Rheumatoid Arthritis Takes REVEVGE. Mattcass

Just when I thought my RA was under control and working well along with my Lungs Wham!!! Friday I knew then something was coming the tingling was all over my body at the same time this was the first this had happened, I tried all the strong P/killers I had to try and take the edge of what was coming the first to kick in was my wrists then my fingers got so swollen and then my hands started to close and have stayed that way since then my back and ribcage was next and this put me in bed and for the next 2 days just lay there in severe pain and nothing to fight it with I know because most of you have been to there and back with this and there was me thinking I was one off the lucky ones, I thought it would be my Lungs that would be the problem if I got back to work, unless this goes away in the next 12 hours and this is a once off attack I might have to throw in the towel the Hydroxy was my only hope off any pain relief for my RA, Unless the head repository team in Edinburgh come up with something or an alternative I will just have to pray it stays away from my Lungs, Sorry for spoiling your Sunday.Matt

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  • That's awful when you have just got back to work you take care


  • Hi Dorothy Thank You. Matt

  • Hi Matt. I wondered how you were doing. I am so sorry you are facing this and hope they can get it sorted for you. x

  • So sorry to hear you are in such a state . You must listen to your body it obviously didn't want you back at work. I know how you feel after many years of searching I found my dream job, I hated the pay but the job far outstripped that. My lungs and fibro/polymyalgia/RA (Dr still cant decide) have put paid to that. I was sent to occupational health and the report stating that I could be treated but not cured really was my final straw. Seeing it in black and white made me realise that no matter how much I wanted to go back to my work the pain I'm in and my breathing problems weren't going to let me. As you now appear to be facing this choice which like me is taken from you by your body I do sympathise. I am 54 and use to be able to do every thing for anybody now the tables have returned I still think I am too young to give in or so my mind

    thinks but my lungs and body at this time are thinking differently....... Hope you can accept what your body appears to want. You have tried ,look after yourself and Fran get better/well soon gentle hugs x

  • Hi Trish Thank you, sorry my replies are short it's because my fingers are very sore. Matt/Fran

  • please excuse my grammar its the meds !

  • Sorry you in such terrible pain Matt, I do hope things settle again, such a pity when you have made it back to work! M

  • Mattcass

    I am so sorry that you are in pain. The Respiratory Consultant and/or a Rheumatologist should be able to hit upon the right treatment for your RA and your lungs but it may take time. Something at work has triggered the RA again. Do you know what it could be? When I first had arthritis (before the lung disease) I went to work but I couldn't type and so I got help from a colleague for 3 months. So it does not have to be the end of your working career. Although, I must admit that when I was diagnosed with the lung disease (in addition to RA) then I took ill health retirement. I wish you better. Kind Regards Mandy

  • So sorry this has reared its ugly head again Matt, I wonder if you are interested in or watched the food hospital tv series, they had one on RA. You may wish to read about the person who was helped here:


    also the tv programme catch up view Episode one:


    Hope things settle down again soon.

    Best wishes BC

  • So sorry to read your post . Keeping my fingers crossed you will feel much better in the morning. Try to stay positive lots of love and healing wishes TAD x x

  • Oh dear Mattcass, what a pain in the backside! Just when you were doing so well. Just see if anything can be done for you and I am keeping everything crossed for much needed help. By the way - you have not spoilt my Sunday and I will be thinking of you. Take care, Love, Carole xx

  • Sorry to hear of you dilemma Matt


  • Oh Matt, I am so sorry this has happened. I have been thinking about you and hoping all was well. Hoping it will settle down for you very soon. Hope Blakey's suggestion is helpful. Good luck. :-) :-) Alison

  • hi been thinking about you have you managed too go to work today hope your feeling ok xxxx

  • Hi newlands, I did manage to get to my work, my wrists are so very sore nothing i take helps the pain even now as i am typing with one finger, will stop now.Matt

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