HI i have been left feeling guilty why my next door but one neighbour uses a big white van for work ,for the past 12years i have had too put up with him parking in front of my house he knows i am housebound and i know he has right too park there but it does fit on his drive a bit of moving his other family cars around the van would fit on his drive .

Yesterday i had had enough of the van blocking my view so i asked him why i had to put up with another weekend of his van blocking my view "what view what are you missing" was his reply "people Alan people" i i replied so why am i feeling guilty this morning ? You lovely people will understand that just seeing people waking up and down passes the time of day Take care Dorothy xxx

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  • I sympathise, Dorothy. I live at the end of a L shaped culdesac, at the point where I can see up the road. The houses are open plan. We dont have drives, so there can be problems. Luckily, if anyone parks in front of the house, they will be blocking the next door neighbour, so generally clear, hopefully.

  • Cripes Dorothy, you have absolutely no reason to feel guilty. I'm sure you were polite although you really shouldn't have put up with it for so long.

    A large vehicle parked outside my home would ruin my life I know. It would feel like being a prisoner not to mention blocking the view, the sky, the sunshine, the light. Grrrrrr. I'm with you on this one. All the best, peeg

  • Hi peeg i was very polite but nearly lost it when he raised his eye's too the sky when i said people .

  • Your neighbour should be feeling guilty not you. He is the insensitive, uncaring one and should be happy to accommodate your needs too. Unfortunately, too many people do not care at all about others so it is good that you do come on here to unload your problems and get support. All the best to you and hope you get to see people passing by. Love, Carole xx

  • Thanks for your lovely reply xx

  • ha my friend,sorry you've got heaps problems,i had a van outside from 5 doors up,wont say what I done but van gone,stay warm and well,bernicexxx

  • Thanks Bernice will see what happens take care Dorothyxx

  • Don't feel guilty he should have been a bit more considerate. Lets hope he moves it now and you can see what you want to.

    polly xx

  • Thank you pleased people are with me xx

  • What an insensitive man. I hope he has listened to you and stops parking there. x

  • ha,you heard of Stanley,sorts that out,bernice,x

  • A very insensitive man i have a cross painted outside my gate means no parking and he sometimes parks over it so if my daughter comes to take me out i have problems yes my daughter can get the car on the drive but i cant get in on the drive oh well see what happens now xx

  • Wondered if you could apply for a blue badge and have a disabled parking bay outside your home?

  • H I my blue badge have a white cross painted on the road cant have the disabled parking on the road because a car can get on the drive but i cant get in the car on the drive never mind thank you

  • ha have you rang highways for advice on this,keep warm and well,bernice

  • yes highways had a word with 2 years ago xx

  • ha,sorry wasn't able help with highways,keep warm and well,bernicexxx

  • hi Dorothy sorry to hear this problem you have iant there a council you can ring to sort it l think your neibour is a horrible man if he know your problems ands doesn't do any thing to help you l know what you mean about your views too l never go out unless l have to but yes seeing every day people and traffic passing does help and its smallmminded people like your neibour that doesn't understand but l hope you get this sorted out asap love xx

  • Hi minkymoo thanks for your reply we will see what happens in the next few days

    you take care xx

  • the only laaw he is breaking is parking half on the pavement and half on the road but every does that thanks

  • Its not illegal to park any vehicle on the public highways providing its not blocking any emergency services vehicle..unfortunatly he can park a double decker bus on the street and there's nothing you can do or say.the same with blocking a driveway,you cannot park and stop people getting out,that is can park and stop them getting in.thats not all boils down to your relationship with your neighbour I'm afraid

  • aLL the nieghbours know they are not a nice family they moved in 12years ago just after my husband died they think i am a soft touch but i was very polite didnt lose my rag but nearly did i get cross because there is room on his drive when they go on holiday he puts it on the drive it lazynes thank you

  • Check this out.

    The use of large and commercial vehicles depends on the company operating the vehicle having an appropriate 'Operators License', which regulates the usage of the vehicle and should specify the normal depot that the vehicle should be operated from and stored at when not in use.

    Whilst this does not prevent the parking of commercial vehicles on street (to allow long distance deliveries etc) any incidents of regular parking by commercial vehicles on-street could be reported to the appropriate Traffic Commissioner in writing, stating the registration of the vehicle and the operator's name and contact details.

    Photographic evidence may also be appropriate for supporting any complaint.

    Details of the Traffic Commissioners and the process for objecting to an Operators License are available on the Traffic-Commissioner's enquiries page on the GOV.UK website.

  • Sorry,but thanks Toci for what,read again..could be reported, !!! They can park any commercial vehicle.ANY.believe me I know the law on this.Also if joe blogs next door drives a transit van for his own business.or has a van for his own personal use,he's entitled to park on a public highway,just the same as you or I can park our car.the guy down the road with a 20ft motor home,is he parked illegally ??

  • No not at all,I know this one,because I got a ticket for parking outside someones garage and had a lecture of the bobby as he gave me a 70 quid fine.No spat at all

  • Hi thank you he runs a delivery business sometimes we have three vans parked on the street he leaves at 5 30 most mornings guess who he wakes Other neighbours have had words with him when i had my fire they went too the house they just pretend they are not in people across were having cavity wall insulation a big funiture van couldnt get past to go up the street because the van was parked outside my house he wouldnt move it so the workmen had to undo the pipe for the insulation and move there van so i think i was brave to have words with him XXXX

  • Sorry to hear you're having all these problems.meighbours from hell by the sounds of it.

    Good neighbours are a must and invaluable if you're lucky to have them.I do hope you can sort it out amicably. Xx

  • hi jambo all myother neighbours are great people thank goodness

  • hi thank you will wait and see what happens dont want trouble just a view

  • I thing we are getting wires crossed here a bit stitch,if her neighbour has a large white van,which I bet is no bigger than 3.5 tonne,large transit,or box van type,he's allowed to park it on the street.legally .im not saying its right morally,but by law he's done nothing could apply to the council for a painted H outside your driveway,then he would be wrong to overlap that.

  • What you originally wrote was about keying the vehicle.not good advise.your second post was questioning the legality of the parking,that's what I replied to saying its not more,no less.sorry if you still disagree.

  • Hi

    One of the people on my road (council and excouncil semis) has a very poorly wife. He has a small drive but, like outside my house, the road is constantly parked to bursting point, including cars and vans outside our houses and room if you are lucky to squeeze your car off road onto gravel hardstanding. Our local MP knocked on his door as part of a local 'how are you', he complained that the cars infront of his house would prevent ambulance access if his wife was taken ill. He now has a white line with the short cross lines at each end across the whole width of his house.

    Im pleased for him, he's a lovely old boy, but if we all did it then where would the cars go as .........

    Back a few year, most houses had one car, at a push two, if wife working, there are houses either side of mine with three cars and a white van, this is I think getting even more common, apparently lots of late teens have there own cars, so parking is absolutely chocker.

    No suggestions but agree its a pain. I have planted some shrubs between the pavement and me (lucky to have small front garden) so the cars less visible and I get less annoyed.


    For the sake of blood pressure etc

    Keep calm and carry on

    All the best

    beth x

  • I have an H bar painted on the road outside my drive. It is an offence carrying an £80 fine if anyone parks on it, whether my car is in the drive or not. That was the position two years ago when the council did it for me.


  • hi bobby whats the difrence between the white cross i have and the H because i was told by a traffic warden it was only a polite notice hope you are well Bobby love Dorothyxxx

  • Didn't know the name ... H bar, makes sense

    Hi Bobby, are there particular rules about who can have one, I can manage without, but I think there are some here would like to have one ... do you know what the rules and regs are?


  • Oh newlands.i hope you can sort it out so that you will be able to see me coming when I manage to visit you.


    Your daily tonic

  • hello Newlands not a happy situation the man is a bully taking advantage of your situation grrrrr! Thats what upsets me.please dont shout at me peeps but ithought that if you had the slopey kerb you had to keep clear of it.? maybe that was so in in 1950 i could well be out of date. Regardless of any of the parking restrictions Newlands has to live here and sadley nasty neighbours are a breed of vermin.Dont question yourself you did nothing wrong you were very brave ,if he were a decent human being he would acknowledge and address the situation.I hope his concience pricks him ..Janexx

  • Hi Dorothy, we too have annoying Parker's. Illegal or not it is downright rude. When our estate was first built we all parked our side of the road. We park on our drives but all visitors etc parked our side. This made the road easy to negotiate even in snowy weather. Now, however, people will not park opposite their homes, only next to so it is a slalom and we have been told fire engines would not be able to get through. On top of that so many people have tanks that their drives do not accommodate 2 or 3 so more parking on street. Also neighbour has his mother's car parked outside (she lives a mile away) and they now have a large motor home parked on the front lawn underneath our bedroom. This motor home belongs to a friend of theirs who, apparently, are on holiday. Yeah, right. It has been there for 4 months and the only time it vanished was for 1 night when their kids had a party which was very raucus and we were not warned about. I strongly suspect they are charging for "looking after" the motor home. Their cars and friends cars are causing hassle. One good thing about having such a large vehicle under our bedroom is that it masks the revving f his motorbike which is totally unnecessary. The company vehicle he used to park on his drive (a company side drop truck) belonged to his employer and even full of hedge and tree clippings did not obscure the light as much as the motor home. I wonder how much i could charge for renting out my front lawn? As you can see Dorothy, many of us are bothered by inconsiderate neighbour parking. Good luck dealing with it. :-) :-) Alison

  • yes i guess after 12 years i had had enough he makes it awkward for my daughter too pick me up if my other neighbour is parked on her spot my daughter cant park so she then has to push me in my wheelchair to where ever she has parked i live half way up a steep hill and as my daughter is not very well it winds me up.However there are worse things at sea and we will sea what happens take care Dorothyxxxx

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