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Hi everyone, just spent a week in tunsia, flying was good no problems , used the airport assistance, very speedy and stopped me getting anxious about having to walk long distances, struggled a little with my breathing some days, but not enough to let it stop me doing anything just did it a lot slower (not that I did much anyway) hope I can go on holiday again soon it was lovely spending quality time with both my daughters they look after me so well, love them to bits x

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Glad to hear that you had a great time :) x

That sounds fab lucky you. Could you tell me what airport assistance is please?TAD x

Assistance means you get a wheelchair and taken to the aircraft and fast tracked through customs so you don't have to wait it's very good if you know you may have a long walk to the gate

Thank you that's helpful to know x

That's wonderful start saving for the next one.

Glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday meike.

I had a holiday in Tunisia a few years ago and loved it. I had to use oxygen inflight for a short time but other than that was fine.

I would love to go there again, but am now using ambulatory oxygen at 5 lpm so not sure how I would cope inflight as you are usually charged if needed constant.

I know I could get oxygen delivered to the resort/hotel, but if it is outside the EU it would be expensive I believe.

Thérèse. (just learnt how to get the accents on my name using my iPad)

I did not see anyone using oxygen I don't need it at the moment, if I take everything in my own good time I am ok i only get anxious if I think I am holding people up I got a few remarks hearing someone saying she looks ok to me. People would do well to mind there own business, and think before they speak, or as the saying goes walk a mile in my shoes

Meike - If someone made remarks about me, I would give a cheeky answer. All in friendship!!

I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday meike. I use airport assistance and find it wonderful. I also use oxygen, which some holiday companies provide free in flight. I take a portable concentrator with me to avoid the cost of sourcing it abroad. Ignore ignorant people. x

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I used airport assistance when I used to go to Dubai, years ago. Always very efficient and speeded progress through the airport.

I am pleased you have enjoyed your holiday. Wish I could have joined you


Your daily tonic

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hi Meike sounds like you had a lovely chillaxing holiday.whats the weather like there in the winter?Janexx

Hi long lungs, the weather is good not blazing hot but hot non the less, we Had rain for one full day, and when I say rain I mean it was like a monsoon, it gave me an excuse to catch up on my sleep after the early flight x

Hi meike sounds like just what the doctor orderd!very nice indeedy you enjoy every minute lots of chillaxing.janexx

Am back from Tunisia too, been back near two weeks now, had a fab time and glad u enjoyed your hol with your daughters x

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Sounds great,We are thinking of using the airport transport, next time as if I have a long walk off the plane I feel dreadful, its always when I get off, and at Manchester last year we went to spain you needed to go up about 6 steps, Then the moving walkway was not working,I did feel ill..but so glad you enjoyed with pick you up for the winter.x

Hi junespoon, I would recommend the airport assistance it stops us getting anxious I don't know about you but I have to sit down quite often When I am walking its walk a little rest a little x

That's like I am, sometimes you feel that you are holding every one up, as its one dash and rush off the plane, thanks for that..Heather.x

I hope we can always travel I would miss it lots if I couldn't xx

I hope I can always travel too my problem is that my daughters can't get anymore than a week because they have there own families And all my friends have still got husbands my husband passad away 13 years ago and I am still the only person in my circle to have lost there partner I tried going on my own a few years ago It was ok but it's much better going with someone you know x

Sorry about your loss! Must be hard, u have guts to go away alone not sure I could haha but maybe I could, don't know unless you try I suppose! U need a travel companion haha no strings an no worries haha x

Hi boo-boo, a travel companion would be fine by me I don't do much on holiday just sitting in the sun and reading early nights 10.30 ish Not much of a drinker I go all inclusive because it takes the hassle out of finding somewhere to eat. For me a holiday is all about totally relaxing and chilling out X

That's how it should be in my book, join a club locally me dad did and met a lovely lady, they never married just enjoyed holidaying together for years but too I'll now so speak on phone, 86 and 84 they are now both feel too old/ ill to travel haha u may be surprised at people you meet! Give it a go nothing to lose, not on line tho xx face to face organised groups haha

I have just come back from a Hol back in the UK (I now live in Australia) I had an altitude test before flying and my Sats didnt fall below 94 so I was given the OK, however on the flight I felt really bad on 1 leg, checked my sats (I have a finger pulse one) and they were 75 for most of the journey, (7 hrs) Manchester to Dubai. Recovered quickly once on the ground, but wonder if that particular flight had the cabin pressure wrong. Anyway glad you had a wonderful holiday, so did I xx

Hi kad21 I had no problem with the cabin pressure the only time I got out of breathe was when I had to go to the ladies and that was because I don't like small places and will not lock the door in case I get stuck in there the air steward stood outside the door so I did not have to lock myself in. I though that was so sweet of him I was quite sob by the time I got back to my seat but soon recovered hope you had a good time over here x

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