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The lovely lady from the no smoking place came to see me yesterday to take my carbonmoxide reading which she was very pleased she as advised I keep on the inalator for a little while longer while I get through my councelling just before she left she asked me that in a couple of weeks if she could right a short journal about me not giving out my name to show to other people that are struggling to give up the ciggys that they can be an happy ending think she picked me to ask because she knows that I've got so much going on around me and I still found the strength from some where to keep of the fights I told her about this site and all you lovely caring people that are there for me when Ian finding things difficult so from the bottom of my heart I thankyou

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  • Sorry there alot of spelling mistakes in this but hopefully you will be able to understand most of it :) xx

  • No worrys, it does get easier you will get to a stage where you hate walking through a crowd of people smoking, Your clothes no longer smell or your home, its great ,you can do it .xX

  • Thankyou junespoon not got to that stage yet but Ian sure it won't be long,:) xxx

  • Your spelling isn't a big issue, Pamela, to me. As long I get the full meaning of your post. Nice to see you around. I was thinking about you yesterday, and wondering about your smoking. Long lungs is giving up smoking. You could read her posts, if you wish.

    It sounds as if you have been having problems and dealing with them. All the best with that. love from Annie x

  • Hi annieseed thankyou for your replie a the urge to have a ciggy is getting a little easier as,time goes on :) and yes been having alot of problems but trying to deal with things,one at a time x I will have a look at long lungs post to see how she is getting on all the best pam xx

  • Well done Pamela. Stay strong. xx

  • Thankyou toci and I will stay strong xxx

  • Hi Pamela

    keep going ..... the craving do almost entirely vanish ...... tho it can take a long time .... it gets less and less frequent.

    I gave up three year ago, and I did suddenly wish i could have a ciggy, back in April. But its that infrequent and I know that nothing in this world will eve make me smoke again.

    I think the time comes when you think of yourself as a 'non smoker' not an 'exsmoker'

    Well done again


  • Hi postscript thankyou for your replie I intend to keep going :) the craving are getting less and less thank goodness :) even thou I have days we're I forget I've given up and think.I'll have a ciggy with my cup of tea but then I remeber I no longer smoke and it feels so good saying that and I feel the same as,you I will never go back to smoking again :) xxx

  • Well done Pamela giving up is one of that hardest things to do but one of the most rewarding.

    Keep it up.

    polly xx

  • Thankyou polly and I agree with you it is one of the hardest things to do but it's getting a little easier and so rewarding xxx

  • Yes well done Pamela stay strong you will get through it I managed it and was a heavy smoker.

  • Thankyou rick I will stay strong :) xxx

  • Well done Pamela, keep on keeping smoke free.

  • Thankyou blakeyc I will keep on being smoke free :) xx

  • Good for you Pamela, its a great achievement x :) x

  • Thankyou blakeyc that means alot xxx

  • I'm sopleased that you're still going strong. Made my day ! :D

  • Awww thankyou peeg your comment as made my day :) xx

  • Well done Pamela hi 5 for you ! Keep up the good work ! As I am still a smoker myself i know how difficult it can be to quit smoking ! I've tried twice now and failed - I've just bought an electric cigarette called ( Socialites ) today so that's me on my third attempt - I hope i have your willpower to kick this disgusting habit .x

  • Don't give up trying. Sometimes a different aid or a different month makes the difference. :)

  • Totally agree with you toci :) xx

  • Hi mizzymac thankyou for your comment Ian still at early stages yet of being a non smoker never ever thought I would be able to do it but iam trying to keep strong it's one of the hardest things I've done in my life it doesn't matter if it's your 3rd or 4the attempt your trying and that's the main,thing a,big good luck to you and listen and soak up the peoples advice on here there the ones that have kept me going best wishes pam xx

  • Wow, you are so strong. Fantastic news that you have got so far down the road to non smoking. Well done you. :-) :-) Alison

  • Hi alison thankyou for your comment as for being strong mmm that's debaitable I've had,alot of support of alot of people on this site that's where I've got my strength from :) xxx

  • Well done Pamela stay strong and don't forget to give yourself a little treat for each days success.

  • Thankyou nanaber I am keeping strong :) as for treating myself I do but I also reset my grandchildren to :) xxx

  • Pamela, Pamela remember the day, that you gave up smoking hip hip hooray.


    Your daily tonic

  • Kingofcocktails I do remember the day like it was yesterday :) feel so much stronger in myself xxx

  • hi Pamela YEAAAAAAAAA YOU ARE NOW A NON SMOKER you CAN doit coz you are doing it arnt this bunch of lovely people bloody great to know itoo will be joining you in the battle.on monday. so hears looking at you kiddo. :) :) :) Janex

  • Hi longings,good luck on your journey in quitting the ciggys :) I no I keep reacting myself but if it weren't for the support I have been getting here Ian not sure I would have got this far and be able to call myself a non smoker :) gosh that feels good saying that good luck and I'll keep popping on to see how you are doing :):) xx

  • Welcome to the world of the Non-Smoker! Longlungs has it right. Looked at the right way it is a wonderful thing to do and a completely positive one. I do get worried when nearly everybody says they are "giving up". Thinking that way means that you still feel that you are losing something worthwhile. Negative vibes!

    Look at it like this. Suppose you suffered from painful feet and had done so for years then you discovered that you had been wearing shoes one size too small. You start to wear shoes the right size and hey presto the pain disappears! Now, have you "given up" wearing small shoes? No you've "stopped". You've lost nothing.

    Smoking can be seen the same way. When you stop, it would be silly to claim that the physical withdrawal isn't real. But it doesn't last very long. What gets you past is the realisation that "Yippee! I'm a non-smoker!" - and that doesn't go away. It is a wonderful positive feeling and it is still with me eighteen years after stopping being a fifty a day cigarette smoker. Did I "give up" living in a house which smelt like an old ash tray? You'll realise what my answer would be.

    What eventually helped to me to reach this state of mind was a book: Allen Carr's "Easyway" which I heartily recommend to anyone who wants a helping hand in becoming a Non-Smoker.

    Congratulations again! You've gained so much and lost nothing.

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