Its been confirmed im too barking to continue with champix even half dose!Can i now take a liberty and ask you all

if you would mind if i posted daily my journey to giving the cigies the heave ho?My brain is geared up and feeling good and positive so monday is my give up day aaaggghhhh!!!not really.there will be three of us on this journey WillPower myself and neggie norman !and hopefully yourselves ithink that yourselves will make the difference for my battle coz i dont wanna let you lovely lot down you were all so supportive earlier this week it kinda threw me off balance but has given me a new vitality so strike while the irons hot i say.what do you reckon peeps?

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  • We are all with you go for it


  • thankyou Dorothy this means alot to me .Janexx

  • Hi


  • hi stone thanks so much im almost looking forward to monday .Janexx

  • I reckon this is a brilliant approach to giving up smoking, long lungs. Some months I "bullied" a great lady on giving up smoking on this site. I PM'd her to give daily encouragement, and I would be after her if she didn't. It all worked!! We are good friends now.

    PLease make a daily diary of your progress. I will back you up all the way, because it is so worth while. May be the odd threat if i hear you were being tempted.

    Put the money you wll save and treat yourself to something special. When I se the price of fags nowadays - amazes me that anyone would send that money. Hard times, PM me. Love Annieseed xx

  • hi annieseed thankyou im hoping this isnt a repeat coz i thought id replyed to you but maybe didnt press the right button.anyway you "bully "away my shoulders are broad im a tough old please dont be too wicked eh ?:) Janexx

  • I am never wicked, it aint allowed in my book. I could help but you would have to be so determined not to have my finger wagging. I think over the weekend you could yourself into the right mind set. Take one day at a time, get rid of the fags so no temptation. Get yourself busy and make a list of things to do around the house. Think of any hobbies you have.

    I can promise that at the end of Monday, you will be still alive and kicking. If so, give it another day and then another.

    I realise that there are many different approaches to chucking the fags but it can be done. 1997 was the last time I smoked.

    No harm in nicotine patches etc. I dont know much about e.cigs, but they cost money so you wont put so much aside.

    Good luck!

  • Of course you are absolutely right ithink the evenings will be my dodgy time,idont sleep at night due to the legacy of armed burglars who broke in while i watched tv i was on my own.soim kinda up till 5 silly i know feel safer when its light..Janexx

  • lol sorry not sure what i did there think i thanked you several do you private message not done that yet? Janexx

  • Click on Annie's name or picture and it will take you to her home page. There is a button which says send a message - click and type.

  • hi Toci thankyou im not very good with techno stuff ! On and Off are the two buttons im used too my son is teaching me slowly,like british rail im getting there.Janexx

  • Yes of course

    Brilliant plan

    What are your plans for when you feel really *** because you would like a smoke .....?

    I used to do something that never involved smoking when I was feeling really tempted/stressed, like going to bed, having a bath etc amongst other things

    Had a lot of naps and was very very clean!!

    Also kept a diary of the whole thing, I used to stress out in writing ( *&!! etc as you can imagine)

    We are all with you ... its tough ... but remember its do-able .....if I can (eventually), then so can anyone

    All the best

    Beth xx

  • hi annieseed thankyou my shoulders are broad you "bully away" iam a tough old bird.:) Janexx

  • Hi again

    Meant to ask ... are you going to use patches, sprays or e cigs ( not all at once I suggest!!)? ... or something else?

    Cold turkey can be done ... but why do it to yourself?? .... statistics say much likelier to succeed with patches etc than nothing

    So one of them could help loads

    Beth xx

  • Hi Beth iam armed with patches ,inhalator and ecig and yourselves.

  • Keep thinking positive .... but expect it be absolutely horrendous, and then when its only hideous for short periods then you can be pleased ..... and relieved .... I think its called negative psychology ... expect the worst and then what you get seems less difficult

    Keep us posted

    Beth xx

  • hiya that kinda makes sense thanks Janexx

  • We are all here for you in your journey x

  • thankyou so much chellshock much appreciated. Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs. I`m sure you`ll get lots of support on here with help to give up the fags. May I just add that when I quit I was a member of and it helped me enormously talking to other people in the same boat. Good luck however you quit, xxx

  • Hi SusieQs thankyou im hoping so too everybody has already been brilliant im feeling blessed i have to say.iwill have alook at you link now. Janexx

  • Very best of luck longlungs. You can do it! :-) :-) Alison

  • hiya Alison i can cant i ooowee little scared feeling alittle bare but still good.thankyou for your support.Janexx

  • YOU CAN DO IT! Sorry for shouting. ;)

    Keep a diary, let us know how you are doing. Have plans in place for moments of weakness, throw out all the fags and all the ashtrays (getting rid of the ashtrays shows you are serious!). Good luck. xx

  • hello again Toci what was :) thanks what a great bunch you all are.the dustman come on monday so all para(cant spell this word) will be in and gone.Janexx

  • I will be at the starting gate with you and following you all along the course.


  • Ahh thankyou KOTC wouldnt haveit any other way iwill be looking and wanting your daily humour more than ever hope youve got some goodens,gosh im feeling a trifle scared i think,its all good .Janexx

  • hello Stitch yes thats what iwant to do i think it will give me much needed strength to get through this,thankyou so much. Janexx

  • Yes please, I may even join you ! x x x

  • hi medow yes why not how good would that be.Janexx

  • Go for it Medow ! It will be wonderful to have two more non smokers :D more cash in your pockets not the taxman's or the tobacco industry . wishing you good luck xxx peeg

  • hi peeg thankyou for your support,i have been to the shops for supplies for my mouth :) Janexx

  • Medow - I know of three people that are going to give up smoking. We could form a "packitup" group!

  • Go for it I promise to check in every day to cheer you on. I gave up 4 years using NRT

  • hi nanaber that will be nice thankyou.Janexx

  • I've given up a few times and ........ Bla bla bla

    Get very weak around 3 weeks ie: one puff won't hurt.... Then in the offy again buying a packet of 10, never seem to go above 5 a day, improvement on the 20 or so a day I used to smoke, but still 5 two many x x x

  • you know that one puff does hurt. 5 is much better than 20 and you deserve credit for that. Now, work towards smoke free - we will all be with you. Remember, it is not a competition with anyone but yourself. xx

  • Join long lungs - you two could support each other.

  • exactly annieseed Janexx

  • hiya i know exactly where your coming from me too there are always excuses that ifind like you isay well jane youve done really well one will be ok 5 later thats alright jane still better than 40 and so on till im back up to 40,i blame my children for being rude ,a stressfull telephone call,because icant do something or whatever,,because i feel old today or ifeel fat today ,because your so bloody stupid jane your never gonna doit!! cabdriver and down the shop i go,the very worse thing i do is lie... to my family "ive been really good nope havnt had any"when really i have isnt that so horrible of me!!:(


  • Read everything that has been said in the last two days, Medow. Geared up to nag the lot of you to give up smoking

  • Go annieseed lol :) janexx

  • Hiya Jane. Good for you. Give up them ciggies. Come in as many times as you like we will all support you. Stay positive and strong.

    Bev x

  • hi Hypercat thankyou iam feeling really really good about this onwards and upwards Janexx

  • JUST think how clean and sweet you will smell, girls. Get your perfume out and rid of that yukky smell -

  • mmmmmnnnn that really will be nice annieseed,so you think i stink eh am i bovvered

    oh yes iam Janexx

  • longlungs - I am catching a whiff of fag smoke from your corner - sorry!! NO OFFENCE MEANT

  • haha you little devil and your right you can coz iam .mondays the day scarey lady now i no what im in for huh?bless thankyou none taken.Janexx

  • Hi Jane wishing you all the best for The DAY you can do it The hardest step on a journey is the first step. (I have to keep telling myself that cos I've just had a new hip and popping pills like a junkie) If you are going cold turkey don't beat yourself up if you give in and have one puff! not the whole ciggy! just start the day again. A glass of water with a squeezed lemon to be sipped when you have the eebe jeebees works but try to keep off the sweets it opens up another possible addition....chocci in the fridge yum...... Good luck AL

  • hi there AL ive been to the shops today for supplies lots of fruit ,jellybabies for those head ripping moments :) chewing gum,my toothbrush,bucket of icecubes,patches ,inhalator and ecig...oh my oops and water with a squirt of lemon im using everbodies suggestions to help me on my way.fantastic.Janexx

  • Sorry, no puffs allowed. The ciggie is in the house - shred it!! No fudging with this.

  • hahaha tomorow is my last day then let the shredding begin.No fudging this is my moment ican feel it in my water.Janexx

  • I gave up in l997, but oddly enough during a stressful time recently, I did get the urge to smoke, which took me back, but no problem. I thought about the effort to go and spend ? money, then thought about my lungs. NO!

  • good for you annieseed ,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO LOL Janexx

  • hi anniseed ithink i replied to this message goodbye for now lol Janexx

  • I'm with you too. From my own experience, the only suggestions I would make are:

    1. Set up a direct debit into a savings account for the amount you spend on smoking. I did this on day 1. That was 21 months ago and it has already paid for 2 holidays.

    2. Change your routine at those times you are most likely to be tempted. For me that was after a meal so I would go and have a bath straight away before washing up. Or I would go for a walk etc.

    Good luck

    Lynne xx

  • hiya Lynne yes ihave strangely enough it wasnt gonna be for that purpose but it is now egypt here i come lol and your right habits to change.thanks for supporting me.Janexx

  • All the very best to you, I will join the supporting ranks to help you empower yourself.

    Thousands managed to quit last Stoptober, you might just beat them to it! Good luck xx peeg

  • thankyoy peeg im gonna need it big time iam going to be a non smoker.Janexx

  • Ok, on a train going on holiday, have 2 cigs in my bag. Deciding whether to smoke them later or make today the day, starting to stop isn't a problem, it's staying stopped thats hard, hope alls well longlungs x x x x

  • hi medow have a great holiday,where have you gone?im good thanx really fired up for the biggest challenge of my life i will succeed because i want too and as i said ive been blessed to get so much support from all of you journey with me medow.Janexx

  • Medow - give them a big water splash - problem solved!

  • It will be the best thing you could do to give up the ciggies, I found nicotine patches a great help and some cut fruit and vetables in a bowl to nibble at and polo mints be determined best of luck.

  • howdy rick1 believe me rick ive got supplies in ,im feeling good happy and determined ah thats sounds like the line of a song lalala :) thankyou for your encoragement Janexx

  • I know how difficult it is and how dreadful you feel when another cig goes in the mouth,I tried for years to stop even though I loved smoking and even used it as a reward when I had to tackle a job I hated ,I stopped 3 yrs ago after reading a book by Alan Carr called "the easy way to stop smoking "and have never looked back,or wanted a cig,try it,it costs less than a pack of cigs from most bookshops.

  • hi there bertshep123 and you win the prize for guessing the one thing i havnt got,but i will now thankyou.icant wait till i can say proudly "aw its been 3 years now since ive had a fag"put that in yer pipe and smoke it to the doubters in my life.oh yes one step at a time though mustnt get carried away eh.Janexx

  • You are going to do it longlungs you have a wonderful attitude, looking forward to your daily blogs, all the above message show that you will get all the support you need.

    polly xx

  • aahh polly what a lovely thing to say im touched (aint that the truth) :) thankyou so much aahh again.Janexx

  • Brilliant!

    My father smoked all his life, saying that "it was his only pleasure" .Little did he know about passive smoking, which I did for 19 years.

    At the Brompton Hospital, they asked me if I ever smoked. Never! The evidence for passive smoking is there, I've bronchiectasis, they cannot trace its biological origin. But I think I know it was my father smoking.

    I cannot blame him, but it did leave me with quite a severe illness. I don't think he'd wished it on me!

    So your choice is really brilliant!

  • hello helingmic oh blimey life can be such a b...h at times not fair im sorry. the evidence is defo there look at poor roy castle he paid the ultimate price for it entertaining in all those jazz clubs for years.of course your father wouldnt we have to play the cards we are dealt with in the best way we can.Keep well and thankyou for your support helingmic Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs.Wishing you every strength in your battle with the weed.Keep some mints or sweets around they seemed to help me. Be Lucky.

  • well howdy kronos thankyou for caring yes i have supplies i should hide them really i can be really really naughty around sweeties dont want to munch before i start this epic adventure,iam scared but feeeeling gooood.Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs, I have been through giving them up, stopped Five years ago now, and looking back wonder why I found it so hard. YOU CAN DO IT. I KNOW YOU CAN. I smoked 60 a day for fifty years, YOU CAN DO IT MAN. GO FOR IT.

  • hi there malk7 icant wait to look back and say that.WOW havnt you done bloody well .definately you the man if you can i surely can.thankyou so much for taking the time to send a message of support.Janexx

  • whats your history jane, how long you been smoking and how many a day. ?

  • Very interested to hear from everybody giving up smoking about their progress. Really keen that you all get through and then we can have a BIG party!! King can kick it off with a laugh!!

  • wouldnt that be good who else is doing it annieseed would like to wish them luck and strength and maybe we can bounce off each other and help each other along the way eh? Janexx

  • Jane, if you want it bad enough then I'm sure you'll succeed. Good Luck and here's to a more healthy future. :)

    As you say 'smile and we'll all smile with you' and you'll be smiling all the way to the bank with all the money you save from kicking the habit.

    Tony xx

  • Hi Tony thankyou so much and ido want it badley..........oh dear ive gotta scream laughing that doesnt sound very good does it :) you get what i mean though whaaaaaa ishould do it again oh dear im gonna go my words are all getting muddled.Janexx

  • If you ever smoke some again, don’t put yourself down. You will have blips like this. Write somewhere visible every day how much you are saving. At the end of the week tot it up and treat yourself!

    We’re all looking at your progress with a loving smile, because this time, you said to yourself, I really love myself! Take courage.


  • Whats your history Jane, how long you been smoking and how many per day. Malk x

  • hi malk7 well ive been a heavy smoker for 45 years or more there was a period in my late teens when i rebelled and went completely off the rails iwas smoking 80 a day then i was hospitalised on and off for two or three years cut down to 60 aday and since i have smoked between 40-50 aday an atrocious habit.i have had a very interesting life.the good the bad and the now you know malk hope i havnt scared you off.Jane

  • Hi Jane (longlungs) well the reason that I stopped ( cold turkey ) and had I not stopped would not be here to write this now. I had a mini stroke. no problem with my limb movments or with me speech, but sure knocked the hell out of my sight, always dark to me 24/7 and 365 days a year, also cannot see anything on my left hand side, all this is caused by smoking, and bringing on the stroke The doctor said " we helped you this time, maybe we will not be able to help you next time, if you carry on smoking " That made my mind up,and I have never smoked since. Malk x

  • Hi Malk oh how long ago was that?how scary for you. We really are stupid people logically when you look at what we do every 15 mins roll some dried leaves in paper place one end in your mouth and light the other end inhale hold and breathe out.SIr Walter Rayleigh mass murderer.You. Take care hopefully see you here soon Janexx

  • Five years now Jane, and never had one since, dont even miss them.

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