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Me and my microscope but yet again my breathing as been bad

Me and my microscope but yet again my breathing as been bad

Well my breathing as not been to good . :O

Lots of coughing and breathless .. like really whats new

But yet again am coughing up debris with what i think are Asbestos fibers sticking out of coughed up scar tissue debris..

Well its been coughed up after yet more 7% hypertonic saline treatment and its very small very and loads smaller than a pea but it as very nasty sharp Asbestos Fibre sticking out of it ..

Know wonder my belly lungs have been playing up if those are sticking in me .. :(

Anyway am getting to grips with iPhone and microscope :)

Anyway heres picture of what is causing me and my lungs such trouble .. :P

Enlarge picture if having trouble viewing as i took picture holding phone up to microscope eye piece once sample had dried out ...

Only thing missing is blue dye thay test asbestos with if anyone knows name of chemical ad be interested

Cheers all the best :)

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Well am no expert .. But its bad when you cant trust one to be honest but i think its asbestiform amphibole most commonly found in asbestos ceiling tiles ..

I've found something called " trypan blue dye exclusion test " on the web to do with asbestos. Maybe you could look into that further ?

Hi puffhemagicdragon hi cheers think you are spot on .. Only thing now is how you do it perhaps BLF can fill the gaps in all i know but not 100% is blue dye stickes to iron.

Cheers :)

You have left me well behind. I hope BLF can help. x

Hi toci cheers yep its al complex for me to

hidehi dazisnotsogood you are an inspector Clousaeux (spelling mistake im sure ) arnt you clever workin it all out,not sure i understand it all but really very interesting good for you.Janexx

Hiya cheers but yes your right about spelling other am far from but yes ... Have found what i have been looking for ... And must say everyone did help in one form or other :)

Hi Daz

The most commonly used blue dye used as a general multi purpose dye in 'science'/'medical' areas is 'Methylene Blue', quite easily available on line and I have read does stain asbestos to some extent. However useful to remember that dyes often stain many materials, its the amount of staining that matters.

All the best, keep as well as poss

Beth xx

Hi cheers have been in-touch with a few asbestos testing labs and have been very helpful ... Its just private labs will not test human tissue .. So looks like a DIY kit from one of them

Yep most conclusive evidence that fibres have been coughing up is asbestos and has caused my illness

remember what i said about asbestiform amphibole and inflammation

Well it all gets bit complex but sum asbestos fibers are made up of 21% iron that trigger a inflammation process over time something to do with the iron content and oxygen

Anyway its all very confusing for this time of night ... Cheers all the best

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