asbestos h202 iron lung destruction emphysematous changes

asbestos h202 iron lung destruction emphysematous changes

Yep its offical iron coated asbestos of any form is very bad for you ... and your lungs first line of defence.

Like really hows distinguishing emphysematous lung destruction from the peripheral interstitial changes or asbestosis h202 iron lung destruction from bronchiectasis.

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  • This is very interesting reading Diaz and I really admire your drive in searching out information about your condition.

    It's not right that you're having to fight for recognition and you deserve compensation. I wish you all the very best, peeg xx

  • Hi cheers peeg and thanks :)

  • I agree with peeg, Daz. I hope you get where you are trying to go. You certainly deserve to with the effort you put in. xx

  • Hi yes to be honest a would prefer to be fine .. But am not letting IIDB discriminate against me .. Seen GP today and shown her what i had coughed up .. And she was shocked told her its when i have hypertonic treatment cough stuff up GP said that makes sense as its like a brochoscopy but with out the camera .. She asked me what is it i said its crap thats giving me all these infection as every time a coughed it up every peace as had same fibers in it

  • ha,go for it man take em to the cleaners,bad crap that,keep on running man run with your heart and soul,they cant ever take that,respect ,Bernice x

  • Hi cheers carrotts

  • hi Dazisnogood iam so sorry i dont know your storey with this asbestos ?igot caught up with you being such a good sherlock still dont know the spelling of other inspector :) do you bring that up alot icant believe you have all that in you lungs cant they stick a hoover down there :)dont mean to be facetious sorry.Why are you having to prove yourself? Who are these bastardies that are letting you down?im angry for you .Can you feel it down there in your lungs?Janexx

  • Hi , my lung doc said only have other few thosand scabs to bring up .. But he as said there is other option but he would not tel me jas he said he would not like to do it .

    But as he is a expert a do trust is judgment

    What will be will be tho and nothing or any amout of crying will change it

    A can live wiyh that but injustice have always jad trouble swallowing

    Anyway cheers all the best :)

  • Hi yes a felt it other day it must of poped a bullea guts was terrible then a coughed that up after me hypertonic saline

    Can only feel slight iratation in me throat

    Cheers all the best

  • Really feel for you, Admire your perseverance, Take care .x

  • Hi cheers

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