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Cheers MC

Cheers MC

On my evening walk up to the Wyche Inn I admit that I cheated a little. My mum drove me, my wife and my daughter to the bottom of the 'very steep' Old Wyche rd. We then walked the 2-300 yards up the hill and to my surprise I managed to keep walking without a stop, all be it at a very steady pace with my liquid oxygen smoking as I turned it up to 8 litres. I can't believe how mild it was and I even broke into a little sweat which in late September at around 8 in the evening was a bonus.

Finally we reached the pub and that pint tasted great as you can see in the picture. After this it was about a mile back home but its all downhill where I'm almost as good as anybody apart from a little weakness in the leg muscles.

It seems as though you enjoyed your Guinness MC as Dr Tony prescribed, I told you you would sleep well on it :)


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Congratulations to you, Tony. What a good photo of you both.

Lovely photo and post, such determination. I love Guiness too. I started drinking it as a build me up and like to have a bottle every night when I watch tv.

Thanks annie, good to see your still with us. If that photo had been taken 15 mins earlier then I wouldn't have looked quite the same. Having just reached the top of the very steep hill I was gasping a little. Still its amazing how quickly I recover these days and look quite normal. It seems as though all this hill walking is doing me some good even though it can really hurt at the time.

Tony xx (They say no pain no gain and I'm sorry to say there right)

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Great photo of you both Tony and that pint was clearly well deserved.

Lynne xx

Thanks Lynne, we all had a good night even though I'm only allowed a pint these days. Of course Sharon and Sophie make up for this and empty the wine cellar. :)

Tony xx

Lovely photo, lovely message. Cheers Tony. x

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Its not all bad living with lung disease is it. Thanks Toci :)

What a fab photo! What a fantastic achievement! Keep it up - you are an inspiration. Take good care TAD xx

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3 years ago I thought doing this sort of thing would have been way out of reach. My consultant had said I would probably be stuck at home on permanent oxygen but at least I had the internet. Boy am I glad I've proved him wrong. I think he is too.

Tony xx

Hi Tony your post took me back to the 80s when the old wyche pub used to be our local, and even then

(when I was skipping up to the top of the malverns lol) that road was a real struggle so WELL DONE. lovely photo.take care Linda x

Hi Linda, The Wyche Inn used to be the Herefordshire House back in the 70s/80s or more commonly known as the Here. Its still got good beer and one of the best views in the country from any pub window.

Its great that you know the old wyche rd so you know what a challenge it is for me. If I'm feeling at my best then I like to take it on for some very extreme exercise, 'yeh' crazy I know'

It was good training for tomorrow, I'll be doing a 6 minute walk test at the QE at my 3 monthly transplant check up and I'm out to beat my 480 metre best distance so it'll be an early night for me tonight


Hi Tony Well done you again what a lovely picture the pint looks good, i chickened out going for a pint of Guinness i would have stayed out if i got the taste besides i wanted to go go work today if i was alright for driving as my wrists are still very sore.MC

I guess you just had to settle for a virtual Guinness to help you sleep eh' MC. I'm getting my early night tonight as I'm at the QE for my 3 monthly check up tomorrow. They basically check to see if I'm still ok for transplant. Fingers crossed.

Oh yeh' I'm out to beat 480 metres tomorrow on my 6 minute walk test, can I borrow Fran to cheer me on, :)


Super photo. Happiness ina glass. Well done. :-) :-) Alison

Hi Alison, its a shame I have to stop at one pint these days but it just don't mix well with all the pills. Its great to get out though and avoid the X factor. :)

Tony xx

Well done lovely picture! M

Thanks M, shame about the ugly one on the left. :)

A picture of smiles, so good you are enjoying so much Tony. Great picture of you both.

Best wishes BC

Whats not to enjoy BC, I'm out on the town with my two beautiful girls and not watching X factor. Tony :)

Why do you always tease me Tony. Chauffer, cosy hostelry, real ale ,I ask you????????????????


Sorry about that King, I don't deserve any of it but you just can't keep a good guy down can you. :)

You deserve all of it and more Tony

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