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Just a quick update

Sorry I've not been around and posting recently, but I do try and pop in each day and read your posts.

I care for my mum who has end stage emphysema, and nine lives I think.

She has had a foot through deaths door a couple of times this year.

When she was last discharged from hospital with yet another exacerbation that nearly killed her,She had decided that she no longer wants to be treated in hospital, knowing that this may endanger her life. I have had to move in with my mum and dad to care for her, as I had told her I would be her Carer to the end.

She has lost so much weight, 6 stone 6, we were provided with a hospital bed and a pressure relieving mattress, as she has a high risk of pressure sores. So that is in her dining room and I have a mattress on the floor next to her, as she sometimes needs a nebuliser during the night.

She had another infection which was eventually treated with levofloxacin, but she was so ill, that the GP and district nurses had set up the stuff for the Liverpool care pathway. She wouldn't drink as she thought I was trying to poison her ( she was not herself ), but I couldn't get anybody to give iv fluids unless she was in hospital, but she had already made it clear to all that she wanted to stay at home. What a decision that was, keep her home and risk her dying, or going against her wishes.

We kept her at home and the following day, the antibiotics seemed to have kicked in and she came back to us.

So that is where we are at. She is putting weight on slowly, walking about a little and back with us.

She is still not well enough for me to go home though.

I am receiving ESA and lower rate DLA for myself, with a Carer premium, as obviously I have health issues. I have to go to the sodding job centre on Tuesday for a work focused interview. The last time I went after getting through the ATOS assessment, told me that the Carer premium was not because I was a Carer, but because I was claiming DLA. Stupid woman!!!!

So there we are, I will try and post more, but I'm usually kept on my toes here

Val xx

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what a wonderful daughter you are i have a daughter just like you you take care

love Dororthy

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You are amazing Val and your mum and dad are so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. Good luck to you and do come back on here whenever you can. Thinking of you and wishing you and your family well. Love, Carole xx


You have my admiration, Poppin. With good nursing skills, as well. It is bad that you have to worry about the assessments etc., and your own health as well. We are always here to lend an ear!

Love Annieseed x


Good luck to you and yours Val. You sound to be doing an amazing (and often thankless) job. xx


atos sucks keep your chin up xx

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Wow thanks, I'm not amazing at all. I am staying here rent free and I won't have to worry about topping the gas up in winter, I will be warm. I will have to keep an eye on my daughter though, she's quite happy to turn the thermostat up whereas I keep it quite low. My dad does my head in though, that's the down side :-/

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You are a daughter indeed. Well done Val


Your daily humour tonic


Poppin you are truly a super daughter. I'm glad your Mum is a little better. There is something about the bond between mother and daughter and you are proving this with your undying devotion. well done girl. Sorry you are getting hassle from the job centre etc. As for your dad, it's bound to be difficult back staying in their house, just give him a wee cuddle when he frustrates you. he's bound to be worried too. M


Wow! Respect! Good luck. Hope things improve for you and your mum. :-) :-) Alison


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