My mother's GP used to tell her not to worry when she told him she was getting breathless and having chest pains when walking uphill. He had the cheek to suggest that "women of a certain age" tend to get anxious! Sadly, she died of a massive heart attack at only 62 years old.

So that kind of attitude from doctors makes me very angry, more than twenty years later. PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

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I take fostair and stopped my cramps by drinking half a pint of water just before going to bed


Your daily tonic

My original doctor didn't seem to care less about whether I had COPD or not. I changed to my partner's doctor. I saw him 2 days later and he arranged for me to see a pulmonary consultant that week. The best choice I ever made.


Hello Scars iunderstand quinine is good for cramp tonic water has this in ,then you could throw a gin in it mmm sounds good to me.the docs prescribe quinine sulphate for it.Just a thought.Obviously you have a doctor Jekle and Hyde kinda gal!not helpful at all at all.Hope she gets her act together for your next visit or please excuse what i say next, but she works for you sack the "bitch" Hope your symptoms improve.Janexx

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i drink a glass of tonic water before bed each night, can't have alcohol with the meds for nerve pain.

Scars, I agree with everyone bar buckets. It's now 2013, no-one has to see a medic they don't wish to.

I believe that you can ask your GP for another referral. I did because my con was rude, dismissive, patronising, contradictory and downright nasty. After 2 sessions with him I refused to see him again. When I told the GP what con had said & how he behaved he suggested he re-refer me before I had to ask.

He was a bit slow in doing it though so when the hospital sent a new appt I went in to the chest clinic a week before hand to request another con. for my appt, they said I couldn't see another con but could see a registrar instead.

So for 3rd appt I saw a lovely young woman who was utterly brilliant, kind, caring, listened to me, explained in plain English.

It's made a world of difference.

I was wondering if she was annoyed if you are still smoking? If not, change her. Good luck, peeg.

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I haven't touched a cigarette in 9 months

Snap!! i havent had one in 9 months either!! Change youre doc scars! thats not conducive in any way shape or form!! :(

i Would definitely change docs. m

Hi peeg I see what you are saying about the not smoking, I have spent most of last ten years smoke free (except for 3 relapses) but as a doc or consultant once they have asked you to stop smoking, and u haven't,I feel they should treat you without malice or opinion as right or wrong u are entitled to treatment as we all are,Sad when professionals don't work with patients, and their personal views should remain personal unless asked xx


Hi Scars, I hope you can find a decent doctor as this one does not seem to be up to much. Trouble is they think they know things and then find they don't as lung problems can be very complex. I think mould is not good for anyone so she is talking out of her backside. Good luck to you and hope you get some better results with a better doctor. Carole xx

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I had one doctor refused to deal with my heart problem and said "do not worry about it" I have had 12 heart procedures and still have a problem and have been told by consultants because it was untreated for so long it has made their job so much harder.

Another doctor refused to acknowledge Asthma also this same doctor would not come to the house as he diagnosed over the phone with my wife that I have a bad cold. Even though my wife explained I was sweating to such an extent she had to change the bedclothes because they were so wet with sweat and running a high temperature. After 4 days my wife scraped me out of bed and took me to the Doctors who then told me to go to hospital where I was found to have Glandular Fever and it took me months if not years to recover from.

Most recently while I was being prepared for an Ablation they had to put me on Oxygen when I was flat and kept me on it until I was sent home. They told me to see my doctor about it as they were concerned on how much it dropped when flat! I could not see my usual doctor and explained what had happened only for him to put the oxymeter on my finger while sitting upright said that's within range speak to your cardiologist when you next see him. I have a paralysed Diaphragm, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pleurisy and Long term Asthma as well as heart problems and arthritis. When I saw this same doctor some time back he was amazed that I was still working I can only think the wind was in a different direction that day.

I must add my usual doctor has a great bedside manner and is known to be late on appointment times because he goes that little further.

Be Well

Hi Scars I know how you must feel I was with my old GP for 50 years all they did for my COPD was a breathing test every year they were about as much use as an ash tray on a motor bike.


Hi scars! talk about complication,sounds like you need another opinion! I hope all is well in the end,get better soon!

Scars I agree with the majority here, get yourself another Doctor. Being very ill is bad enough without having to put up with that. I must be very lucky as both my Rheumatology Consultants and Respiratory Consultants are all lovely. My only complaint is that the Respiratory Con does not tell me enough about my Pulmonary Fibrosis. Good luck. Cheryl xx

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