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just wondering if anyone else suffers from aching knees, mine start to feel like i have the flu, they become red ,hot swollen and painful and they start aching every time i start with another chest infection??? I was wondering if other people have it and what if anything they do. also i have read somewhere that you can suffer from dry bronchiectasis has anyone heard of it? i asked the respiratory nurse at my GPs and she had not, and looked at me blank??? I have it all over both lungs and am on oxygen but i don,t cough up all the time so i am worried because i keep getting infections and at the moment only cough then, thanks for reading this and for being here

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  • I have bronchiectasis but I have never heard of the knees being affected but that is only me. Have you asked for a referral to the Chest consultant at your local hospital. You might need a lung function test to mention just one to have. It is good to have a rescue pack of antiobiotics with specimen sputum by you to take in case of infection.

    If you have any questions, the BLF nurse is very helpful. Click on the red balloon at the top right hand corner of the page and you will see the phone no.

    There are pulmonary rehab classes available to help you to understand your lungs and solve any problems - again CHASE the surgery for this. All the best Annieseed

  • Knee that become red ,hot swollen and painful. Could you be allergic to the antibiotics you take for your chest infections? Could you be developing rheumatoid arthritis? I don't know because I am not medically trained. You should ask your GP and if you don't get a satisfactory answer then ask to see a Respiratory Consultant. Good luck. Regards Mandy

  • I agree with mandy, it may be arthritis,you can get a blood test done at your GP and that should show if that is the problem, either way GP can help, good luck.

    Regards Jude

  • I have red feet knees elbows in the morning and palms of my hands stay red all day. I have arthritis in these as well as my spine neck and shoulder. When I have the redness in my feet and knees and elbows my breathing is not so good. However I have had Gout in my foot which is not nice at all but when I get it I always have a chest infection days after. I have found a few triggers for the gout but my doctor does not seem to think there is a link?

    My theory is while the gout is bought on because of uric acid making crystals in the joints which is a chemical imbalance in the body and while my antibodies are fighting this my lungs are open for infection?

    Be Well

  • hello

    yes the pain in my knees are so severe i could cry sometimes i was just wondering how mobil u are as im not too mobil and knees get very stiff and same old story i guess use it or loose it hioope this may help in some way but if u are imobil when sitting excercise kness by liffting knee up slowly and down do this regular and about 5 or ten times on both knees i find it helpful when in bed

    best of luck shirley

  • thanxs for that i think its due to when i start getting infections, I am on oxygen for 16 hours a day which makes me house bound after 5 pm but due to do a walking test this week for oxygen.

  • I don't understand why being on oxygen for 16 hours means you are housebound after 5 pm?

  • you can get oxegen for traveling hun smaller bottles i haveone in car and at home i have big recycle air know thats not what it is byut sure u know what i mean lol

  • 123098

    The local physio suggested that I use my oxygen for 16 hours a day at 8lpm mobile and 2lpm stationary. So I put myself on oxygen for 24 hours a day at 8lpm mobile and 4lpm stationary. So the local physio wrote to the Respiratory Consultant who very politely told her to mind her own business. What I am trying to say is that you are the best judge of your own oxygen needs. If you need oxygen 24 hours a day so as to get rid of the 5pm curfew then so be it. On the other hand I may be barking up the wrong tree. Becraftygirl may have been right and it may be that you haven't heard of portable cylinders. Good luck. Regards Mandy

  • My knees ankles and back of legs hurt all the time so painful .x

  • yes i know about portable oxygem but have been told it is very expensive and i do not need it ???? when i go this week i will ask them again about it thanxs xxxx

  • hot and painful knees sounds like osteoarthritis especially if they hurt when yoy walk perhaps your gp could refer you for an xray to see if there is any damage to your joints good louck

  • had xray seen a rubbish bank rhumatologist who cured me in ten mins! when i had another appointment with the registrar in the same dept he has recommend i go to liverpool to see a pain specialist so just waiting. also went to manchester to see a specialist in adverse reactions to meds who suggested morphine could cause it but waiting to go for a day case for further checks ,but in the mean time was just wondering if a flare up of bronchy could cause the problem? thanks though appreciate your views and advice x

  • During the hot weather this summer I started my usual wheeziness following grass cutting near where I work. My chest was so tight I could hardly breath so I took hayfever tablets thinking that would do the trick but I felt worse experiencing the aching knees described as well. I put it down to the fact that I was possibly still grieving for my father and that I was just generally depressed. But I am now just getting over a bout of flu now and again it has gone straight to my chest causing severe wheeziness breathlessness and my knee is affected the same again feeling like a hot bubble in my kneecap. I'm not sure what I can do for it other than bed rest and paracetamols.

  • that sounds like me red hot swollen knees during a chest infection, I was on holiday and the wether was hot had to use a wheel chair to get around. I recently lost my mum and can understand how you feel. you think they will go on foreverxxxx

  • imk just wondering weathger or not u are active and walk i cant so my knees i cry with pain but if you can sit on your chair raise your right leg up then gently put down bout ten times to each leg and also you can twist your ancles round and round very good for circulation hope this helps u

  • no I cant walk far have fibro and arthritis so take cocodamol and morphine for pain can't take any anti inflammatory's because of reactions xxx ended up in hospital this week ? bad reaction to antibiotics so have to be careful what i take.xxxx

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