RIP CIGARETTES !!!!!!

oh yes im doing it and im feeeeeeling goooooood :) my inhalator has not left my mouth yet all good though,im doing an hour at a time at the mo.Just aquickie will be back later without a doubt.

Happy monday peeps, heres to a good week for us all :) :) :)


ps sorry about this picture was trying to learn how to do now cant get rid of it!!

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don't bother about the picture keep it up well done.

Well done you :) xx

Good for you ! Well done x x

Its all good Tadaw thankyou so much. Janexx

Well done Jane Keep up the good work - It really does get easier !! As you know it's the e-cig am using and it certainly is keeping the craving away ... I really do believe am going to conquer this horrible addiction this time round :) :) :)

I've decided what am going to do is put the money in a jar what i'd put out on cigarettes a day ! This way I can actually see what am saving by using the e-cig and what I've saved I will put towards doing my House up ! <3 Angie <3

Keep going Mizzymac. x

Well done ..its amazing how the money racks up ... I was shocked by the amount I was spending

Keep it up

Remember to be ready for those difficult times when giving up is not new

So remember to stay strong and why you are doing it

Fab start .... keep us posted

Beth xx

Mizzymac how well are you doing you go girl :) x yes im gonna be putting pennies buy.keep strong :) :) :) Janexx

Well done, longlungs. It will become easier. I think one or two others are kicking the habit, as well.

annieseed so good to see you back it seems like only yesterday that i saw you here lol .its still early hours but im all good so thankyou for your support yes mizzymac is doing brilliantly and Medow must have stopped on the train apparently 3 weeks is the dangaroo time so we must all rally at that time and hopefully help .,hows your day been?and your husband how long has he been on the chemo? i have a penpal from the blf site she has terrible lungs like the rest of us plus shes deaf, blind,diabetic,had major surgery on her neck where a mistake happened so she now has avery dodgy leg and foot problem so has to have special shoes bless her heart and like yourself very upbeat and kind.then she tx me to say rushed in to hospital she had turned yellow i was gobsmacked anyway the outcome is that she has cancer of the gall bladder which has spread to liver alittle and stomach.all inoperable so is having chemo to shrink it the side affects are horrible so i have great sympathies for you and your husband i feel helpless with my friend sometimes when she has a rough patch as friends we can be there and listen and love them so anytime you wanna scream im up most nights till 5..Janexx

Long lungs - Husband started chemo in April and had a rough time with the side effects. And then to be told it wasn't working. He has been given a month's respite ready for the next lot by mouth. I am hoping this lot will achieve something. So grateful for people's support and a challenge for my mobility. Thank god I have a buggy for the shopping + on line.

Some people get all the short straws with their health. Sympathise with your friend so much.

PR on Friday - excitement!! Love Annieseedx

never rains but it pours!!hopefully this next lot will make the difference as you say.take this time to build your strengths up.PR will be great for you enjoy.create some new happy times feeling really blessed at the mo and full of positive vibes so im sharing them over th airways to you and your hubby.take care xx

Thanks, Long lungs. I will sleep better tonight !

Jane 1 Cigarettes 0. ;)

yeaaaa aint that the truth Toci thanx loads.Janexx

Well done

hi nanaber thankyou for your support it really does help.Janexx

Sasssssshhhhhhhhh me too long lungs, 3 days now, I've said before 3 weeks is my weak time love 2 you keep it up girl !

On the right path medow. xxx

Get in there! Fantastic news medow. :-) :-) alison

Medow - keep the good work going, friend. xx

oh medow did you stop there and then on the train you little devil so im 3 days behind you huh so at three weeks i will try and stop you falling with every body else from here,brilliant news..go medow go mizzymac go longlungs we're doing it. :) Jane

Congratulations...I love your happy smile too

hello knitter how funny my son told me off "mum they might think thats what you look like"am i boverred it was an error but sucking the life outta my inhalator but thats what its for eh!the evening will be my most difficult i think so far so good though thanks for your support.Janexx

well done you !

hi there Travelmate thankyou very much for taking the time it really helps this is such a good site with great positivity which comes through powerful.Janexx

Fantastic - woohoo. Well done you.. :-) :-) Alison

Well done well done !!!!

Keep going ....expect some tough times, now and then ,keep in touch and tough those tough times out, they are short lived.

Massively impressed ...positive or what?!


hi there Alison isnt it great there is the three of us all doing it still early doors for me but all vellyvelly good.Janexx

Singing oh a diddy, diddy, dum, diddy do. Well done to you Jane


Thanks KOTC i wish i could sing too lol.Ive had a good day have to keep smacking the patch as its really itchey the inhalator hanging from my mouth all day but all good very good. All of you are making the difference that is for sure,so grateful oh im filling up.Janexx

'Nine times out of ten I've told you and I aim to tell you just nine times again' you have beaten the habit Jane never to start again! Boom boom


you do make me smile KOTC see you manwana my amigo Janexx

yeaaaaa thankyou flibberti ohhh ssshhh lol :) Janexx

very well done guys you still might get a craving for a fag but it only last for seconds i know some people are not sure about e-cigs but its got to be better then smoking

hi music i have to agree with you they are completely safe ,i know people get addicted to nico gum and so my smokey nurse told the little white inhalator just the container part not the capsules they ask if she can get them iguess it becomes a dummy effect iwill have to watch myself coz i told kinda have it dangling most of the time you couldnt do that with ecig they are too heavy.thanx for your support music . Janexx

Don't forget to say "Yippee, I'm a non-smoker!" whenever you need a boost! Well done you.


Hey john yippee I'm a non smoker .thanx John lol janexx

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